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I won't buy them for the PC if they are not on Steam, plain and simple. I really only buy PC games for/from Steam and and really don't want my purchases spread out over a bunch of different services. I like to easily be able to get as many of my games as possible from one location and not have to try and figure out where I purchased something down the line when I want to play it again.

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You know, I never actually got around to playing Dino Crisis, despite owning it for years and years. Survival horror is generally not a genre for me, but I enjoy reading about and watching others play them.

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@slag: I actually wish we had a platform for the Tiger Electronic handhelds. I think those are interesting and were even made based on a lot of existing video game franchises.

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@beachthunder: I would assume they would still be video games, but does anyone else have some input?

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@yummylee: Those two not contributing is a big loss as well. Without @hailinel who will fill in the pages for all these Japanese games/characters/concepts I know nothing about?

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X-Men Days of Future Past

I would probably give it like a 4.5/5. I really enjoyed it so much and really love how much better the X-Men movies have gotten. Of course the whole time I just wish that Marvel had the rights back so characters could be integrated in their universe.

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@beachthunder: The problem is that there really isn't a way to copy/paste credits. I always copy the body of a page when editing it just in case that happens, but with credits I get into a groove and forget to save it often and I lose all of it.

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I really wish they would just spin off the zombies mode into its own game already and take it out of the main games. I can't stand the mode myself and I know people who would love it and would love to have a totally fleshed out, or at least expanded version of it.

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@slag: I am a collector. I have everything from the Atari 2600 on up to the PS4. I have an entire room in my house dedicated to video games, even a couple of full size arcade cabinets. I even have a wife that approves of it.