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What if it's got 3.5 legs?

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Yes. Lamar and Vinny could pass for half brothers from what i see.

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@Winger:  But Ermac and Noob do look cool.
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@MiniPato said:
" Just name it Street of Remage. "
It reads too... AO. 

Alex you made me a Streisandearing bastard. Game's alirght. I'd pay $10 to play with my nephew.
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I watched my friend finish up his warrior playthrough on nightmare and we spent the last five minutes laughing our asses off when my brother asked  "why does it look like kingdom hearts?" We couldn't figure why it felt like something we played before until my brother said that. And Meredith's final fight and death sealed it. I kinda want more of this "dark fantasy" kingdom hearts. Less romance though.

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Spirit healer & blood mage named Haissem. Second playthrough will be Lara Hawke: Thaig Raider

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@HandsomeDevil said:
" Directly off the podcast page.  "
Quick & dirty.
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@Eribuster said:
" Sounds interesting. Do they still need the Tomb Raider name? I guess it's better to have some recognition rather than none. "
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So when's the neo-neo-ten-huba quick look?

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This looks really like a fun ass game

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