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I'm stoked on the hand cannon cuts. PVP has become pretty boring with everyone using Thorn/Last Word/Hawkmoon. I'm curious about the outcome of the remaining changes. Sad that my Black Hammer will be slightly less OP for PvE, but totally understandable. I think this update will make PvP fun again.

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<> miss you dude

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2012's remake is one of my favourite games and something I still play from time to time. Extremely excited the same team is making this sequel.

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Axii. All day every day. buff the conversation perk ASAP, as you not only have the prompt to do so all the friggin time, but it's a nice little batch of xp each time, and can get you out of some annoying fights later in the game. Also, on higher difficulties turning an enemy on his friend he will often one shot them (or be one shot'd), so yeah.

Axii. Axiiiiiiii.

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@xanadu said:

I love it when I get to use this gif

nailed it

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refreshing the kickstarter's page and watching those dollars tick up is blowing my mind.

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Tame Impala has some great tunes for just spacing out and letting your feet take you places.

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Vote with your dollar, but don't get upset when people vote with their dollar differently. Maybe we are all stupid. Oh well. BIgger fish to fry out there in the big, stupid world.

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I'm still playing skyrim. Well, technically I am. But with all the mods it's an entirely new game. I would rather there be a donate option for mods that clearly took hundreds of hours of work to complete, but I don't use Workshop for Skyrim anyway; Nexus Mods is the way to go.

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Micolash was my favourite boss, despite beating him on the first try.