Conquests IV: The Reckoning (Games I Beat in 2014)

Here we go, the 2014 edition of my list of games that I completed. This is the fourth year running that I have decided to keep track of which games I beat in the year. Every year my goal is to top the amount of games from the previous year. Last year is going to be really hard to top with 69 games finished. So this year the goal is to hit 70 or more games, which is going to be a huge feat for me.

As with every year I am counting games that I finish the story or campaign mode on, or whatever the equivalent may be. In some cases a game may not have a story mode, so I will count it if I finish every achievement or goal. In the case of some pinball machines (on Pinball Arcade) I will count them if I finish every standard and wizard goal.

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I feel the same way about Contrast.

It's a very short game, but it's fine. I liked the story, had some themes you often see in young adult literature but rarely in games (young kid trying to understand her parents etc) and nice distinctive art style.

The controls and camera are little whack at times and maybe it could have used a few more puzzles, but it's certainly not a bad game as it's made out to be.

Posted by bobafettjm

@slag: The camera and controls were something I certainly had some issues with, but for the price of free I couldn't really complain. Plus I actually thought the story and mechanics of the game were really interesting.