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Here ya' go.

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I was in love with this series up until the Underground games at which point I felt like they starting losing it. I even at one point almost had the world record on Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, which is just how much I played that game. I thought I would have been totally in love with the HD game, which I ended up not being. That game felt totally off and was a huge letdown for me.

I would love it if they could capture the FEEL of the old games in a new game. All they have to do is make it play the same and I would be totally down for whatever else they throw in to it.

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@snail: A style guide has been LONG overdue. The various technical issues for quite some time have really put a limitation on how much I can do in the wiki, which for a while really killed a lot of the motivation I had to work on it. I recently have been pretty motivated to work on it again, but keep running into issues.

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@spam101: It is not the only thing broken at the moment. Editing guides and credits are also broken. However, it should get fixed in the near future so I encourage you to stay and work on the wiki, we need more people doing so, especially releases.

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Sounds like a good use of the guides feature...when they work again.

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So I tried searching for a little while but did not find a page for The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. Turns out there was one here so the new one here should be deleted.

(Still could not find either by searching here, had to manually copy and paste the links.)

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I have been encountering this as well. Hoping it gets resolved soon as I have some stuff ready to go.

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Uploaded a couple of duplicate pictures on accident in Sports Illustrated for Kids: Football. The two duplicates I marked as DELETE should be deleted as they are the lower resolution versions.

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I also have a blog post that I need to delete and noticed no where to do so.

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