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I'm in Flotsam, trying to craft a superb witcher sword of some sort. I craft the sword, but it doesn't appear in inventory. Tried a reload, same thing happens. Should I be concerned about crafting from here on, or will this sort itself out eventually (e.g. head to a different crafter / chapter)?

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That Angry Joe video made me feel like supporting the Youtube copyright stuff.

Don't like it? Then get off Youtube. It's as simple as that. Youtube isn't going to change because it's a huge evil corporation. Literally everyone in the planet hates the new comment section, but it's not going to change that, so why should they change this?

Deal with it is always a wonderful and empathetic response to anyones problems.

I wouldn't say so much as deal with it as "it was good while it lasted." I'm all for monetizing something you love to keep doing what you love, provided you get permission for using things that don't belong to you first.

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The latest trailer makes it look pretty good, but there's too much doubt surrounding the development to get too excited just yet.

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I just finished the game. Tons of problems with it but overall time well spent if you're a fan of Assassin's Creed. I certainly wouldn't skip it.

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Anything like this warrants sympathy but we have to know by now that launch hardware has a tendency to be less reliable than later iterations. It may not be right, but it's how it is. I still bought a launch PS4 but if it malfunctions, I'll just play games on my PS3 backlog while waiting for a coffin to arrive ;)

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What they could do instead of microtransactions / DLC is program in special, secret functions that players could uncover later, say through GameFAQs or trade publications. These functions would make it easier for players who don't have as much time as some to progress through the game. We could call them cheat codes. I dunno.

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I was expecting a bimbo, and I guess I got that. It's REALLY pretty, but also really dumb.

I liked Killzone 3's multiplayer a lot, and was expecting something like that again. This game didn't deliver.

I'm finding the same opinion about multi. It reminds me more of Call of Duty rather than the previous Killzones. 3 was pretty good, wish they'd have built upon that. The single player is dumb, but worth it for the ride. Some may use the same reasoning toward bimbos. I don't know.

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No kidding. Finished the game and immediately jumped back in. The Minotaur was a quarter muncher.

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This whole "situation" is discussed in Bombin' the A.M. at the 6:50 mark


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After watching several episodes of the Blacklist, I'm starting to see a resemblance between post-Stargate James Spader and the Wolf.

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I just reached the point where you're allowed to play online. My first outing with randoms was fun, reminds me of old 4-player arcade games where people would come and go. Question for experienced players though--does the game get more difficult? Does what gear you bring matter more as things move forward?

At first I was choosy about what gear I'd equip but until this point I've largely just discarded lower-level equipment for higher-level, without considering the actual attributes such as extra damage or defense against natural/undead/spells, etc. I hope gear plays a more critical part as the game goes on as you have the ability to change sets at certain points in a level.