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Uploaded a couple of duplicate pictures on accident in Sports Illustrated for Kids: Football. The two duplicates I marked as DELETE should be deleted as they are the lower resolution versions.

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I also have a blog post that I need to delete and noticed no where to do so.

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I am not sure if it has been noted or not, but I cannot seem to save any edits on a games guide page. I get an error every time I save.

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I know that not all Windows Phone apps are the same as the Windows 8 apps. I still use a Windows Phone 7 and a lot of what is there is not on Windows 8.

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So with all the funky search stuff going on I did not realize when I made the page for Ethan: Meteor Hunter that a page for it already existed here. I also created the company page for it here when it already existed here.

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I've had the same problems with credits as well.

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I actually can't seem to search for anything at this point.

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I noticed a couple of things while trying to work on some wiki pages.

  • I can't seem to add any credits without it erroring out.
  • Also when I am trying to search for concepts and such I have to type the entire thing or it won't find anything at all, and have had some problems even then.
  • EDIT - Also noticed that when I go to the top users list there are a lot of people missing from that first page. Edit again, just noticed it is all moderators now haha.
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I would really love the ability to delete images again. I feel like maybe even setting a high overall points threshold would help?