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I recently got a PS4 and picked up AC4 and BF4 and although they are plenty to keep me entertained I see that Killzoen is on sale. I've heard mixed things so I was wondering if it was worth the decreased price.

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I got this for Xbox 360 to give me my fix but the graphics are almost unbearable compared to previous games. What's the deal with this? And do the next gen versions actually look worth it?

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I purchased a game last night through the phone app and went on Steam this morning on my computer and cant seem to find the purchased game. Under activity it says that Ive bought it but I cant seem to figure out where or how I download. Can someone please help? This is my first time buying a game through the phone.

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Did the disc release of Telltales walking dead come with anything bonus? Because im very interested in picking it up but its $30 on disc and only $20 for download on PSN. Why the price difference? Does the disc release get anything extra?

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Has Ubisoft released any info on how many hours we can hope to get out of this? And not just overall but divided into subcategories like main story, side quests, and completionist.

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i like alot of these. thank you

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@wjb: have to hand it to ya, you made me laugh

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So I am starting a club with some people at my school which will revolve around us generally watching British entertainment (doctor who, skins, misfits, etc.), drinking tea/eating crumpets, and overall being classy while talking in a British accent. So what are some good and/or funny names you can come up with?

P.S. I live in America

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I always wondered what it did and when I finally found out I just couldn't understand the point of it. My understanding is that the PS3 will run the hardware while basically the PSP or VITA does the controlling. Why is this useful? It's not like you can leave the house with it and it can lag depending on connection. So really what is the point? If my understanding of it is completely wrong than I apologize and wouldn't mind someone setting the record straight..

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For me it was

Modern Warfare 2- Getting all stars in spec-ops. Me and my buddy got very close, I think we were only missing a few in the final tier, but defeating ten juggernauts on Veteran was too much of a bitch to finish. If I remember correctly, we got to the last 3 when he accidentally killed himself or me and we lost. Shed tears.

Besides that, I'm pretty tolerant of trophies now and will put in the extra hours to get them, sadly there are a few games I just wont even bother and would rather enjoy the game itself. Games like Dark Souls, Bad Company 2 (the one where you have to get 20 destruction kills from falling building, HAHA YEAH RIGHT, never even bothered), and every and all fighting games (due to my lack of skill and the impossibility of some of the trophies in games like those)