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So....I've been having some trouble unlocking the trophy "For Emergencies Only." I've played through the game three times, once on normal, once on survivor, and once on survivor +. Through both survivor and survivor plus I did not have enough parts to fully upgrade all my weapons. In fact, by the end of survivor +, I was about 100 parts away from fully upgrading my flamethrower and unlocking this trophy, but I couldn't find enough parts before beating the game.

So this begs the question(s)....Is there any sort of shortcut I could take in order to bypass a whole separate playthrough with my carried-over-gear to eventually gain access to the flamethrower (which, by the way, is not available until you reach the University) and upgrade it? I tried loading an earlier chapter in the same playthrough but I'm just stuck with whatever upgrades I had received up to that point in the story. I've put a lot of time in to this game already (single player and multiplayer) and it would be awesome to unlock this trophy without having to play the game a 4th time (as much as I think the game is fantastic).


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@translucentfish: I guess I actually have Flash 11.6.

The two versions that come up for me are:

-Version: 11.6.602.167

-Shockwave Flash 11.6 r602

***Oh wait, nvm there's a "+ Details" button I didn't notice at first

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@rabbykayn: I haven't been having that problem at all. Yeah maybe unpinning it would do it. But what about the fullscreen issue?

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I hesitate to put this in Bug Reporting since I'm not sure if it's really a bug as of now. I've been having a problem with all of the GB videos whenever I hit fullscreen or even windowed. The problem is that the frame count suddenly drops as soon as I choose either of these options. The audio is perfectly fine, but the video feed just slows down. To be clear, all of the videos work perfectly fine for me when watched regularly (without fiddling with fullscreen/windowed views) so I'm not sure if I need to update my flash player or do some other workarounds. I'm using a Mac OS X and I have Flash 10.1 installed at the moment. Also, I'm using Google Chrome. Anyone else having this problem?

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@Raven10: Yeah I agree on the beta needing some sort of a tutorial. Ironically, the "Training" mode at the beginning didn't really fill that purpose. All it really did was teach you a few different combos, heavy vs light attacks, mage vs warrior abilities, but not much beyond that.

I like what you mentioned about the character action genre entering the MP scene. I feel like GOW really works here online and hits plenty of high notes, and I like the variability with different allegiances (although it's too bad we only get Zeus and Ares in the beta). The combat is even more interesting to me online since you're starting with the complexity of a hack n' slash combo system but instead of playing against the AI, you're throwing real--smarter--players into the mix (with their own unique abilities and class style). The character customization opens up more variability that I think really makes the experience more unpredictable. Also, it's super satisfying to get a finisher on your opponent (as opposed to normal AI) since it's brutal and you know the other player has to watch it all and there's nothing they can do about it!

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I was feelin' pretty skeptical about God of War Ascension for a while now...But the beta pleasantly surprised me. I might be on board with this game, or at least with the multiplayer. Still not convinced that we really NEED a GOW prequel at this point (considering Chains of Olympus has already filled that hole...I mean come on, another prequel? Really?). I wanted to bring this up since this beta hasn't been talked about yet on the Bombcast and it seems to be somewhat under the radar (maybe I'm wrong about the latter). Have any of you guys tried it? If so, what do you think? Wanted to get some other opinions.

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@DrBeardface said:

I know Kentucky Route Zero was Greenlit, just waiting for them to come to an agreement with the games makers.

Hopefully it comes to Steam sooner than later. Can't wait for that game. Assuming it's episodic content, we'll be doing a little bit more waiting in between episodes...

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