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I love it when I get to use this gif

nailed it

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refreshing the kickstarter's page and watching those dollars tick up is blowing my mind.

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Tame Impala has some great tunes for just spacing out and letting your feet take you places.

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Vote with your dollar, but don't get upset when people vote with their dollar differently. Maybe we are all stupid. Oh well. BIgger fish to fry out there in the big, stupid world.

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I'm still playing skyrim. Well, technically I am. But with all the mods it's an entirely new game. I would rather there be a donate option for mods that clearly took hundreds of hours of work to complete, but I don't use Workshop for Skyrim anyway; Nexus Mods is the way to go.

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Micolash was my favourite boss, despite beating him on the first try.

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Micolash by far. I ended up beating him on the first try, but it was the most tense, exciting and unique boss fight in the game, IMO. The fact that it mixes in PvE while tracking him down was a nice change from 'enter arena, mash boss till dead' like all the other fights I've seen.

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The Mercy Blades...... so sick. Scythe is so cool too!

I just picked those up before. They seem quite fun. If I do a second playthrough definitely a Cane/Mercy combo for sure.

I have been upgrading the Blades of Mercy and at +6 they are still complete garbage against most mobs and practically unusable for boss fights. I have a ton of Skill, yet, they don't really stunlock very well and they deal very low damage to the point where dual wielding doesn't really make up for it. I was holding out hope the entire game that this might be the one skill weapon to finally replace my cane, but nope, it looks like I will beat it with a +9 cane - which is kinda sad in a way, to beat a souls game with your starting weapon.

It's sad that the game only has 15 weapons when it took 3-4 years to make. Mercy Blades don't stun lock, but are fantastic for PVP! Cane was my starter too. I love that weapon it really grew on me.

I find the mercy blades are great for in and out hits. the dash dodge attack is particularly nice when L1'd. I've used them exclusively since getting them. I love em to bits.

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specifically in the Souls games, I don't see the problem with using a wiki or a guide. People act as if it's immoral to look up how to, for example, craft in Dark Souls; a system that is obtuse and frustrating if you haven't dealt with it before. The amount of time and resources wasted on that isn't rewarding. "oh, next time I'll save my Titanite Slab" isn't fun.