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#196 Nice!

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My friend and I were talking about all of the games that Nintendo has announced for the 3DS that we couldn't wait for, and after a while we came up with the thought of SSB comin to the 3DS. After seeing a couple of videos of the 3DS' enhanced graphics, new wi-fi system, and it's newly-added analog stick I think it would be a great idea. If Super Street Fighter 4 can be ported over then why can't SSB, SSB Melee, or a new SSB all together. The ladder being unlikely. 

With the new 3D concept it could turn out to be a pretty interesting title. I without a doubt leave my house, run to the nearest gamestop, and buy Super Smash Bros. 3D. However, I'm still split whether it would actually happen or not considering Brawl was said to be the final addition to the series, but hey if it would make a lot of money why not make it?  
What do you guys think? Here's to hoping!
P.S. Who do you think would be a secret character to be unlocked; like Snake or Sonic in Brawl 
Edit: There's also a rumor about Nintendo vs Capcom happening. Sounds like a weird idea to me how 'bout you?

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@Abyssfull: I just posted this mostly to get the achieve lol, but people responded so alrighty then!
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@Tordah: I know right? I don't know what took me so long.
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Oh man, I can't wait for this. The show is really good and Tell Tale makes awesome games. 88 zombies per magnum!

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I've been watching Giant Bomb for a year or two now and finally made an account yay for me! Glad to be a part of the Giant Bomb community!