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How is somebody supposed to concentrate while sitting in on a quicklook while they are worried about getting their review out in a reasonable time, for example?

Except they don't put reviews out in a reasonable time

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I just wonder why we're down to 1 QL a day instead of 2. You would think with 2 studios that be easy to do especially when they've been able to accomplish it when they only had one.

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Equality will never happen if people keep getting offended over every fucking little thing. The first step in fixing that is to burn down every social media site that starts with the letter T.

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@turambar: Yeah maybe I am a shit. But I'll never admit to being sexist for not hitting women. And I'm sad to see that in the first few posts in this thread, my point is already proven. Society is shit. The world is shit. South Park had it right all along.

Just to be clear, you're not sexist for not hitting women. Your reasoning (that most women are physically inferior to you) for not hitting women is sexist.

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Not that I'm defending it, but saying "men shouldn't hit women" because they're women is sexist

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As you continue to post updates I become increasingly flabbergasted by how bad FF8's translation is.

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Conquest because it has better breeding stock

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Congratulation you have reached the peak of enjoyment one can get out of FF8, it's all downhill from here. Like holy shit fuck the rest of this game it's so fucking stupid.