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We all know that Turtle Beach won't be putting out an adapter for game chat til 2014. What do those of us do who need to play with headphones and like to talk with our friends online?

Playing the xb1 last night I found a few options.

A. Use the headphones for game sound and the kinetic as the microphone. Game sound and game chat both come over the headphone speakers. This works ok, but I sit about 9 feet from the kinetic and felt like I had to talk louder than normal for it to pick me up. Maybe get closer to the kinetic and this could work better.

B. If your headset has Bluetooth you can pair to your phone and have a conference call with your friends. This is what I did last night and it worked well, just make sure you're on unlimited minutes with your phone provider.

That's currently the only ways I know how to make this work. I wanted to use my turtle beach headset and plug the original chat headset in and just hang it around my neck so I'm talking to that microphone and not the one on the turtle beach. The problem is, I can't find a way to make it send the chat sound over the speakers when a headset is plugged into the controller. If a headset is plugged into a controller, that is where the chat sound goes. On the 360, you could specify if you wanted the chat to come over the speakers along with the game sound. Anyone know if that can be do e on the Xbone?

One more thought I had.... How about taking that wire that come out of the controller and leads to the chat headset, and soldering on a 1/8 audio plug that could be plugged into the turtle beach, or any other headset that uses a standard microphone plug? There has got to be a way to make that line compatible with a 1/8 plug, it's just audio and a microphone after all.

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Very nice

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Ryan, you will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.

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I will be buying at at least one of the consoles on launch day. I'm not good at waiting.

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Uhhh.... should have a few more options for those over 27.

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I eat it

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Next Xbox for sure, maybe a ps4 too

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Stir fry is easy. Just fry up some chicken in a bit of oil, add veggies or whatever, and chow down.

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I like the 360 controller like is, but I guess another button or two could work

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I played this, think it may have came with the computer my family had bought around 96. Hard game, I never made it too far.