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Russian Roulette can go fuck itself

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@jjor64: there's going to be a wii-u version?

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@mooseymcman: Eehhhhh. You know what I mean by JRPG. Bloodbourne doesn't fall into that category. Not a big Dark Souls fan, either.

That new Neptunia game is an exclusive

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Haven't seen Tokyo Ghoul episode two yet but how much did they change/cut? Episode one went like ZOOOOM in terms of plot. For those wondering how fucked the story gets, let me just say it gets all the way fucked, at least in the manga.

Considering who's in the opening the anime is going to at least get to "count back from 1000 by sevens"

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@truthtellah said:

There are cat girl breasts


ha. Well, google some better visual novels. There are plenty with cat girl breasts. This one is for all ages and lasts for only about a hour. It's a real ripoff taking advantage of many people's very understandable love of cat girls and breasts.

Did you actually buy this?

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Well... At least World End Economica -complete- got funded on Kickstarter!

If the translation is anything like the first episode, I'd stay far away from it

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@negativecero said:

The only thing that bummed me out is that ending.

I'll say. How is there no timeline where Sayaka lives?

Watch the third movie. You can ignore the first two

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@sergio: Keep watching Kanojo, it gets fucking crazy