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Nice to see talent get recognition, in short Good Job!

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@wchigo,> your Diligence is now Rock Solid!

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Yeah everything posted in this thread is very useful.

I'm still at Best Story and shit's starting to hit the fan in a hilarious fashion, but I wanted to take a step back and check if they drop any real spoiler bombs about anything I'm interested in (apparently they don't)

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@wchigo said:

Here are the time stamps for spoilers on Day 4. Note that when mentioning the nominees, sometimes the nomination itself includes a spoiler. To give an example that won't spoil anything from the games themselves, it'd be like <Empire Strikes Back for the "I am your father." moment>, so tread carefully... you've been warned.

Wow you are a beast. Big props!

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But who wouldn’t be connected to the Internet, anyway?

I know! In fact, I think they could have probably made constant Internet connection a requirement and nobody would even notice!

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This will be terrible for fighting games, but I guess Valve knows those are irrelevant on PC.

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This is insane. But coming from Valve, who are obsessed with user experience, so you bet I'll fucking pay attention.

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Thank g-d they didn't get acquired by Nintendo as the rumors were saying. I'm not getting a Nintendo platform again. Atlus are too valuable, they must remain multiplatform!

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I'm sorry guys. So, so sorry.

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Oh wow. Not that I'm planning to get a new console any time soon, but good for Sony. Hope it works out for them.