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Congrats to the Rockets making it to the conference finals. Major choke by the Clippers though.

I'm definitely looking forward to the matchup between Curry and Harden, the MVP and the guy who got voted second.

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@meatball said:

Looking forward to "They're still settling into the new space, give them some time" for the next few years. :P

My thoughts exactly.

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IMO you gotta have California Love on there.

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I just hope they don't turn Adam into Superman and make him completely unstoppable. I liked how he struggled with the augmentations in HR and it kind of forced the player to use stealth as well

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That looked so good, man I can't wait!

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Since the tournament is over, who do you guys think deserve to be named the nr. 1 pick? Okafor or Towns?

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I really liked that game, never understood why people hated on it so much.

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Anybody know how to watch the NCAA Final four games if you are not currently living in the US? Can't seem to find a stream.

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@csl316 said:

Kevin Durant being removed from basketball activities and out indefinitely.


Another lost season for the OKC Thunder with both Ibaka and Durant being out indefinitely with the playoffs loomings. The Thunder are just a mishap of misfortune since they made the NBA Finals. If I remember correctly wasn't it like:

2012-13: Harden is traded away. Westbrook collides with Beverly and is out for the rest of the playoffs.

2013-2014: Ibaka gets injured.

2014-2015: Durant and Ibaka are injured.

Durant's last year in OKC next year until he hits free agency.

Do you think he will leave? There's been talk about him going back home to Washington, and as a Knicks fan I know we'll definitely go after him as well because of the cap space.

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What are the Nuggets doing they're suppose to be tanking! You don't just go out there and beat the best team in the EAST!

Well, since you guys are slacking off my Knicks are still getting shit done and losing!