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I pre-ordered. I wouldn't say I'm hyped, but I'm going to play it and enjoy it. It's Starcraft.

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Thanks guys for answering this.

but man... what a shitty design decision.

I'm guessing it's intentional. If you can't save anything locally, it makes it even tougher to get around the fact that the game is always online.

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I played all day yesterday, without any problems. I live in Utah, and even playing on the East US (it wouldn't let me choose any other server) server, I was fine. Today, I can't play. If I can make it in the game, it says I'm not connected and I can't do anything.

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I just want them to make it so that the areas which you develop are contiguous. This would make me happy.

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@df: Difficulty wise. Control wise applies as well, though. In Sim City 4, it was possible to fail. I failed a lot. In my first go at this new title, I didn't take things to seriously, I just expected to fail right off the bat. I have a very successful city!

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I've been playing for a while, and you should officially wait on this one. It's got a lot of issues. Fortunately, it also has a lot of potential. The game needed another year in development. They could have fixed the strange road and auto-terraforming, and expanded city size. It's also a really easy game.

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Everyone add imnotaround. I should be on tonight. I'm in the US.

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I wasn't cool in high school, and this has just informed me that it's ok, because cool didn't exist in 2005.