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Nicely done, I'll hopefully get to watch your stream!

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@jslack: I am also having similar issues, when I do manage to get a video to load it hitches every 10-20 seconds or so for a couple of seconds - frustrating!

I use Firefox and have tried using IE and the video player on my Kindle all with the same result, GB is the only site I am having this issue with :/

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Done, good luck with it!

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I dislike the spirit with which this thread started but that video that @bugbarbecue posted is excellent, good find duder!

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Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night from Brad screaming 'CHICKEN CHASER' in his glorious faux English accent in my mind.

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This is great, nicely done dude!

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@cocabis: Don't put points into resistance - it's not worth it.

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@daggon55: Pyromancy damage is not based on INT, the only thing that affects it is DEX and that just speeds up the cast time.

Edit; Well thinking about it I think it affects physically hitting people but not your magic damage.

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This is really awesome, good work on the vocals!

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@schatzy23: I've always preferred the Deftones cover of Simple Man

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But still the Shinedown version is pretty awesome!