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It's been 3 years and 10 months since my last post, consider this more of a re-introduction.

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I don't care if they change it, so long as it's for the right reasons. If they start censoring so some ragheads and overly-sensitive douchebags don't get offended, then fuck them.

So, you're just brazenly racist then?

Sort of. I just get pissed that Islam is the only religion that can't take a fucking joke without having to kill people over it.

This coming from a national of the country that got angry when the Top Gear guys drove through Alabama with pro-Gay and pro-Hillary Clinton signs. See how judging an entire nation on the actions of a minority is stupid?
You should check out the "Axis of Evil" comedy tour, hopefully that will show you that Muslims can actually take a joke.
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The guy who fucked the monkey and gave us all the wonderful gift of AIDS.

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My first was Ocarina of Time about 18 months ago. I've now finished Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass. I'm going to play Zelda 1 and 2 now. As you can probably tell, I kinda liked Zelda.

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All this arguing going on while us Irish slowly invade all your countries by opening up pubs and making you all love us. One day, we're going to attack and make the world green. Then we'll see who the best country on the planet is! Mwahahahahahah!

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There should be a game which combines American football and baseball into one super-sport.

Us Irish have already done it, it's called Hurling...
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@Mr_Skeleton: I cleaned that cache like I clean my assh*le. Well. Very well. I cleaned it with a hose and rubber gloves. 
I think we've found the problem.
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Best boss fight ever...

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I don't play online and don't understand anything you just said...

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The Zelda games, Super Mario Bros, Metroid Prime Hunters, Professor Layton series