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@yummylee: Nice work as always! I ended up finding some more games for the balance indicator page, which led me to games I had totally forgotten about like Downhill Domination. I have been making sure to capture images of the balance indicators and put them in the image gallery as I find them.

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@slag: I agree with getting MOBA as a genre, at this point it has been pretty much cemented as a main-stay I would say.

@hailinel: Nice work on that Link page. Great to see someone paying attention to those character pages.

@video_game_king: @mento: I had no idea how deep the horse sim rabbit hole went, it sounds.....well it sounds like something.

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I really enjoy the amount of content now, and I really enjoy how Dan seems to be genuinely excited about so much.

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I really enjoy some of the larger wiki pages. I do think more people should maybe use the guide feature for some information though.

I think out of all of this comes the fact that we NEED a style guide if we want the Giant Bomb wiki to become larger than it is.

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Having just very recently got a Vita, I am super glad you have kept doing these blogs.

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Congrats guys! Awesome to see some new mods joining the ranks.

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@beachthunder: Yea I pretty much have been only doing games with cards. I just happened to run across that game and it seemed strange enough to need a wiki page. I am glad you added it, now we just need someone out there to fill this bad boy out.

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@hailinel: Those are also the kinds of pages that really interest me as I have very little knowledge of them before I read them. I am always happy to see pages get filled out that I would never touch.