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Do I have to play Xenogear to understand Xenosaga?

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@hailinel: @doctordonkey: Considering you can still do it if you know the url (which hasn't changed), and that particular method has been around since the days of the P4 ER I don't think they care

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Tokyo Ghoul sure hates to give its audience closure be it manga or anime.

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@village_guy: Considering Kaysen's in every game Swery made, I wouldn't be surprised.

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Everytime I see Ys, I'm just reminded of the Rance series.

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@akyho: The show (the first season at least) is pretty much a pile of garbage, the VN it's based on deserves all the praise it gets. Not to mention its great soundtrack.

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I love that they just did a CM for Puma shoes

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@hailinel: @milkman: Considering a mod posted in this thread and didn't raise an objection to it, I think it's fine.

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I don't think the embargo is up

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@believer258: FYI, there is a way to put the PSP's translation of Tactics into the psx version.

If they support mods, this could be a very welcome move.

I concur, a nude patch for all the characters might make the games playable.