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Conquest because it has better breeding stock

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Congratulation you have reached the peak of enjoyment one can get out of FF8, it's all downhill from here. Like holy shit fuck the rest of this game it's so fucking stupid.

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I like the fact that someone at Rocksteady took the time to give Harley's butt jiggle physics.

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If GB cared about people watching premium content for free, they would've already taken steps to prevent it.

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And the best part about the last ending is what it canonically leads into... necrophilia and Emil fighting aliens (who also happen to be giant man eating babies)

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@zombiepie: The later party members you pick up will be better. Don't lose hope!

Don't lie. Irvine is the worst

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I've been on an anime binge lately and I'll never understand why Japan consistently meshes together stylized animation, mature storylines, interesting and original premises and ubiquitous sexualization of minors. I want to enjoy the first three of those things a whole lot Japan, but the inclusion of the fourth really just fucking wrecks it a lot of the time. You can write a coming-of-age story without over-sized bouncing breasts and up skirt shots you know? WTF Japan, W.T.F.???

Guess what most kids going through puberty think about.

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Surprised there's no mention of Iron Galaxy doing the port, or has that not been officially confirmed?

Are they officially confirmed to have been porting it? High Voltage did the Mortal Kombat X PC Port and they're listed as one of the developers on the Steam page. Iron Galaxy is not on Arkham Knight's Steam page.

People have posted pics of their team in the credits, and Dave Lang linked to the WB suggestion and apology thread on twitter.

The word is they got the game 2 months ago, and now the whole internet is giving them shit they don't deserve. Even if they had a year or 2, if the games not finished the publisher should never had let it leave the office that's not a developers fault IMO.

Yeah, but we don't really know what went down behind the scenes. Would be interesting to find out.

WB in their first apology pretty much laid the blame at IG's feet. It was a kinda shitty move

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When I first got it, the game ran like shit for me but after messing around in some ini files and forcing PhysicX to use my GPU. It runs fine on my 970