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Alexis/Drew = OTP

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I have an extra code for this, if you want just post in this thread and I'll pick someone at random.

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I'm pretty sure the first production meeting for Mekakucity Actors went something like this:

Yes, Jin, you can write the entire script of the anime. You have no experience writing a screenplay for a TV show and only know how to write good songs? That's fine, we're sure you'll do great.

What could possibly go wrong?

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@themanwithnoplan: @aegon: Its actually 14 and that's only with parental consent. Also a lot of regions within Japan have laws that raise the age to 18 through 20

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So before Mahouka becomes this season's SAO or Attack on Titan I'd just like to share something that frequently pops up on 2chan when discussing it

Store clerk: "3000 JPY pleas... What, you're giving me 10000 JPY!? Why?!"

Customer: "What, you don't know? I'll explain it to you. When paying at the cash register, when presented with a bill whose value is larger than the actual amount needed, the store side of the transaction needs to prepare the « difference » between that and the price of the merchandise I'm « buying ». In technical jargon, this is called « change ». Well, normal students usually only use 1000 JPY or 5000 JPY bills, so it's pretty normal for you to be surprised if I present you with a 10000 JPY bill all of a sudden.... Heh."

Store clerk: "Ugh... I lost..."

Other customer: "He's a genius..."

Other customer 2: "Wonderful!"

Imouto : Nii-sama is sooo smart~

Other female character : SUGOI~

This is how Mahouka is written.

Though the soundtrack for the anime is great.

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@demoskinos: I guess they updated the HDMI splitter I linked to be HDCP compliant so that one won't do what you need. Use this instead.

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@wolfgame: I'm pretty sure all of Key's VNs are traslated