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@mattadord: I feel ya, but Seth is the leading scorer in the summer league tho. Hey, if you won't take him, my Knicks will gladly pry him off your hands :D

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Ugh I'm so ready for the season to begin, or at least the training camps to begin. As much as Summer League is important to see young players I'm not a fan. It is also because the Pelicans have no young players that really intrigue me, and I kinda doubt any of them will make the final team. I've just been watching Anthony Davis highlight videos to try and scratch my itch.

Doesn't Seth Curry play for the Pelicans? Seems pretty intriguing to me.

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The small lineup with Iggy definitely helped them. He's not too shabby with the 3 ball either.

Nice to see Kerr sticking with the lineup despite the fact that they got run over early in the 1st quarter. Also nice to see GS starting to double team Lebron, forcing him to take difficult shots or pass it out to someone else.

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Jimmy Fallon

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Congrats to the Rockets making it to the conference finals. Major choke by the Clippers though.

I'm definitely looking forward to the matchup between Curry and Harden, the MVP and the guy who got voted second.

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@meatball said:

Looking forward to "They're still settling into the new space, give them some time" for the next few years. :P

My thoughts exactly.

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IMO you gotta have California Love on there.

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I just hope they don't turn Adam into Superman and make him completely unstoppable. I liked how he struggled with the augmentations in HR and it kind of forced the player to use stealth as well

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That looked so good, man I can't wait!