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1. Diablo 2

2. Chrono Cross

3. LOZ: Ocarina of Time

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Dr Fidget (agriculture) has quilladin if anyone is interested (grass starter mid evo)

actually maybe we should list everyone's type and pokemon found, though this may be a little time consuming

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Trainer name Patrick

FC 1504-7123-2320

Pokemon X added everyone

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I think I heard that the demo content is completely seperate from the game, so it won't spoil anything

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I've played up through the desert and I'm finding the game...underwhelming. Everything about the actual gameplay seems to be just a little too slow for me. I like what the game does with its story and humor but not enough to totally make up for its sluggishness/tedium.

I should also note that this is the second time I've tried and failed to finish the game (the first was a few years back).

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Magnus for a mid

Luna for a carry

leshrac for a support

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Yeah I agree. Sometimes playing through the campaign it seemed like the AI got a little too lucky but it was never overly ridiculous. Sealed play takes this to the extreme at times and makes the whole thing pretty frustrating.

Now I'm not a huge MTG player or anything, but i have played both the other video games and the card game before.

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I love the series but I wish there was a way to get a spectator game working so that Brad wasn't spending time trying to make sure all the cool stuff is on camera for the stream and could focus on the game more.

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So I found what I can only assume is a tuning fork in one room. It took me awhile to figure it out and when i did I couldn't believe I didn't think of the solution right away.

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