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A big middle finger to Gears of War 0

Refreshingly old fashioned. Boldly simple. Confident in its own humility. Space Marine is a game without any confusion. It does exactly what it sets out to do and nothing more. Gamers looking for a frenetic, testosterone-fueled take on the third person shooter need look no further. It looks just good enough. It plays just fast enough. It feels just bad ass enough.Negotiations with the enemy have failed.The Warhammer 40k universe is probably the most appropriate setting for a mindless blo...

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The Dig 0

Can a video game (dare I say any video game?) be a masterpiece based purely off the impeccable refinement of its genre’s gameplay mechanics? I would argue no. There must be something else that really engages the player on both an emotional and intellectual level. These days we see games that have refined their genre’s mechanics, seemingly to the point of perfection. Case in point would be Military FPS and Sports titles. But we don’t call them masterpieces even though we can play them for hours o...

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Return of the Jedi (spoiler free) 0

Does Mass Effect 3 deliver? The short answer is sort-of-yes. ME3 is not a rotten egg like its cousin Dragon Age 2. If you enjoy the series, you should buy ME3 because you will enjoy playing it. The long answer follows.Note on Spoilers: this review may have spoilers from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, but not from Mass Effect 3.Note on Review: for this review I started a "new" character without imports from previous titles and played as paragon.Being the final installment in a beloved trilogy, ME...

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The Immortal RPG 0

     What value does life have in the eyes of an immortal?  How much power must an idea have before it starts changing the world?  Do strong passions like love and hate transcend the physical universe?  And are concepts like good and evil simply relativistic labels, or are they universally constant absolutes?      Video games do not have much of a reputation for contemplating philosophical questions, or provoking much contemplation at all.  One notable exception is Planescape: Torment (PT).  The...

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Dominic Armato continues to kill my childhood (XBLM version) 0

Do old school adventure games deserve the imminent come back being promised by Lucas Arts?  Definitely, but unfortunately The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition is probably not the best poster child for this comeback.  This new version updates the original with new animation and music but fails to deliver with its voice acting.The problems begin with the lead character Gybrush Threepwood, voiced by Dominic Armato.  If you have been a fan of his work in the other recent monkey island install...

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An awesome game, that is nearly unplayable on a platform 2

I need to stress that this review is for the XBOX360 version of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberian Wars, and not the pc version.  The short story is that as a long time fan of the Command and Conquer series, I enjoyed the game very much but Westwood has failed to make a succesful port to consoles of what seems otherwise to be an excellent game.  In fact I cannot recommend the console version of C&C 3 to anyone who is not already a huge C&C fan, and then only if you are unable to run the pc ...

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In trying something new, Bioware fell short on some fundamentals 0

Mass Effect has been out for awhile now and its popularity and success are deserved but perhaps a re-appraisal of its content is needed.  With two sequels announced, one of which is on the horizon and statements from Bioware indicating that their "cinematic feel" will become a staple of future projects, it is time to look at Mass Effect with a more critical eye.I should start off by saying the game was fun and I played through it both on pc and xbox360.  It has game mechanics that are easy to pi...

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