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@lordandrew: Ni No Kuni seems like a game that could have a ton of pages with things to fill out, which is pretty cool because I think a lot of what is in that game is really interesting.

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WWI: The Great War should have a couple of alias'.

  • The Entente WWI Battlefields - This is the European title of the game.
  • The Entente Gold - This is the recent Steam re-release title.
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@bigjeffrey: Nice job, keep up the good work!

@mento: I guess you have become the go-to RoboCop inspired Japanese cybercop brawler wiki editor.

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@mento: That Cosmo Police game looks like it could be decent fun, is it any good?

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@mento: Keep up the great work on those SNES games. I am really surprised by the fact that the Pocky and Rocky 2 page was empty, and as a matter of fact I have been running across a few games lately that surprise me by the lack of content. These Steam games are getting out of hand, they are adding them far faster than I can add them on here. I mostly try to just concentrate on the ones getting cards because there is no way I can just add every game added to Steam in general.

I have also been noticing a trend lately of a lot of older titles getting cards added, such as Bloodrayne and Bloodrayne 2 both got cards this week. I guess it is a good and cheap/easy way to renew interest in an older game.

@riostarwind: Great job on that page, looks like you did a lot of work filling it out. It always makes me happy to see pages like that getting filled out because that would be VERY far down the list of games I would ever get around to. I love seeing a diverse group of games getting filled out.

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I love Mario Kart 64 purely for the fact that the battle mode is still my favorite to this day. It seems like they keep changing aspects of the battle mode with every game, but they never can seem to get it right. Also, F being able to inflate new balloons Mario Kart DS.

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I have bought 2 arcade machines, but I have not done any sort or real restoration to them yet. I am planning on replacing all the buttons and joysticks on my Street Fighter 2 machine, as well as get a reproduction of the original side art on there.

I bought the Street Fighter 2 machine for $350 like 13 years ago and I bought a Capcom Bowling machine for $150. I have also bought a handful of other JAMMA boards to put inside the Street Fighter machine.

Neither of the machines are all original and were either put in other cabinets or things have been changed out on them, but I am going to make them at least look as original as possible soon.

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Yes every one of those was sold as individual episodes for quite a while. Like LordAndrew said they also have their own achievements and are still treated as separate on the PS3 and 360.