Mission Accomplished: Games I Managed to Finish

This list shows games I've finished from The Backlog from Hell. As stated there, for every two games I finish, I earn credit to buy a new one.

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Posted by Kawika

I really liked UC:GA. It was my favorite Vita launch title and it held up well. You know, I may have been in the wrong place but something about the AI in UC3 didn't sit right with me. Every single gun on the stage would focus on you with near laser precision. I would take cover and dudes would rush me almost every time. I think, its important for the AI to regard itself. Otherwise we haven't' advanced past Serious Sam or Doom.

I don't think the AI was much better but perhaps the limitations of the hardware made the arena stages smaller and seem more realistic. Sure, Nathan Drake is a mass murderer as much as Master Chief is. But I think those shooting encounters could have more in common with Halo games. Where (in Halo) even though the AI was trying to kill you, they wouldn't risk rushing you unless they had a tactical advantage (e.g. stealth+plasma sword) for doing so.

Posted by Boiglenoight

@kawika: I'm not a Halo fan, but I do remember the AI from the first game. For most enemies, it seemed concerned with self-preservation. Uncharted 3 just threw a bunch of bad guys at you. Some would hang back, but in later levels you'd get the crouching guys that would just walk toward you with a shotgun, regardless of being shot at.