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Yes every one of those was sold as individual episodes for quite a while. Like LordAndrew said they also have their own achievements and are still treated as separate on the PS3 and 360.

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I actually liked the show from a wrestling perspective, but storyline-wise it was

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I actually really liked the multiplayer a lot. Of course the online had a ton of lag issues when it first came out which probably killed off most of its player base before it had a chance to really build.

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I guess I really need to buy Mario Kart before this promotion ends.

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@beachthunder: I think the style guide is probably the number one needed thing for the wiki.

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@slag: Oh trust me the major percentage of hidden objects are pretty basic and not very good, but there are a few fun ones out there.

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Rise of Nations should probably have an alias for the Steam release titled Rise of Nations: Extended Edition. Also while we are at it the expansion Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots should probably have the alias of Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. The reason I bring that up is I had typed it out spelling the word "and" and was not able to find it in the search without changing it.

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@yummylee: I remember working on a lot of object, character, and location pages for Fallout: New Vegas for a while, but that was pretty much a short lived thing as I started working on the game pages again. I do feel as though the game pages are probably the most important pages, those other kinds are what set this wiki apart I think, that and the concepts.

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@slag: Well I think some of the better hidden object games have more variation in the puzzles and gameplay. Escape Rosecliff Island is literally play between 4 - 6 hidden object scenes and play 1 of a handful of puzzles types and then rinse and repeat. It even has players playing the same scenes over and over and over again just finding different pictures in it. I quite enjoyed the Pickers hidden object game in which you run a store and have to find items based on what is hot and what could be fixed up or paired with other items to sell for more.