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I hated Jak II, I couldn't get past the fact that I LOVED Jak 1, how colorful it was and how it was a great platformer. Then GTA 3 came out, and all of a sudden Jak II had guns, a city to explore, hi-jacking cars, and it was nothing that I loved about Jak 1.

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I haven't had issues finding games except for the faction 5v5 fights, the big issue is what happens when I'm in game. Id probably say half my games I play in are at the very most, just playable. Less than half of those games I would categorize as optimal experiences. Seriously, I really like this game but dropping combos and not being able to dCao specials because of lag is maddening.

Can agree with this, the input lag for the online is garbage. I don't get how Killer Instinct has amazing netcode, and this is NetherRealm's 3 game in 4 years and they haven't figured it out yet. I got beat last night by a Cyromancer Sub-Zero just using his d2 (uppercut with sword) over and over again, because my reaction to block or do combos was like playing underwater.

It is indeed maddening.

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Cooperation ahead!

So I summoned a buddy, and beat him on our first try... :)

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Amygdala for me. I love how the strategy is changed and you have to attack its arms instead of the legs, also when the thing rips its other arms off and starts attacking you, that was pretty awesome.

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I feel like Predator is taking Cyrax and Sektor's spot, sadly. Missing Smoke and Noob is a little disheartening as well. It seems really just those 4 characters is all that is needed to make the roster perfect. I don't really get having the whole "family" thing in the game, as they probably wasted some spots, but we'll have to wait and see.

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I'm actually getting it for my PS4 and XB1--I know, I have a problem. Anyway, I'll probably main Kitana and Erron Black first.

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I'd like in on this.

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This will be my first time playing it. I was already on the Dreamcast and PS2 train by the time this came out and completely skipped it, so it should be fun playing it for the first time.

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I get the slow speed, but he does get faster as the game progress, plus--I know it sounds silly--but I backdash everywhere in that game.

Stick with it, I still believe it is one of the greatest games of all time, I play it to completion a few times a year.

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KI and MKX will be the ones I watch this year. Sad KOF is removed, watching people play high level Smash is insanely boring...