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While I still have a couple TVs in the house, I cut the cord early this year and I'm loving it. The amount of money you save just having Netflix or Hulu is amazing. Now if only where I lived offered faster internet.

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After getting into listening the Powerbombcast I started watching wrestling again after quitting in the late nineties and I noticed that it's much more easy to tell that the wrestlers are not really hitting or kicking each other. Am I just misremembering how a match looked or is that something that changed once the weekly shows went PG?

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I wished you guys still used Gildan T-Shirts for the larger sized men shirts. (Unless I'm mistaken.)

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This has to be the least verbose Metal Gear Solid there is. I actually was playing the game for most of the first three hours.

MGS4 got the Guinness world records of (at the time) having the longest sequence of cutscenes and the longest singular cutscene.

What game took the record from it?

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Is it weird to say I won't watch this because I don't want to spoil a fighting game's story mode?

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Do I need see the other movies to like 4?

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Played through episode 1, hated the co-op stuff and somebody at Capcom sure liked Ellie from the last of us as that's all Moira's character is

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I thought the only thing the game required you to do to get the various Boss camos was to stamina kill them.

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I wonder if Nisa's going to censor the "rape" minigame

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I think the Vita is the only console that has a game that makes you jerk it off.