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@jsnyder82: I agree its repetitive. Easily the weak point of the game. The sidequests are quite bad. I think the combat and the spectacle that comes with it, especially when attacking DUP strongholds make up for it.

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@conmulligan: yes. You become more and more powerful over time until you feel super fast and very strong. Its a fun progression.

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I just finished the good plotline. While the combat and side quests can be repetitive, I enjoyed Second Son as a superhero simulator, probably the best kind I've played. While clearly better games will likely come out for this generation, at the time of writing this SS is the best game I've played so far.

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I liked him. He seems idealistic to a fault, naive and unreasonable at times which reminded me of a friend. I think knowing someone in real life with a similar personality helps.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Just want to go on record because I know people have been waiting for me to personally weigh in. I'm excited about the new hires and I ignored the criticism about them from all sides, kind of like how one might avoid a drunken brawl at a football game. The dispute might have merit, but the parties involved can't be reasoned with; it's better to just to move along. Besides, Giant Bomb already has an HR department, they're the ones qualified to address the aggrieved. I'm just going to keep talking about video games and how scoff over wrong Jeff is about just about everything. My car stereo's a good listener.

I <3 Giant Bomb.

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Smart move on Giant Bomb's part. Spread your existing forces (Chicago, NY) and THEN queue up more units.

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@blurienh said:

This is just great, and would fit into the site perfectly.

I really like this one.

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Yes, I have limited income and time, reviews help me spend money on only what's considered the best of the best. If you choose to purchase games regardless of reviews, more power to you. Purchasing games especially from independent companies regardless of review supports the industry. Will likely pick up Watch Dogs when it's ~30 bucks.