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fuck no

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xcom: enemy unknown, or FTL

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That was a really interesting read, I didn't realize how much thought went in to just the headlines. Would love to see more like this one!

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love ya, P

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@jennibelle: you've created a beautiful monstrosity, you must get it back up!!

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I've been playing with a a dual wielder since I started this game, and while I'm not that far through the game, and therefore haven't experimented with too many different weapons, I've farmed every enemy I've come across into oblivion, and therefore, have heavy enough stats to power stance any reasonable combo I want.

First, I'll clear up two misconceptions I've read so far:

1) certain weapon combos DO allow for parrying when basic dual wielding, though will give you a very complicated parry with a very precise window of connection; not really recommended for anybody but gung-ho players. Additionally, there are weapons made with parrying in mind, and will replace the 'strong' attack with a parry animation with the same connection window as shield parries. Combinations of two of these weapons are the only combos that will allow you to parry in a 'power stance', as a free 'strong attack' command will be left unaltered on the right hand, resulting in a parry off the right hand.

2)'Compatible weapons' for power stance is a fuzzy subject, and should be decided more based on two weapon's attack types on am efficiency principle, but the game mechanics do not actually bar power standing of two unlike weapon classes. I.e.: I can power stance a thrusting spear and slashing falchion, but it's not recommended as the dual attack is limited to stabbing; something the falchion is useless at.

Alright, now I'll give my experiences and opinions on dual wielding by category.

Negatives of dual wielding:

1) No shield - yeah, kind of a huge bummer; I don't attempt boss battles dual wielding.

2) Redundancies: you'll find yourself wondering if you're wasting the potential of some of your weapons in a few classes - power stance or not. Without power stance, an attack from the right side will still have to recover before you can attack from the left side. Two identical attacks could be done at the exact same speed, perhaps with a combo, with just one hand. In power stance, you're just not going to use your left hand weapon as much as your right, and two handed attacks take more stamina, and more time to recover. Would two strikes from one weapon do more damage and take less time than a single strike from two?

3) You need to buy/find/upgrade TWO weapons for a build. especially in the case of titanite shards, this'll be a big strain on resources since there WILL be trial and error involved in building a weapon combo. (I'm using a strategy guide, and it doesn't cover the attack types mapped onto power standing, or little eggs like the fancy parrying if two base curved swords).

4) You're not going to effectively duel wield weapons that would normally fit your stat requirements. Power stancing requires that 1.5x modifier, after all.


1) Dual wielding caestus. You probably thought the caestus was dumb when you saw it, but that was before you tried it in each hand. First, while the base damage is only 45 for this weapon, the stacking for both strength and dexterity are pretty impressive (without modification, these are almost better than my best, upgraded swords). Second, they're light. Really light. This is a good deal for dual wielders. Third: because they're light, they attack incredibly fast, and use very limited stamina, so, once you find an opening, you can overwhelm your opponent with a flurry of attacks (these are really good against other real life humans) Fourth: there are different attacks, blocks, and combos for one handing, two handing, dual wielding, and power stancing these weapons. Five: beat the game with your fists, bro

2)You can spread damage onto two weapons. This is good for fast, high dexterity weapons whose only drawbacks are low durability.

3)Power stancing allows for even more diversity to the way you play. Adding two more strong attacks suits the risk/reward style of dark souls well.

4) Damage output: looking for a way to overwhelm that pesky enemy? Try two simultaneous strong attacks from greatswords.

5) and on that note: breaking an enemy's poise is easy with two simultaneous attacks.

6) As stated before, you can combine two entirely different weapons. Wanna take out one dude with a great sword, while taking pot shots at his friends with a crossbow? Fine? How about lobbing sorcery grenades while fisticuffing the nearest wayward gentleman? I always knew you had class.

7) You're duel wielding: you're officially the hardest mother****er this side of drangleic.

I beat dark souls 2 a couple days ago, and put the game down after messing with NG+.

Your speech has made me turn the game back on and start a new character. Thank you, sir.

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88.9 million

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How the hell did you get past the Shrine of Amana if you did it melee? I salute you if that was the case.

rebel's shield (over 90% magic resist) and a lot of patience got me through with 100% melee

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Messages and blood stains still appear, and I've tried restarting several times.

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I thought it was a server side issue, but the problem has persisted for me for over a day. Over the 60 hours of my first playthrough I never had a server issue.

But now I can neither summon, be summoned, invade, or duel.

So I'm thinking its one of two things: I joined the covenant of champions just to get the trophy then abandoned it and joined a new one. Maybe the restriction on summoning persists (bug?) even if you leave this covenant?

Or, it's because I've beaten the final boss. Any ideas? Kinda bummed I can't continue to duel...