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This might be reason enough for me to start playing the game again.

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I Love Mondays

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I want I Love Mondays back.

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Glem Sverige, Danmark styrer. I tror i er så gode med jeres Zlatan? Vi har verdens bedste Bendtner!

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@video_game_king: Just Second Son as far as i know.

And jesus christ those are some beautiful looking screenshots. Great job!

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@csl316 said:

@bobstar: "You fight, then eat good food. You fight, then drink fine wine. You fight, then sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women! That is what it means to live!"

"I don't fight for good. And I don't fight for evil. I just fight!"

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Everybody knows this is the most epic moment in the game:

That music. Wow.

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You just need to find a smoke source and absorb it, then you switch to smoke powers again. You can usually find smoke pipes on top of rooftops, and they are colored on your map as well.

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Uncharted in Star-Wars-like scenarios seems super rad, this is great.

Sounds a lot like what Star Wars 1313 was supposed to be.

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Judging from the trailer, not interested.