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Lots of changes happening around Giant Bomb. At first I was kind of bummed, but the idea of two Giant Bombs creating content at the same time is exciting.

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I have also been eyeing this game. I was really surprised at how good it looked when I checked out the videos for it. The only problem I have is I am not to keen on buying early access stuff.

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Why I just happen to have a list of that right here.

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I have actually been noticing a lot of new names popping up in the wiki edits, as well as some of the more recognizable ones. Keep up the good work everyone!

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At least so far I have only bought games on disc, even Pinball Arcade.

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@slag: That is awesome. Part of why I was doing these was to try and get more people doing some wiki work, no matter how big or small.

@lordandrew: I feel like if you hadn't done work on those Jeff Gordon pages nobody would, so you sir are doing Gods work. Also, I feel like at one point those hidden object games were the bane of my existence, so when I ran into one while doing trading card work it was destiny.

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@mento: I have actually thought about taking a couple of weeks and trying to focus on filling in the gaps for other Steam games that aren't here yet, but man Steam has been adding games like crazy lately.

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Kenai, Alaska

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I have actually never played the game online despite playing it for probably close to 100 hours.

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