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I remember it having a couple of funny moments, but overall I thought it was pretty bad. I even like a lot of dumb comedies, but this one was dumb way beyond funny.

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@beachthunder: Those all sound good to me. Also, what about dates? I like the format you posted in the last blog with "September 22, 2014" but what about others opinions?

Also what would be the way people would prefer decades, such as 1980s or 1980's? In Chrome it tells me 1980s is incorrect and 1980's is correct. I don't really care either way, but we should probably pick one.

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I would actually own an OUYA if I ever actually saw one to buy. I have never once seen a physical OUYA at any store.

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Congrats on hitting this milestone. I like the added touch of adding a header image to every page, it really adds to the page I think. I do wish the point threshold to change it wasn't so high for each individual page because it would be something I would also do on every page I work on.

Also, I really think Illusion of Gaia is a great game, and often gets overshadowed by other SNES RPG games.

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@corruptedevil: Sorry, I was more referring to the fact that I keep seeing them pop up in the wiki a lot more.

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I am seeing more and more of these games popping up and agree that it should be a genre.

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@beachthunder: I also get super bummed out at the small number of people editing. I think we really could be the go-to wiki site if we had the number of people working on it as some others do.

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While waiting would be the logical choice, that XL with the NES controller on it is calling my name.