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Not to mention Halo 3 in Dexter, albeit with Atari 2600 sounds and played on a PC with a keyboard and mouse

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I haven't bothered reading the 15 pages of this topic, so I don't know if anyone mentioned Afterburner in Suburban Commando

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I actually wish they dressed with some modesty. No, I'm not some kind of prude or something, it's just a lot more sexier when the girl is dressed up in something that leaves something to the imagination.

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I sign up at this site in it's infancy, come back two years later, and holy shit

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MW2 and Halo 3: Full of jock assholes who go "D'HOI HOI HOI I PWNED YOUR NOOB ASS LOL I HAVE SEX WITH YOUR MOTHER LOL" 
On the other hand, the Multiplayer community of Valve games are chill 

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Oh man, where the hell do I even start. I remember Gekido as one of my earliest PS1 games. I absolutely fell in love with the two spider-man games. The japanese game Deep Freeze (never released in the U.S) was also a first. And I can't be called a PS1 fan without mentioning my love affair for the Crash series, I played EVERY single Crash game and loved it (apparently Crash Bash was supposed to be crap, but wth) When I finally bought Crash for Xbox, my heart sank. It just didn't feel the same. Crash has given up the ghost, as we can see with the craptastic redesign and terrible game that came out 2 something years ago. I also had spyro year of the dragon, but my disc was ruined so I never finished it :(
I remember thinking Driver 2 was amazing since there were no 3D sandbox games. I never got a copy, but my friend did to my jealously. Then GTA 3 came out and I was in heaven  

EDIT: Tony Hawk's pro skater games, Tomb Raider, Syphon Filter, there way too damn many to remember lol

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Screw your choices, OP. I vote Robot Nixon