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@bugbarbecue The article on Harmonix was basically a press release, from a well-known game developer. If Brad had been the one to put the story up, I expect nobody would have batted an eyelid, but Alex has the benefit of being on the East coast which means he sees the news before the others. Because of his historical association with Harmonix, what was otherwise a fair and newsworthy article about a major company going in a new direction was pulled. Personally I don't think the article should have been pulled, but I can see the argument for this being a conflict of interest.

Giant Bomb currently receives office space from someone directly involved in promoting this kickstarter. As someone else pointed out, this episode of Bombin is not like the others; instead this focusses so heavily on the content and context of the Kickstarter, that they acknowledge they have run out of time to discuss other news, and instead end on discussing the stretch goals. In this case I think there is a serious conflict of interest because of the link through Max.

I don't believe that anyone involved made dodgy dealings, but that doesn't matter. A conflict of interest exists regardless of the intent of the parties involved. Whether or not there are shady backroom dealings going on, even if no airtime was explicity exchanged for office space, both parties have to recognise that it could have.

If the parties decide to go ahead anyway, it's then addressed in two ways - first of all, by announcing clearly and publicly that there is a link, and that nothing was exchanged to facilitate something; you see that on reviews all the time, indeed the EVE fanfest coverage last year was all heavily prefaced because the company paid for the travel. The other part of addressing the conflict of interest is to make sure that even with the disclaimers, that the interaction between the two parties is absolutely no different than with third parties which do not have a conflict. In this case, in my opinion, that did not happen.

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After the recent Harmonix Kickstarter story/un-story, is there now a policy on covering Kickstarters on the site? I ask because this guy has friend-(and-possibly-landlord-)of-the-site Max Temkin as a business advisor/consultant, and is now guesting on a show (guests normally organised by Patrick, I believe) to talk about his still-in-progress campaign.

It seems reasonable to talk to him about the book, given the previous EVE coverage on the site, but not while there are still stretch goals on the horizon. It's been months since the last EVE coverage; this couldn't wait two weeks?

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I'm holding out for the inevitable Surgeon Simulator/Viscera Cleanup Detail crossover.

Liking the new feature though!

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It seems like you guys probably know enough long-established developers to put together a pretty good series of retrospectives, particularly as the generation comes to an end and people are thinking back over their own gaming history.

Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

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