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It's the best looking game on 360 in my opinion. It even looks better than most PS3 games which is really saying something. That's still not as good as a top end PC but the point is that it looks fine. It plays great on a controller too.

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Now that every console is not guaranteed to be connected, offloading work to cloud computers will not be used by developers, robbing us of potentially huge performance increases. Knowing that part of the user base is offline, no developer in their right mind is going to take advantage of that capability, forcing all the physics and AI to be calculated locally- that eats up clock cycles and results in lower framerates.

The same thing happened on the 360 when MS offered a unit without an HDD. Games like Oblivion and Skyrim suffered from texture streaming issues and pop-in because the developers couldn't count on a hard drive being there for caching, so the code was written assuming it WASN'T there. Any time you split the user base and remove standardization from the hardware, you remove the main advantage of a console- fixed specs and capabilities.

Any other thoughts on things we'll be missing out on now?

Right......... Except that both Xbox1 and PS4 are coming with 500gb standard with upgrade options. So no, there will not be issues with limited hard drive cache.

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I think it still has a camera that monitors my heartbeat and has been patented to collect consumer data.

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Even though people might pick choice 4 (connected as long as internet is up), they may still place a premium on offline availability if they don't have reliable internet access.

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It just makes them look like the filthy peasants they are. Plus they live in a swamp.

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I thought it was good, not great but good. As with Snider's other work, it is more of a visual spectacle than anything else. Was the story incoherent or absent? Maybe at times it was, but I forgave that because the Superman mythos is already so familiar that the film can afford to appeal to us through alternative ways. I liked how it felt very cosmic, there was no question that Superman is an alien.

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That OP sounded like some b\tard playing make believe.

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@0blivion said:

This guy is going to get reemed by his chain.

I seriously doubt it. If he's an enlisted man who got into a commissioning program then he clearly knows how to get along well in the Navy and I'm sure he knows what he can get away with saying. His CO's probably don't give two shits about what he posts on Gamasutra. Plus nothing he said was particularly controversial.

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@hunkulese: I do know what egocentric means.

Look, the practice of trading, selling, and reselling games is nothing new. It's been going on for as long as they've existed. And yes, having a steam based model does change things because you get no physical copy of your game. The reason I put in the resident evil example is to illustrate how developers don't need to charge $65 for a game. It's only one of several possible business models, and probably not a good one because if everyone doesn't go out and buy your product on day one then you are screwed. I would never develop a game that depended entirely on it's opening weekend sales, it's not smart business.

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