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Close Combat Trilogy is a PC compilation of the three Close Combat games and each is still on its own disc.

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I think a good way to handle it would be to allow a games page to display a certain alias of a company. Of course I am sure that it will require too much work to implement that, but I think it would be helpful. That way the one single Nintendo page can have the alias of something like NOA or NOE and when putting Nintendo as the publisher whichever alias is the correct for that title can be shown.

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Just noticed that adding a page to a list works from that page again. Great job guys!

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There are certainly things I have seen in media that I don't agree with or like, but I can't say I have ever been offended by any fictional piece of media.

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While it was very simple, I REALLY enjoyed Costume Quest so I am pretty pumped for a sequel. I still play the game every Halloween, and the DLC every Christmas.

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I really like seeing these sort of blogs, I should probably do something similar. I have SO many Steam games that I feel like I will never even give a chance otherwise.

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Really bummed I missed out on these, oh well what'cha gonna do?

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Regardless of how good the platform is, it does have mainstream games on it so I think it should probably be added to the wiki.

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I played it a ton on the PS3 and it was riddled with problems for the longest time. I was still having problems last week with it freezing and such, but at least it stopped deleting my campaign progress.

It is pretty crazy when a patch to fix the game causes it to suddenly start freezing every time I would enter the gunner seat of a tank....

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64 Trump Collection should have the full title of 64 Trump Collection: Alice no Waku Waku Trump World.