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Is it true that Barry's daughter is going to be in the game? I don't know where I heard that...

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I just finished the main story and let's just say the end cutscene is barely longer than a minute. It's just all super lazy and badly presented, even though there is potentially interesting lore.

I really, REALLY enjoyed playing the game though. One of my favorites this year.

Does the game world at the end of the story at least feel changed because of your actions?

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I don't really have a problem with the story, I have issues with how it's told and how the way it's told reminds me of FF13

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@rubberluffy: Persona 3 also has a Part 3 feel with all the bosses being named after the arcana

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Anybody watch Hunter X Hunter (2011)? Love that show, can't believe it's ending in 2 episodes. Oh, and the manga author is going on hiatus, AGAIN. ;_;

Pfft. Try reading Berserk.

Only then will you know pain.

Are they still

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I have "fun" playing "games" like "Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi." and "Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~" even though by the end of reading ether one I felt like digging a ditch, lying down and just waiting to die would have been a happier experience.

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I have a extra copy of the asian version of Ultimax to give away if anyone wants it to get some early practice, just make a bad Sho-like pun and have at least 500 posts or be a premium member (GAVE THAT AWAY)

As for prizes I have copies of the official design works of Persona 3 & 4

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This makes me rethink my idea of holding an original P4A tournament in prep for ultimax

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How is everyone finding Japan's favorite character?

Not quite initial as I'm now at chapter 5, but I really like the game. The worst part about it so far are the countless typos and grammatical mistakes, which are not a good look.

Considering they just took a fan translation and swapped some terms, I thought it'd be worse.

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@alexisg: Any chance of letting premium members be able to turn off the latest premium content button in the corner? It kinda gets annoying seeing the same thing after a while.