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Holy...I go to work for the day and everything is way out of hand....

I am confused as to why hiring them is a big deal? I did not realize a job had to be held for a person of a certain gender or race, here I thought it was based on qualifications.

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1,368 now.

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Also a little PSA that everyone should know about. Bad Rats has Steam Trading Cards. You, are, welcome.

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@yummylee: Wow, seeing the Bloodborne page empty like that seems really weird to me. I would have thought it would have SOMETHING by now.

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@hailinel: It seems like an especially daunting task of trying to clean up a page like Noob Saibot when there is so much there.

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I would love to go to something like this. Being in Alaska I do not get much chance to do something like this.

That is a pretty great group of NES games, and I totally actually like playing Crazy Castle. I think it also has a lot to do with nostalgia as I played it a TON on the Game Boy when I was younger.

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Keep them for sure, or if all else fails send them to me to give them a good home.

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I am not entirely sure they are similar enough to be combined, I think we would need someone who has played both. I have the Windows Phone version and it is a pretty bare bones simple game, not sure about the Kinect one.

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I always fully shut it down if I am not planning on using it to download something.