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Dan has made my wife and I laugh so hard during the commute to work. I don't know if he's genuine or putting on, but his perspective on life in general is amusing.

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Brad is a great host. Between him, Ryan and Jeff, each has done well bringing their own style to moderating the discussion. Brad's choice of e-mails...Lots of wtf there.

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I used to get angry and when someone would recommend taking a break, that would only annoy me more. I'd say it peaked in my early twenties, and now being in my late 30s I'm inclined to quit the moment I start getting angry. Too little free time to waste getting mad at something that's supposed to be fun.

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Solar Jetman. Will settle for Galak-Z.

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This controversy seems forced and tiring. If you don't want to call yourself a gamer, fine. If you prejudge me to be a horrible person because I call myself a gamer, the problem isn't with the word or myself, but you for not giving me a chance.

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Danny O'Dwyer videos all-day, all-the-time.

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Videogame pinball is better than real or virtual pinball.

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Looks like another potentially good game for the Vita.

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@jsnyder82: I agree its repetitive. Easily the weak point of the game. The sidequests are quite bad. I think the combat and the spectacle that comes with it, especially when attacking DUP strongholds make up for it.

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@conmulligan: yes. You become more and more powerful over time until you feel super fast and very strong. Its a fun progression.