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So for some reason I was compelled to do a bunch of work on the page for Big Buck HD.

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I really liked the game when it was first released and I played it on the Xbox 360, so I went ahead and bought it again on Steam.

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Is this going to be using the gamepad and TV as the two screens, or just have both screens on the gamepad?

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I think actually looks pretty great. I do feel that some people should realize that this is both a teaser trailer and for a movie being made for kids.

On top of getting excited from seeing this trailer, I am also a big fan of the games.

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Battlestrike: Force of Resistance should have the alias of Mortyr III.

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I bought Spelunky back when it first came out on the 360, but ended up stopping playing it. I recently re-discovered it with Patrick and have been having a blast with it. If you ever do want to get back into it I just also bought it for PS3 and have been doing daily challenges. My PSN name is the same as my name on here.

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I think if we tried to constantly make sure all these characters make real world sense the games would not be very entertaining to play.

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It is kind of surreal to see how differently people act in different areas to this kind of weather. Where I live here in Alaska it is fairly regular to hit -40 at least once every single winter, which pretty much lasts from October until April. We've also had multiple days already this winter where we got a few feet of snow in one day. Of course right now it has actually been warm for this time of year, so I will not complain.

Of course once I get out in the sun in the mid 70s I feel like I am burning.