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I agree, and noticed the same thing. That opening scene got me really excited for a game that would dig deep into Comstock's radical American religion. Then... it's gone. When I arrived at Fink's, I thought that maybe we could explore Marxism. Then... nothing. To me, these would have been far more interesting than the multiverse story that we were given.

I still enjoyed the story, just a little disappointed that these interesting and relevant ideas were nothing more than set pieces.

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So, this topic has spoilers for everything. I won't mark them. You've been warned.

First off, I want to say that I loved the game, and I enjoyed the story. The story is not what I wanted, and that's ok. I'm a bit bummed about it right now, but I'll get over it. I just want to mention a few of the themes and ideas the story presents and then doesn't explore on a deep level, something that I would have loved. I am a student of American politics, and some of the issues which are part of the games setting would have been fun to explore. But they aren't. I'll elaborate.

The original Bioshock was about the setting. Rapture was a city founded on an idea, and idea which eventually tore it apart. Columbia is exactly the same, a city founded on an idea (Side note: that ending means so much right here!) Columbia is a city founded on the idea of America. American exceptionalism is the defining philosophy of the city. Columbia is American Exceptionalism taken to its most extreme level, the results being the worship of our founding fathers, preservation of extreme ideas (racial purity), and demonizing of those who would do away with that extremism (Abraham Lincoln). These religious ideas lead the city to rally behind their prophet and secede from "the so-called union," the "Sodom below" to preserve their vision of America.

This idea is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Going into infinite, I didn't really know that they created a fictional American Exceptionalist religion. When I entered Columbia, I was blown away. The idea was so cool. I'm very interested in (and critical of) American Exceptionalism. (Furthermore an American religion which probably inspired Levine's fictional one has played a big role in my life, Mormonism, but that is less important). I thought that this was an interesting worst-case scenario of American Exceptionalism, in the same way that the original game is an Ayn Rand worst case scenario.

I would have loved it if the game explored the evils of American Exceptionalism. It doesn't. It showcases it, and then changes subjects. Maybe we see how the idea can be intolerant and lead to violence, but the game never goes further than that.

Why didn't the writers see fit to describe a conflict between Columbia and the United States? Why didn't they go deeper into the motivation for secession? Why didn't they expound the radical doctrine of Comstock? These, and so many more ideas, would have been so interesting. There were so many ideas that would have made for a good story, but they didn't use them.

Again, I liked the game and the story, so I'll get over it. I'm just a bit bummed that the game created the perfect setting for a story about American Exceptionalism, and then went in a totally different direction.


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I've done health and shield two times each, and since then it's been all salts. Salts are all that matter.

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My favorite rappers are Kanye West, Jay-Z, Biggie, and R. Kelly. All east. A$AP Rocky is new on the scene, he's great, and he's from the east.

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I'm planning a similar trip, to either Toronto or Montreal. This topic helps me, too!

I've only ever been to Canada once, when some friends and I drove to Vancouver. It was a 15 hour drive from Salt Lake, and it was totally worth it. I live in a place that people praise for how beautiful it is nestled into the mountains. Vancouver is essentially the same, but I was still impressed by its beauty. The people were all nice, and the food was great.

The main drawback is, as others have stated, it's not too different from the Western US. If you've been to Portland or Seattle, you've been to Vancouver. Nearly everyone I spoke to in Vancouver said that theirs is the least Canadian of all the country's major cities. The roads are also a problem. Traffic was awful. If you're driving (and you're from Texas, so I assume you aren't) the traffic from the border to the city is nightmarish.

Still, it's a gorgeous city.

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Can I just say that I hate how he talks about a plot twist in the review? He says "OH YOU WERE EXPECTING A PLOT TWIST AND IT IS THERE. AND YOU'LL WAIT AND WAIT AND BOOM IT'S HUGE AND YOU WON'T SEE IT COMING."

Thanks, I don't just assume that plots are going to twist. Thanks.

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I have Suikoden 2, and a Metal Gear Solid 4 GA-KO alarm clock. I think those are the rarest items.

Carts of River City Ransom and Gold Zelda on the NES are probably up there, too.

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Just the game, for me. When I was in high school and my entire income could be dedicated to video games, I ALWAYS purchased the crazy expensive collector's editions. Now I have to pay for other stuff, so it's the standard edition for me.


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Miranda. Me. The cold, metallic floor of the engine room.

Yeah. The engine room.

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There was this song that I sang in church when I was a kid, but instead of thinking about Jesus, I thought about Marble Madness. I had my priorities straight from a young age. I wish I could remember the name of that hymn, the two are so similar.