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TwoDots is pretty awesome and has nice music

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He'll always be cooler than the other side of the pillow!


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Man, my first PS4 broke so the replacement one wasn't my primary, which I didn't know until now. All my games are digital, so I can't fucking play any of them, this is awful.

damn that sucks bro

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Is this only restricted to PL? In other news, Real Madrid just won the World Cup in Club Football.

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More Muirs the better.

The Muir the Merrier.

Hope there's gonna be a Muirad of Muirs

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Not to draw focus from the thread or anything, but since there are so many anime-heads in here I might as well ask.

Can't remember the name of the anime, but it's about a kid who has a robot he buys from a store, I think? The robot fights other robots, and I think the color of the robot was yellow? It also had machine guns placed on its arms. I know the description is very vague, but if anybody knows what I'm talking about, it would very much be appreciated.

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Anybody know what speed the comet was traveling with?

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Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game. Even the story is great, and the people who say that the ending is "terrible" are IMO greatly exaggerating. I would describe it as "disappointing" or "not satisfying".

I would also recommend getting the DLC, especially Leviathan which gives a lot of interesting backstory into the whole universe.