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@arbitrarywater: @aegon: The beach scene was originally DLC for the Ps3 version so if you played it when it first came out there's a high chance you didn't see it

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I taught one class in college for a day and it was enough for me to say fuck it

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@mb: It wasn't even mine.

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Moderator edit...I seriously hope you did not just try to slip your referral link.

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@gaspower: Most of it's in Japanese and it's only for certain VAs from certain agencies

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@gaspower: Kyoani shows don't get streamed due weird Japanese VA contracts that are sort of xenophobic

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@slag: Okay, I get where you're coming from. But would you be fine with Steam refusing to sell a game because it has gay relationships it it?

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What I don't get is that Steam sells VNs that have patches to reintroduce the content that would give it an AO rating, you can mention such patches exists in a steam review. When Sekai project (the publisher) asked Valve if they were cool with it, they said it was fine. So why can't they just allow AO games to be sold on the storefront? There are some pretty easy ways to make sure kids can't get them.

People are weird. (Just look at what Jeff went through from people on both sides of the argument)

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@mb: How many gems do you have and did you buy them?

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