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never realized this. Thanks!

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PS3 28 titan, psn is MALBIAN

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hallelujah! Just when I was starting to burn out.

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What really grinds my gears is that the Queen's Wrath legendaries don't shard ascendant materials anymore. Considering out of the 15 missions I've run, I've only gotten the helmet and chest to drop, it was the only use of doing this event, since the arms and legs dont seem to want to make an appearance. And the fact that in the last two days, 3 of the bounties have required you to already have level 3 rep with the queen to complete them (a task currently impossible, since the event hasn't been running long enough for anyone to amass that much rep).

The loot cave never dropped anything goodl for me. Only thing useful was the rep with the cryptarch for all those junk legendary engrams (1/4 are actually legendary items?!?! WTF?!).

All this being said, I've spent almost 50 hours with the game. Such a love/hate game.

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im a 27 Titan, down for tomfoolery

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As a 25 Titan, I've never felt under powered compared to the other classes. My sub class is defender, and the bubble is surprisingly useful in multiplayer. golden gun aint got shit on an invincible bubble!

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4 legendary engrams in my career, all of them just materials for upgrades. Ironically, a blue engram gave me my first legendary item today. 35 hours played, and ONE legendary drop. If you really want purples, grind for the ones you can buy.

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fuck no

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xcom: enemy unknown, or FTL

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That was a really interesting read, I didn't realize how much thought went in to just the headlines. Would love to see more like this one!