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More Muirs the better.

The Muir the Merrier.

Hope there's gonna be a Muirad of Muirs

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Not to draw focus from the thread or anything, but since there are so many anime-heads in here I might as well ask.

Can't remember the name of the anime, but it's about a kid who has a robot he buys from a store, I think? The robot fights other robots, and I think the color of the robot was yellow? It also had machine guns placed on its arms. I know the description is very vague, but if anybody knows what I'm talking about, it would very much be appreciated.

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Anybody know what speed the comet was traveling with?

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Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game. Even the story is great, and the people who say that the ending is "terrible" are IMO greatly exaggerating. I would describe it as "disappointing" or "not satisfying".

I would also recommend getting the DLC, especially Leviathan which gives a lot of interesting backstory into the whole universe.

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inFamous Second Son did this

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Forgive me if i missed something, but I can't seem to find the story mode in this game, is there even one? I've completed all of the Ninja Escapades missions, but what about the major events in the main story arc? Is that what the Ninja Tournament is for (the mode where you are on that silly island and can freely traverse around)

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Thread of the year.

But yeah, I think the reverse question is more interesting. What if aliens were prepared to like, invade Earth, but they didn't account for no motherfucking ghost. Aliens would be scared shitless and know that you don't mess with Earth.

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This might be reason enough for me to start playing the game again.