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Devin Townsend Z2 was amazing for me. I'd like to throw a hat in for Sanctuary: The Year the Sun Died, Machine Head: Bloodstone and Diamonds, and fuck the haters, Opeth: Pale Communion. :P

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Hey Ghost! I care. :)

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I loved Evil Within.

That said, I barely have time to finish good games, so bad games are immediately discarded.

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The only two games I've pre-ordered in the last 10 years were Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. That's it.

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@beeelow said:

At that price I'm definitely getting one. Does anyone know if the first version of KI is still free?

It was never "free." You got it free if you bought an Xbox Live subscription. The free is just once character that rotates playable for a month.

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I bought it, and I'm loving it! But, I had to really search for it on the Xbox One store. Absolutely no advertising on there for it.

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I just got "back" into Magic about 3 months ago, around the time M15 dropped.

I've got 5 Standard decks, as my collection at the moment is mostly Theros and up cards, so I don't feel I would be great in Modern or Legacy. Just sticking to Standard and Draft plays at the moment.

Currently, I'm running a Blue/Artifact deck. Was "thinking" of splashing a little red in the for Shrapnel Blast, but I really like it as is without red.

Another W/B deck that has 2 Elspeth, Sun's Champions, 2 Ajani Steadfast, 2 Sorin Solemn Visitor, and a lot of early aggro white cards and black removal, with a couple of late-game black cards (Indulgent Tormentor and Ob-Nixilus). It's been doing really great at my FNM.

Got a Jeskai deck running a lot of red removal, white early aggro, Mantis Riders (I knew that card would be amazing, I called it after winning my KTK pre-release), and Blue removal/card draw.Yet, I sold all 5 of my Jeskai Ascendancy cards (while they are worth something) because I just don't see myself playing that card and liking it.

A Sultai deck that I'm trying really, really hard to have a few delve cards in there and use Empty the Pits. It's also a bit of a mill deck, which means people hate playing against me when I play it, and I feel a little sleazy as well.

And a R/G deck that runs Xenagos and some big green creatures, but I'm just not feeling that deck at the moment.

I have 4 Chord of Callings that I just can't ever seem to convoke or use, might be better in a W/G deck, but I just don't have sufficient G game winners (IE no Nissa, Pulakranos, Courser, Slyvatid and so on), so I just don't feel I can competently run green at the moment.

Anyways, I've been rambling! Love seeing fellow MTG players!

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I tend to actually like my job. I'm currently having to deal with the communication team responsible for dealing with the US Ebola patient in Dallas, which is kind of insane. So, that can "suck" at times. But after working 7 years at a terrible job after college, I finally got one that pays me really, really well and I enjoy.

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You're not the only one, this game gave me terrible motion sickness, which sucks because I really like the game. But I too, could only play for 30 minutes at a time. Something about the camera always slightly shaking really got me. It's not Dead Island bad, but it's pretty awful nonetheless.

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I can see why people didn't like Diablo III, but for me, I loved the game. I bought the PC version and played online with friends and had a blast. Then I bought the 360 version liked it more than the PC version (due to no AH and loot upgrades and couch co-op) and had a blast. They made all the changes the console version had with Reaper of Souls and loot 2.0 and bought that expansion and had a blast, and I'll do the same for my Xbox One and play that couch co-op.

I love the game, it's just a fun game that everyone I know can play.