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This whole "situation" is discussed in Bombin' the A.M. at the 6:50 mark


After watching several episodes of the Blacklist, I'm starting to see a resemblance between post-Stargate James Spader and the Wolf.

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I just reached the point where you're allowed to play online. My first outing with randoms was fun, reminds me of old 4-player arcade games where people would come and go. Question for experienced players though--does the game get more difficult? Does what gear you bring matter more as things move forward?

At first I was choosy about what gear I'd equip but until this point I've largely just discarded lower-level equipment for higher-level, without considering the actual attributes such as extra damage or defense against natural/undead/spells, etc. I hope gear plays a more critical part as the game goes on as you have the ability to change sets at certain points in a level.

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Valve has to do something to maintain control of their own destiny, rather than be subject to the whims of other companies' platforms. This means either coming up with a proprietary OS / console, or supporting an open-platform. It's going to be a tough sell for users with a huge Steam library, but that's what a Half-Life 3 exclusive is for.

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@rincewind: At this point we know it's going to be a solid investment, and that there will be at least 5 games worth buying for it during its lifespan. I pre-ordered more as a vote of satisfaction with Sony's direction more than needing yet another console hooked up to my TV.

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Borderlands 2 on Vita? That should be interesting.

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"Tell the bitch to shill!"

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I just started the first one, having abandoned Demon's Souls thinking it's probably inferior. So far though, Dark Souls plays almost exactly like Demon's Souls.

I would actually argue that Dark Souls is inferior but then again there's more love on this site for Dark Souls then Demon's Souls.

I'm really curious as to how you'd argue Demon's Souls is superior to Dark Souls.

The more I play of Dark Souls, the more polished it seems overall which I guess is what one should expect. People are still jerks invading my game though. :)

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I just started the first one, having abandoned Demon's Souls thinking it's probably inferior. So far though, Dark Souls plays almost exactly like Demon's Souls.

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Hah, I dropped into this forum to socialize with folks who also like Darksiders II. Come to find out this place is like the Cave of Hate on Degobah. I think I saw one other person who said they thought Darksiders 2 improved on all levels. To that guy, high five! I mean, it's open world, there's loot, the voice acting is great, the characters are as interesting if not more so than those in DS I, and the ghost ship--c'mon! With the two huge snakes? I haven't finished it, but I'm definitely past the 8 hour mark and eager to play more.

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Not sure what I expected, but like everyone else, not surprised. How can anyone be? Consoles are expensive to produce as well as support. This is kind of like a really crappy computer running Android. Plus, if you want to play Android games on the big screen, I imagine some things can be enjoyed by using a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable. Maybe it will take off as an emulation system. Maybe North Korea will buy the entire production and cluster Ouyas together to create their version of a super computer.