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It is an awesome game, but brawl is better. 0

Now before you read, if your thinking about getting melee, because you have about 20 bucks, save and get brawl, FIRST! because brawl overall (HEY! IT RYHMES! XD) is a better game, one: it has more content, two: it has better graphics and gameplay, three: for the first time, they have a real time storymode: the subspace emissary, now onto the review. It has a new look, meaning mario, luigi, peach, link, etc. have different, however, yet another brawl reference, everysingle nintendo character, exe...

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The best mario platformer, next to galaxy 0

Now let me tell you, this game will make you bang your controller on the ground, but other than that this is an amazing game. Ok now the graphics, colorful and fun, thats about it, oh and the sprite detail is amazing. And the gameplay is just like everysingle mario game you've ever played, but involves....... YOSHI!, which is extremely fun, you can gulp your enemy, exept you can't get eggs from them like in the sequel to this :(. Now the music is basic, but the themes are catchy. And the control...

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One of the best rpg's of alltime, and mario's funniest adventure 0

Ok now let me say something, this game is amazing, period. It has all of mario's classic characters, and some new lovable ones, like geno and mallow, and bowser and peach join your party eventually, making them playable for the first time. Ok now the rundown on the controls, Gamecube controller: control stick: move (duh! XD), B button: jump,  A button: equip, timed hits, weapon select, X button: item, special, status, star collection, equip, etc. menu period, Y button: select special moves, and,...

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Galaxy........does'nt the the title just sound epic? 0

Now, galaxy is a game that will keep you coming back to it, it has 120 stars to collect, so you have alot of work to do, but don't worry, you will greatly, greatly rewarded after you collect all me, you will. Well anyways, let's go down the controls: control stick: move mario, sensor: collect star bits, A button: jump, B button: fire starbits, D pad: camera, plus and minus: pause. Ok now the graphics, flawless, the graphics are colorful, and give the galaxy feel. And the music, ...

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AWESOMENESS! Is like it was meant for the wii 0

Ok so heres the rundown, this game is way better than the original. It is a hard game, you have thirty days to find all 30 ship parts,  but, the good thing is, you only have to collect 25 of the parts to complete the game *phew*. I am not far in, im on day 14 the day im writing this, i have so far collected 5 parts, and discovered the forest navel, which is a hard area, and discovered the red, yellow, and blue pikmin. The controls are excellent, the wiimote and nunchuk  work just fine, it was as...

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