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Here have the Bad (Maybe) Ending to the game

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So I don't know if you guys are talking about the same boss but... the first one I got to was in some graveyard and he looks like another hunter and is super aggressive. Is that the first boss? Or did I miss a turn somewhere? Cause I don't see where else I could go.

That's the second boss

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For people having long load times on the Digital version, rebuild your hd database. It sped things up for me.

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@turboman: Sometime (I think 12 PM EDT) Monday

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@humanity said:

T-minus 10 hours before the pre-load gets hacked and datamined and the ending cutscene is uploaded to YouTube

People have already beaten it, thanks to early copies.

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Here watch this as it pretty much answers all your questions

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Weirdly enough when Jeff went to NYU for Q&A before Pax East last year it went really well. So maybe the people who attend cons just suck at it

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@milkman: Did someone actually say "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH AIR FORCE GATOR?" Because I think that's a question worth answering.

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While I still have a couple TVs in the house, I cut the cord early this year and I'm loving it. The amount of money you save just having Netflix or Hulu is amazing. Now if only where I lived offered faster internet.

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After getting into listening the Powerbombcast I started watching wrestling again after quitting in the late nineties and I noticed that it's much more easy to tell that the wrestlers are not really hitting or kicking each other. Am I just misremembering how a match looked or is that something that changed once the weekly shows went PG?