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Anyone know of any deals on the regular edition of diablo 3? I saw microcenter will have it for $50 but its a bit of a drive for me. Any discounts or good preorder bonuses out there?

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I'd say i really like my job. I inspect septic systems for the county. While the actual subject of the job is pretty boring and maybe a bit gross, everything around the job is great. The pay is pretty good, great benefits, my coworkers and bosses are awesome. Only real bummer is i'm probably gonna be laid off.

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Thanks for the heads up, i didn't get an email but the beta invite was waiting for me.

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I said yes but I didn't realize I would have to smoke a whole pack every day. If it was only a couple of cigarettes a day I'd do it for a few years and invest the money.

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I'm 23 and living at home. It's definitely starting to get a little weird now that i'm no longer going to school but i'm working and able to put almost all of my paycheck away towards a house down payment so i guess its ok.

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@tfsteefs: I definitely agree that a progressive tax is more fair than a flat one, and that taxes on the rich need to be raised, but 75k being rich? That seems more like lower middle class to middle class range to me. 
I hope i'll be able to learn more about the deal on the radio tomorrow, but im kinda pissed if its true theres no new taxes.
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I've only ever had school debt. I try not to put anything on a credit card that i don't have the money for already and i've always driven crappy cars so i didn't have to pay more with interest and everything. I'm not sure of the specifics but i believe i took out about $40k in loans to pay for my 4 (and a half) years of  state college. I paid around 15k of that by the time i graduated and my parents paid the rest. My options are to either pay my parents back or they will forgive the debt if i pay for a graduate degree. So either way i'm gonna have to shell out another 25k before im in the clear. The job i got pays 37k but i'll be making low to mid 50's in 2 years. The amount of debt the OP took on is terrifying but i bet over the next 20 years he has at least double the net worth that i do. I just could never do it because of the fear i'd have of never being able to pay it back.

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5'8 and 150 lbs. I'm down from 168ish which was my all time high about 6 months ago. I started eating a bit healthier, cut out soda, exercised, and got a job that kept me a bit more active. I'm still a bit squishy but im at an ok level of health.