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@fisk0: Batman & Robin for the Genesis also had some great music.

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Here where I live there is one company that has DSL and one company that has cable. The cable internet is not only overpriced, it also has really low caps with really high overage charges. I used to use them until I got sick of getting close to my cap halfway through the month and having to hold off on doing much of anything until the next.

Of course now that I use this DSL, it is significantly slower and I have had nothing but issues with it. Both of these companies are pretty terrible.

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I have made my feeling on this subject known on more than one occasion, but I think as long as the game is a separate release and it was updated in some way it should get a page. If the game is just a straight port then it should not. Of course I also think handheld versions of games that play totally differently should have their own page as well. I feel like eventually none of the releases get as good a write up as they could on their own page.

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@reverendhunt: I agree, I wish more people would fill in at least a little something rather than complain about a page being empty. Even just a little bit helps.

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Awesome job! I plan to be fully back into the swing of things with the weekly wiki update here soon now that the holidays have past.

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@patrickklepek Patrick, I am truly bummed you are leaving Giant Bomb, but also excited to see what you do next. I have been following you since Feedback on G4 and you have introduced me to a lot of things I would have never known otherwise.

You are also responsible for me giving Spelunky another shot and beating it. You brought your own style to this site that will be sorely lacking when you leave.

Thanks for everything you did for the site!

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I jumped on Shovel Knight and do not regret it one bit. The game is probably up there in my top 3 of this year. The devs also do not seem to be a big fan of big discounts on the game, so it might be some time before a better one comes along.

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@arbitrarywater: I have also been waiting for Shovel Knight, it is honestly the only game I was really hoping had a sale.

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Holy cow, how did I not notice that another user was doing wiki blogs? I still plan to continue my weekly wiki update, but that probably won't happen until January as I have been super busy this holiday season.

Keep up the good work and spreading the word about the wiki, I feel like this really could be one of the best if we could build a solid community around it.

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@abdo: I sent out the codes people requested in my blog. Sorry that it took so long.

There are still quite a few games left.