Oh hey! Didn't see you there. [SSC19]

The first time I played through Silent Hill: Shattered Memories it was not exactly my favorite experience. It seems that everywhere I was going women just seemed to be hating me left and right. I'm sure it would have been wonderful to read the assessment of my psyche and we could finally get to the bottom of the opposite sex's out-right hatred for me.
But then the game fucked up...
Around the home stretch I passed through a door and I glitched out, falling through the ground, forever falling through darkness, sinking further and further from the game itself. I was screwed. Still, with the ability to move around and check my phone, but no chance in hell of getting back up. Naturally that's when I restart from the last time I saved.
Considering the way this game has been playing out, I can't remember the last time I actually stopped and saved my game. In these situations you can only hope for the best and Load!
I didn't have a saved game though. So 5 hours of playing the game all disappeared and I found myself at the very beginning, for the second time. I felt distraught, defeated... I turned the game off and Dwelled on what might have been the end of my experience. I knew if I were to play it again, it just wouldn't be the same.
I vowed I would play the game again, after everything about it was lost in my mind. I could enjoy it again for the first time.
A year and some later, It's not like I forgot about things completely. I still knew what to do, what to look for. It was definitely a completely different experience from what I remember. I essentially was critical pathing it, only looked at things that I thought were necessary. It's funny how a lot less you get out of the game when you don't stop and smell the roses. Hell, even by not looking at anything sexy has made all of the females in this game rather boring.
Oh hello, I'm the worst part of this game.
Maybe I did it wrong, it breaks the illusion of the game a bit when you don't really participate in the things that it's about. As well as there being a lot of phone and text messages that I missed out on. You know, it feels like I didn't get as complete of an experience than I did when I never got to complete the game the first time. But, I looked at it this way: The game is supposedly analyzing my moves to determine what kind of person I am. So I felt like I might as well play the game, truthful to how I would be in these situations. It was a lot of just getting through and not stopping to look at all the pretty decorations on the wall. It makes me seem boring as a person, thinking about it..
You know, I really ought to do myself some justice. I should play through again, A THIRD TIME, this time being distracted, and veering, and all that.... maybe the memory of my first play through is enough to haunt me.

Let me tell you a story about a man named Vidiot.

I've come to terms with this, I've given it some thought. Vidiot comes across as a bag of wind, because he types a lot. But a lot of what he types is actually really good, informative, thoughtful. I laugh, I cry, I giggle, I fart. He's one of my favorite people on the TL;DL podcast especially when he gets to talking, then that means I don't have to do any talking. I can just sit back and listen to his beautiful voice. 
What I'm saying is, I decided I was going to blurb a little bit about Viddles. Because this is filler, and I couldn't think of any better of an Ego to inflate. So let's all follow Vidiot, be his friend, take him out to dinner, read his blogs. Know that our tomorrows will always be better with a man like that.

So L.A. Noire was a thing, and I have to admit RIGHT OFF THE BAT that I haven't actually played it for myself yet. My Roommate has been doing a lot of the driving, so I just sat on the couch with my fruit juice and chippies and watched it all play out.

I spent the entire time not liking Cole at all. He's a hard character to like, his personality felt so insincere to me, maybe it was all that constant blinking, maybe it was the occasional yelling at the people he's interviewing, Maybe it's the major plot points that just totally switched around what kind of person he was actually supposed to be.
Somebody is going to have to explain this guy to me. No I'm serious. Someone spell out for me a compelling case of why Cole Phelps should be a good character! CLASS, I DEMAND ESSAYS!
That's all I have to say about that chapter.


  • eShop is probably my favourite shop. The virtual console of old Gameboy games tickles my fancy in such a way that I need to buy these games, even if I already own them in some form.
  • RE: Mercs 3D will be acquired this week (I'm hoping) but judging by popular opinion, I'll be the only one picking it up. Oh well, fun for me! /dance
  • I've been waiting for eternity to be able to write a big amazing blog on screened.com, but I don't know if it'll ever happen... AUGHHH maybe I should just be an animator for the rest of my life : /


TL;DL Episode 11: Late to our own party(mix) (podcast)

Hey Kids, did you miss us? “Us” as in TL;DL, that really awesome podcast with a cast of characters you know and love? Now do you remember? What, you still don't? Well it has been a month hasn't it. Maybe even longer than that.
Anyway check it out: Bonbolapti is back hosting this award winning podcast about life love and happiness in relation to video games. Joined by the dream team, Ossi, Vidiot and Sidescroller! (and maybe Sleepy_Insomniac.) And would you believe it? We just jump right into the magic. So what will you do? Will you give it a listen? Well then, strap up child and get ready for a ride! 

Somewhere in the Podcast we find out who the Murderer is!



Link has been Vanquished [SSC18]

Two Weeks in and My 3DS has kept my little bits of attention when I need something to do. Luckily Ocarina of Time 3D was there to keep my attention. I don't know if there's much to say about the game that I haven't already said thirteen years ago. It's Ocarina of Time and it's pretty great.
It looks sexier at least, smoother, more refined. A lot of the ugliness of N64 games is now wiped completely off the face of this package. If anything that's why I bought this, which actually marks this the 3 time I own this game. Once on it's launch day for the N64, twice when it was packaged as a gamecube game with Zeldas I, II, Majora's Mask, and a wind waker demo (I think?) But from my perspective I don't think I had too much else of a better reason to own this.
I suppose the master quests is a good enough reason.
It's a good enough purchase though, being Ocarina of Time, which a lot of people hail as the greatest Zelda game of all time. The 3D is amazing, that's all I need to say! The depth of field is actually quite complimentary to the world as you play. You really get that sense of how far things are apart from you, so the gameplay is much more immersive. If this whatever 3D gaming was supposed to be about, they really hit the nail on the head here.
Approval all around!
I'm pretty much just starting out in Link's Adult-hood too, and I've just beat the Forest Temple. So I'm actually going to pace myself a little for now, and complete this game before I inevitably pick up Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. (Is anyone else picking that up by the way? 3DS party?) But I'm actually really glad that Ocarina of Time came out. I know I'm going to be slightly naggy about it and claim that I'm getting some sort of silly Zelda fatigue only because I want them to give it a different build for once. ( I like the game's engine as much as the next guy, but for some reason I just really want a change.) I mean, I'm not sure if I'm really up for playing Skyward Sword. I'm sure with 1:1 it's going to feel like a very different game.
Ocarina of time is just a classic though. It's something that I know I like, and yes if it was presented to me a completely different way, I'm going to buy into it. Hell, I'm all for remakes of old games. That's probably why I'll buy Starfox 64 3D! (also because it's the one Starfox game I never got to play.) But I think there's a lot of good games of older Saturn, N64, or PS1 systems that could really benefit from being redone, retold for the newer Generation. I'm obviously not talking about Upping Textures and calling it a day. I want to see Old games redone from the ground up for the HD era. I do love my Nostalgia a lot. But I also wouldn't mind seeing my Nostalgia prettier.
[This is open to the floor, how do you feel about the idea of remaking older games for the now generation?] 

 This game has Action, and Paction to the Maction!
So Vanquish! Here we are, finally! I promised you before 2010 was over that I would play you but I guess I lied. Though I did not lie when I said I would dedicate any and all console gaming time to you when I could. SO THAT'S WHAT I DID.
Vanquish, is a good game, or a Great game... Maybe even an Amazing game, I can't decide which. From begin to end it feels like nothing but a 3rd person Bullet-hell. Seriously. Bullets are flying all over the place and I can't even figure out where they're coming from half the time. So being the cool casual playing dude I am, I played through on Normal and that was a damaging enough experience. I finished the game in 5h 46m and 31 deaths. A lot of the deaths were accidental. Or stupid mistakes, the way you die in Demon's Souls for making stupid mistakes. I was barely in cover because cover is for pussies, which also probably led to a lot of my inevitable deaths. But YOWZA.
My love for this game is that it is all action all the time. When the demo first came out I played it over and over again, because I just couldn't help but be in love with it. It was so fast and flashy. It made me feel awesome, running into the middle of a million gun fight and taking all of them down. So I knew I wanted to tackle the game when I had nothing else on my plate that I'd want to play.
I couldn't be happier. Sure it made me feel incredibly rusty as a gamer but again, I couldn't be happier. It still managed to be really fun, even at times where I was more that a little frustrated with 12 consecutive deaths. And it's theme is so goddamn American Macho Grande, real Hardcore. Sam and Burns throwing their best Solid Snake impressions at each other. It pumped me full of adrenaline and Manliness. If playing this game is a steroid I will happily take it, HOORAH!
Being the short game that it is, I'm sad that I didn't play it sooner. It's worth it's price, and to be honest, I want to come back for more. Missions and things unlocked along the way that I want to try out, and I also wouldn't mind trying my patience to play through it for more trophies. I finished it with only 30% of them collected and I'll be damned if I don't man up and try it all on Hard difficulty. (But there's not fucking way I'm going to play it on God-Hard. I'm not that cool.)
Vanquish, you are my early contender for my 2011's 2010 game of the year. Hell. If I played you sooner, I would have knocked Nier square off of it's pedestal that I made just for it. <3

Other things:

  • So I started this thing, and I don't know how long it's going to last. On my personal blog I've been doing a Link a Day. Just drawing him on a Real life Photograph somewhere. I think it's fun, mostly because it's tablet practice. I really want to use my tablet a lot more. So the current goal for myself. I'll be happy if I can at least make it through 20 days because we all know how hard 100 gets after a while.
  • Spiral Knights is cool not because of what it is, but for the fact that one of my favourite webcomic artists has worked on it.
  • We really haven't Podcasted in a while, I apologize for never having the time to do it. BUT MARK MY WORDS, TL;DL will live again. Hopefully soon.... Someone remind me?

Mii and U and everyone we know [SSC17]

Remember when E3 happened and we all blogged about it? I sure do, I talked up a storm and probably sound more rational than everyone else. How is that possible? I'm a Smart guy, I'm like the “Superintendent Dean of Funkanomics of Video games”. So because of that, I single-handedly won E3. 
You're welcome. 
Wii U is a contraption that blows everyone's 'mind', because gamers everywhere need to have it owed to them. So Nintendo isn't giving you the shit you want because you already have it twice. Class, I want to see a show of hands! How many of you people got furious at Nintendo? Don't be shy, I know there's a lot of hands. I was Mad at Microsoft for acting like their the New Nintendo. There can only be one Family friendly Game company, and it certainly can't be forced down my throat with acting.
But the 'Wacom University' has sparked a lot of interest in my mind parts. Forgive me for fanning over here, but Nintendo always seems to get me excited every time they actually do something different. I can't remember the last time I sat down and played a Wii game, but I'll sure as hell buy into this. I have a habit of supporting things that I like.
The 3DS for example. I recently bought one, and I couldn't be happier. With very little money for more important things, it was probably a bad idea. Yet E3 was a time for reminding me what was coming out on the fantastical handheld, and I ultimately forgot the PSVita was a thing. It is a thing right? With front and back molestation? (Japan's got something big planned for the V that's for sure. OH HO HO.) I absolutely enjoy the Street Pass in the Mii Plaza, because essentially I'm judging people based on their Mii's and what they've been playing.  My favorite was the middle aged Asian lady with the Nintendogs game (There was not a lot of people on the bus ok. So it's really easy to tell who it was.)
Well as this blog is being written, I will probably as of this afternoon bought Ocarina of Time 3D. (really, who isn't?) I'm also probably having lots of FUN with it. But Practically a week later I'd have also bought Resident Evil: The Mercenaries and I'll probably be having EVEN MORE fun, enjoying Mercenaries for what it is, and Fawning over the Demo for RE:velations. (I like my Resident Evil games like I like my women, __________________________ ) I'm not exactly sold on RE:mercs, yet there's enough there to make it a legitimate stand alone.
I think what we're learning about this Blog is that I'm really big into Nintendo, and this is all unintentional. It's easy to get giddy with everything they do because it's all I ever grew up with, and I guess I must be a fanboy or something. GAWDDAMNIT!
So incase there were too many words for you to understand: Here's the Short NSFW version

Other things of Note:

  • I've been really hating on Kotaku a lot lately, I should probably stop reading them, they just get so... dumb, all the time. Is there commentary in calling themselves “The Gamers guide”? Are Gamers idiots? Do I really need you to answer that question? Is Brian Ashcraft a serial molester? ( - _- I read a lot of Gamejournos... )
  • Getting the Sudden urge to draw horrible comic strips of Kessler.
  • How Come when some people see “Tech Demo” they immediately think it's a game that's coming out soon?
  • I can't understand Final Fantasy XIII-2. FFXIII was a bad game, why make a sequel to it? Sure there's a total of 72 reviews on this site and most of them are in the game's favour. But if I'm going to be a video game snob I might as well play the part. Hint: most of these people are wrong...
  • Speaking Squenix, it seems like more people are starting to play Nier now. It's about time! That game is good for you, it's a good thing to play! We should all play it! Right now! (GOTY-EY)
  • Duke Nukem Forever is finally out and it's a strange subject matter to be torn up about. Can we all agree that it was destined to be a bad game?
  • Now that Minecraft is coming to the Xbox, can we all stop liking it? Or are we all making Pixel Art on that version too?
  • Boston won the Stanley Cup, Color me EXCITED. Also color me safe for getting out of Downtown before it got Full Retard.

It's a short and sweet one because I haven't really been playing any games... Unless you want to hear me talk about Mass Effect 2. We CAN go down that road again. No, I'm gone! 
I'll knock it out of the park next week. 
Truely, Madly, Deeply~


Conference Call: Uncle Lapti Tries to be rational about E3 stuff

Kids, it's that time again isn't it? Hordes of Press and industry folk flock toward The Electronic Entertainment Expo while the rest of us gather in front of our TV screens being harsh critics at everything presented in front of us, just so we can proclaim one company the Champion of E3. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo said their pieces and hoped that you'd join the for the ride. Well did you? Anyone still for Kinect? How about the Play station Vita? That Nintendo thing? ( I imagine everyone is already making that joke.)

Microsoft is probably the Nintendo of years past. The, hey we have this technology, and hey look we're really trying to work it! Look at all these people smiling! All of these families having fun! I wish I had a family.... *cough* 
It was a Kinect centric media briefing, still showing off their mini-game collections that I guess are doing well for them... but it was also kind of neat to see it used for the more 'core' kind of games. That Tom Clancy game where you're taking the guns apart and swapping pieces with your movement, as well as voice commands in that and in Mass Effect 3. It was really neat to see! And you could ask yourself “Why do I need to do these things that I can already do with a controller?” Considering how those are just optional tweaks for people who want to make the most out of the Kinect device that they already have, then you have nothing to worry about. If you don't own Kinect, then it was your choice to not get it, but there are people who do have it and would like to make at least some use from it. So this briefing was more geared toward those people. If you happen to be on board for Kinect now from everything they've shown then congratulations?
But that's where I was sitting from... I'm the “not going to bother with Kinect” type, so I didn't get much of anything out of Microsoft, because Minority Report Gaming doesn't really interest me. It invokes the kind of active-ness that'd I'd rather get away from the TV screen. Don't get me wrong though, I commend them keeping up with it. They really want this to work out and it shows. It's a lot of fun little things for families to get behind. And I'm sure if I was a little older and I had some kids that want everything, I would buy into this just because I think it would be fun enough for them to enjoy, regardless of how I feel about it.
Another dashboard update is neat I guess, and the inclusion of streaming live TV from your xbox doesn't interest me because I have cable / barely watch TV anyway. So with all this said, I appriciate what they're doing, I just can't yet sink my teeth into it. 

Sony on the other hand is a little bit more interesting, mainly because in the past year I've done a lot more of my gaming on the Playstation 3. There was just a lot more there for me, so I wanted there to be things for me at their Briefing. Did that happen? I'm not sure. Uncharted 3 is pretty awesome only because it's the next Uncharted 3. But that's all I got excited about. The PSVita as interesting as it seems, I'm already Biased towards the Nintendo Handhelds that I don't think it's really for me at all, even at the Vita's price point. Yet, my opinion could change if I got a hands on of the Vita myself, the Over the shoulder camera of play gave me a disconnect from enthusiasm. It's Transfarring from Vita to PS3 seems nice, but perhaps they ought to show more of that in-between. Front and Back touchscreen still seems kind of ridiculous right now. I get the feeling it's a tacked-on thing and not necessarily feels like what the portable is all about.
HD collections of Old games it cool, but it's just something they're going to do now anyway, so I can't be surprised about that stuff. But I will hold out for Final Fantasy XII international edition.   
And Jack gets point for probably being my favourite Speaker. From the way he talks I believe he's not a bullshitter, and that a lot of his business seems very sincere. So for him to address the PSN right at the beginning, didn't really have to take balls or is supposed to be necessary , but just very honest. So Sony, had a nice conference, but not a lot of wow. Their push for 3D is expected because they want to sell their Tvs, the 500$ tv is cool, and feels like a smart thing to do though, and It'd be nice to see people on board for it. Too bad it's another thing I'm counting myself out on.
Now let's talk about Nintendo. This is pretty much like Ending the Show with a show stopper, because imagine a lot of people want to stop the show and scream “What the fuck?”, till the cows come home. It's always the more ridiculous with Nintendo because you get the highest percentage of people exclaiming how Nintendo is off their rocker right about now, as if they masses just lose so much faith in Nintendo only because the company is trying something different rather than doing the same thing as everyone else. But it's throwing a curve ball. Nintendo isn't really being ahead of the game in anyway, they're just offering you something new while trying to meet the demands of the current generation. (HD, online) But good press or bad, this is probably going to be talked about the most only because Nintendo didn't really say much about it right now. They want people to come in check it out, and Nintendo wants the questions to continue to build up. The curiosity for this WiiU is constructed from all the confusion and skepticism and The Convention floor has just opened up today, so we can expect to hear more about it in the week and even more as the year goes on till the WiiU's eventual release.
I also came out of it even more excited for the 3DS. I have not purchased it yet, because I don't have the money for it / I've just been waiting for the right thing to come along. (I will be buying RE: Revelations, Day ONE) Mario Kart is a probably going to buy, same with star fox and Kid Icarus (which is all stuff that was mentioned last year, but this is just a re-assurance that it's all still here.) my personal Excitement for Luigi's Mansion 2 has got me stoked for the the 3DS this year, and I can't wait to see what else is in store for it.
All in all, It's up to the 3 party developers to make something for Nintendo, because the big N seems to do so well on their own. People complain that nobody makes games for Nintendo's systems but it feels like nobody is really trying. So now that the WiiU is HD (with whatever bells and whistles are behind it) maybe we'll finally see some 3 part support and then everyone can finally be happy with every system.
Also a lot of personal excitement for Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3. It's the year of threes for me and I couldn't be happier. What have you got out of it? What are you excited for / walking away from? Do we even care anymore?


Tennis and Driving [SSC16]

  I'm a huge fan of tennis. When I was a child I used to skip school so I could watch tournaments on the TV, and be mesmerized by how much skill the players had in essentially what is just hitting a ball back and forth. The only problem is, I'm not very good at tennis. Sure over time I may have improved my skill but at the same time I don't know because I haven't had many opportunities in my daily life to just play tennis... Well I guess if you don't count video games on the side? That's what I do, I have a decent amount of tennis games. But the arcadey stuff, Top Spin I can't seem to get into. But for years now it's been a lot of Mario/Sega Superstars Tennis. Mascot tennis games like that are just fun and goofy.

Lately I've been ever so excited in playing Virtua Tennis 4. See, this is the thing I like about Sega, they make fun sports games! Sure I've only ever played Virtua Tennis, and Beach Spikers, and that soccer game they have... I forget what it's called. Their approach is very easy to pick up and play, and that's all I need. Jump in, quick matches of tennis and then carry on with my life. Though I have not played a lot of Virtua Tennis, but it's definitely come a long way since the Dreamcast Original. (There was also that one time I spent an hour on the VT3 arcade cabinet, that was cool.) The core of the gameplay is the same as it's ever been, even the one thing you can take away from Sega Superstars Tennis is that it plays Exactly like Virtua Tennis. You move and different buttons have different kinds of swings, so it's easy to change your game up and give your opponent a work out. I haven't tried the move stuff yet, and I probably never will. Since the Wii's time I've grown passed motion controls and just like to sit down with a controller and push some buttons. (Playing something actively is for actually going out and doing it. But the recent tennis talk has actually got my girlfriend into it, and we're going to take it up for whenever we have the time to.)

I really like the look of this game though, the courts look amazing, and the environment wears and tears up with the game. (The best looking court is the special match court simply because the ground looks amazing after a good rally. I know that's a little weird to say but gawddamn!) The animation of the players is really fluid as well. It's as if they have mapped out a cycle for every position you're in, in relation to hitting the ball. I think the models themselves still need some work though. I mean, this is probably just sports games but there's usually something wrong with the faces or in this case, they mostly have a complexion that's comparable to the ghouls of Fallout, possibly in certain light as well. Although this is just a minor thing and you don't really pay attention to how someone looks over playing the game but it's just kind of funny how you're created character can end up looking a lot better than the real people.

 I'm very disappointed with the lack of VT4 images on this site.
The single player is a really neat idea that is mapped out as a board game and you get to move a certain amount of spaces for every day depending on the ticket you use, (hell you could even just use a day to relax.) the spaces are comprised of training sessions, publicity, (like charity events, autographs, large donations tv spots all to boost up your star rating.) singles/doubles exhibition matches, down arrows which I assume are accidents or something, and then you make your way to the inevitable tournament!

Along the way you get talked up by your rival, offered to play games/partner up with real life tennis stars, get fan mail by the same guy over and over and over and over again, and a lot of unlocking for the game takes place here as well, courts and gear all have to be unlocked within this mode. That's ok, because it happens at a constant that (at least with your first run of the single player) there is always something new unlocking to keep it interested.

So with that, there actually isn't much else to talk about, it's just a very fun arcadey tennis game, that I just purchased to be my lazy Sunday game. When I get through with the single player I will try to get into the online and compare my skill with others, though I already tried that once, and I'm not very good (though I imagine people have been playing this game a lot longer than I have, so that's understandable.)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
on the other hand? What a game! My interest has suddenly come back to it since the PSN came back online and I'm making slow but good progress. It's turning out to be quite a love/hate relationship with this game. Everything always starts out fun until I realize how well I want to actually do in a race. It can be especially frustrating when you have a whole bunch of people on your friend's list with good completion times and you find yourself finishing 5 until them all in no time flat. I can't help but compare this game to Burnout paradise every time I think about it. Just because Paradise was a hell of a lot more fun than the first game, though I guess you could argue that it's also easier to play.

Hmm... you know, maybe the autolog is the factor which makes me complain about the game the most. As neat as the idea is, [for people like me] it's an itch that I always find myself scratching. “I have to do better, I have to do better.” Some races I haven't even finished yet because their difficulty matched with good playing times by friends is too much for me to process and I have to turn it off, then proceed to curl up into a ball and cry for 1 to 3 hours.

But strangely, it's still fun enough to play. Just as long as I stay within an hour of game time.

Oh by the by:

  • How was your rapture weekend? More like CRAP-ture.. M I RITE??
  • Portal 2 runs well enough on my Mac, now I just have to find the time to play it. God, whenever that will be.
  • L.A. Noire? Jesus, I don't want to play this game, I just want to drive around 1940s L.A.
  • Minecraft is a good little 'Before bed' game. Play a podcast mine some crafts, fall asleep, all is well!


Overproduced Retro Dance Erotica [SSC15]

The Dreamcast was home to a lot of amazing things: VMUs, Typing of the Dead, Online connectivity, it also had Sega Swirl. But we're not here to talk about any of that.

Before they were Q Entertainment, they were United Game Artists. And while they were United Game Artists, they only had three games. But to be fair, Rez and Space Channel part 1 and 2 are pretty well loved and received. They're bumpin and snappy, and one of them works pretty good with a vibrator. Space Channel 5 sticks out for me the most, which is funny because I don't particularly like it's memory matching gameplay. (LET'S TAKE THE SIMON CHALLENGE) My favorite part of this particular title is the Music itself. That feels pretty obvious though, because a game like this would be nothing without it's soundtrack.

That jazzy/big band/lounge music sounds so delightfully retro while being mixed with modern music touches. As the title of the blog dictates it's like an Overproduced retro dance Erotica. (At times it feels kind of Pizzicato Five, Go! Team, and maybe even Mint Royale on a good day) An exaggeration perhaps, but it just goes to show you how much they actually had fun with this music. Uki Uki takes music that is already well established and elaborates on the sound it's trying to accomplish.

I couldn't decide on what would be the best examples here because it's all pretty much amazing.


Let's actually talk about games now

 Any screenshot will do.

Ok, so I've never actually played games much... I don't have any time for them.. except for maybe Minecraft. A hour or 2 before I go to sleep every night I just sit there and build a city... All to myself. Ok, so here's the thing. A long time ago when Minecraft was suddenly becoming super popular and everyone and their Grandma were becoming aware of it. I slowly trickled in to the fad. Although it was a lot of playing Classic. So it was a lot more free flow of everything at my disposal with a lot of things out of it. You know what classic is like, blah blah blah.

For the longest time, I figured that's all I really needed to do. What classic was is completely fine. Slow pace, just building.. no actual crafting, but there you go. So when a couple of duders were getting into the Beta they were essentially trying to sell it to me so I could jump on board. Sure the crafting part is better and more fun, you're actually building shit, which does make it cool. But it wasn't enough to take me out of classic. Fighting monsters off at night? Sorry, I would play a game like this to just build. So again, I'll just stick with classic.

Over time though, because I wasn't always being bugged about getting onto the actual game, I started thinking about it for myself. So finally I did get it, and I really do enjoy it! Sitting in my single player game I get a kick out of actually building a slew of all these houses and building a town and mining it's just, really cool. But the thing is, I play it on peaceful. I tried it with the monsters and the creepers but I just don't find the appeal. These creepers/spiders/zombies and what not feel like the weakest part of the game. Fighting that shit off just to have something to do, or defend your shit takes the fun out of it. Especially since creepers explode. I get neurotic when creepers explode. So then I have to find all the right blocks and put EXACTLY EVERYTHING back into place. So Peaceful, that's for me.

[Fun Fact: My Minecraft world is named after my home town Flin Flon, which is a mining town in northern Manitoba... it's a shame I'm not mining copper and zinc.]

The Funny thing about the PSN being down, is that it's really fun to value the idea of just playing a game by yourself. I'm not really a multiplayer all the time kind of gamer, I don't care for it. So to sit there and still play the PS3 totally unaffected by everything is really nice. I can't see what all the fuss it about. (But I hear it's slowly coming back up. “So,” To quote Alex, “There's that.”)

Castlevania: Mask of Scary, I started playing a little bit today. My first impression is that it's actually really cool. There's obviously some things that don't really work to well for me. The circle things for QTE things is bizarre and confusing, the Colossus battles feel tacked on. But the voice acting is really cool, and I wish I could see more of magical pony. I admit though, that I'm just playing through the game on casual, because I really just want to play through it, have fun with it that way.

I actually find myself being casual a lot lately, maybe it's because I've been spending less time playing video games, so when I do sit down with one, I don't want to fight with it. But I think it's debatable with the kind of game it is. How about you guys? I remember having a conversation about it before, and the person I was talking to seemed rather shocked that I play games on casual and wonder how I could possibly be having any fun. But I sit there thinking, how does playing a game at it's hardest make it fun? I mean if you want the challenge, that's fun and go for it, but to just sit there and play at your own pace with a game you want to play should be enough. Remember, I once blogged about how I play a lot of games, essentially not playing the game at all, and it's just hours and hours of dilly-dallying.

Virtua Tennis 4, is looking really cool and I really see myself buying that game. Anyone else? I'm going to be picking up the PS3 version and I've always been a Tennis enthusiast. Playing it on the court, in a game and Actually watching it. Tennis is fun, and relaxing. It's like that one sport I've always wanted to be good at, and I think playing Tennis video games is compensating for it. I was big on Mario Tennis and everything, but Virtua Tennis has been the most fun. After watching the Quick Look and playing the Demo... I'm pretty much sold. Yeah! Get hype!


TL;DL Podcast Episode 10: IWCTNAWYITF (days late edition)


Welcome to a Podcast that is 4 days too late! Host Bonbolapti is joined by Ossi, Tiwi, Commodore_Groovy, Vidiot and SecondPersonShooter. We learn about the industry, we learn about Movies! But more importantly, we Learn about ourselves. Episode 10 is practically a milestone in it's highly professional grade cluster fuck of Conversation.

What I can tell you:

  • Portal 2 SPOILERCAST? HAHA NOT REALLY. I mean there's no possible way anything about Portal 2 could ever be spoilered. In actuality, Bonbolapti is just a prude. Good thing he hasn't played the game yet, because he would spoil everything for everyone.

  • Tiwi tries to talk about The Next Big Thing, but I honestly believe he was too tired to do so.

  • Bene and Minecraft go hand in hand.

  • Bon turns TL;DL into a Screenedcast and talks about his on set experience on Underworld 4.

  • But then lets talk about MEGAMAN(LEGENDS)64, which leads to Legends 3 talk which leads to a Limited release of Ocarina of Time 3D? WHAT?

  • Let's try and figure this whole Zelda Phenomenon out!

  • Kotaku is first on the scene of Non game related news!

  • OSAMAOSAMAOSAMAOSAMAOSAMA oh wait... videogames....

  • More Playstation Network talk, anon, and just general security

  • Norway speaks Mortal Kombat

  • Seriously guys, let's sit down and talk Harvest Moon 64 in a serious way. Seriously.

  • And finally, we answer PixelPrinny's awesome and well thought out question.

If you'd like to give a question to us on the next podcast type it below. As for the next podcast the future is uncertain. Bonbolapti may not have any time for Hosting/Editing duties because of serious things. BUT IF it continues in any way possible, We have a tight crew of guys that are willing to talk weekly about any little thing that pops up, right? right? But if you've been listening with us so far, We really appreciate it, and you're all cool kids.


Super Fighting Brobot [SSC#14]

Okay, so get this! You're the most bumpin' lady around right? Flashy dress, stiletto heels and a voice built for gospel music that your mom would like to cash in on. Your enemy it obviously bad music like... Brokencyde or Jimmy Ray or something. But let's take a page from Revolution X. There are people who are obviously responsible for breaking up Destiny's Child and it's got to be some sort of post apocalyptic authority from 1994. (Because that was a scary time.) But let's give the game choices, so you can choose to get the band back together. or.... let's say you don't and down the road you have to fight Kelly Rowland, because even though she's not a better singer than you she's OBVIOUSLY a better actor. What do you do? Reunite? Turn the other cheek? Renegade option beat her over the head with your Emmy and she falls out the window? Save System? Put a Ring on it. You could even Customize your Jay-Z to help support you in battle (for beginners, there's even an auto-tune assist.)

We're toying with a lot of other concepts, but this is the real meat of the game. What? You just wanted it to be a dance game? But everyone does those, it won't sell! Ask Ubisoft. They screwed up pretty bad with the Michael Jackson Experience... What? You're pulling out? We put so much money into this!

So apparently after Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon I've be hurting pretty hard to play some N64 games. But back and forth between Goemon's great adventure and Winback didn't suffice. (although I'm an hour more ahead than I've ever been in Winback.) But this coming excitement for a new Mega Man Legends 3 has made me realize that I've never played a Legends game before. SO WHAT WOULD I POSSIBLY DO ABOUT THAT?


Obviously this is the part where I pop Megaman 64 into the N64 because it's no different than the Playstation version and I'm in more of an N64 mood anyway. Instantly I can tell where Lost Planet gets it's controls from, and I'm surprised those controls have gotten worse with age. *ZING* But it will suffice, because bad controllers are an amazing thing to overcome and not pussy over.

Right off the bat though, I am really digging this game. (consider that sentence to be a pun) It's interesting to see so many different versions of this one character. But it's also weird that most other versions of this one character get countless sequels while Legends is still working on it's 3 . But where could we give credit to that? Did it just not sell? This games characters (with their quirks) and story (with it's story, all cute like one of them cartoon movies) really compel a sort of fascination with where this game could go. I'm almost surprised that it didn't turn out to be a show to continue the adventures of all this cast. Really, a Legends OVA could be pretty cool.

So you happen to crash land on an island the same time a family of pirates are trying to get this awesome treasure and you take it upon yourself to stop them at every turn. OH MEGA MAN! Already I'm happy there's an upgrade system, but would be more welcome if I could just level up instead. Probably because a lot of the upgrading and item buying feels so 'out of the way.' that at most times you just forget to upgrade all together. I'm actually stuck at a part right now where ever time I play it I can never remember that I should have bought something at the store, but when I finally do remember it's far too late and there's actually no way to get out of this area because the ELEVATOR IS BUSTED. So you wander around in a state of “Oh fuck! I shouldn't have wasted that one item I have, I should have bought a backup! Hell I SHOULD have upgraded this! How COME ENEMIES DON'T DROP SOMETHING TO REPLENISH THIS! I COULD JUST DIE.. BUT I KILLED EVERYTHING, SO NOW I'M JUST WANDERING AIMLESSLY.”

So then I reset, and put it off for another day where I probably forget to do what it is exactly I need to do.

 I'm a blue bomber, and this is kind of a fun game.

Because the control is what it is. This makes fighting bosses generally stupid. Maybe it could just be my lack of strafing. Maybe because Tank controls shouldn't be built for humans. I know it's a joke because Mega Man is a robot, therefore he could probably apply for a tank license if he really wanted to. I mean you have to get a license for everything else in this game! What's a small island doing with a major TV station like that anyway? Reporting on the news as pretty much everyone is well aware that the only town on the island is being attacked. PISH POSH.

Little things to complain about aside, this is actually a really neat game. As one who's played a lot of different Mega Man games, I really like the different-take-on-the-formula that Legends is showing me. It's a series that can be elaborated on with out the use of 6 to 8 different robot masters, and jumping puzzle after jumping puzzle. At least with my initial impression of the series with this game, I actually look forward to what happens next.

At the very least, get myself excited for when it comes out on the 3DS (hopefully with a less ridiculous control scheme.)



The chat that is the Brain Child of your favourite TL;DL Episodes once came up with an interesting topic that I found interesting. (much like how interesting that terrible sentence is.) What are your favourite video game couples?.. and EVEN THOUGH joke answers are the best, I was very serious when I said Leon Shitkickin' Kennedy and Ada Wong. She's the tease that always fucks Leon, but it's ok because he always gets her from behind, in the end, [bum joke].

Then truth be told, I couldn't much think of any other game couple out there worth mentioning? Link And Zelda? Ico kid and the Extremely White Princess? Squall and Zell? (the odd couple for sure. /sassy) But it's an interesting topic none the less, and I'd very much like to hear the general consensus on who they think a great Gaming couple is, back it up why if you can as well.

It also was originally going to start out as a drawing challenge, because the last one went so well. But then we remembered that no hentai rule and half the fun was taken out of it. Oh well, back to the Drawing board.

But how about last weekend hey? Dirty pictures are finally being taken off the GB database, (Because Anime Vice ruined it for everyone /jkjk) Whiskey Media dies in a hellfire in the Amazon rainforest. The Playstation Network Contracts an STD that leaks out personal information. What a week to remember that your existence is a little bit flawed. The upside is, Whiskey Media handled the problem very well and Dave has a soothing voice.

Yeah, the PSN stuff is pretty fucked up and Sony is in a very bad place right now. But there's not much of my own opinion I can give, because there's nothing I can really do anyway. I don't have a credit card in that data, and now they know my name? And possibly where I live? Deep in a crowd of millions of other information that is probably juicier than my own. I'm sorry for your loss, PSN. But now I guess I will play on this Xbox right here. (or even that Wii)

Oh and... I'm going to give in and buy Minecraft. Just as soon as Paypal is good to go.


TL;DL Podcast Episode 9: PORTAL KOMBAT!! (Yeah.. yeah.. I know)

HEY GUYS! REMEMBER WHEN GIANTBOMB WENT DOWN AND WE ALL FREAKED OUT!??!? Yeah... that's just like it was yesterday. Listen, if I know you guys (and I'm pretty sure I do.) you're really for another sexy orgy of TL;DL. and it's a long one. We have a lot of peoples. Vid, Ossi, Catolf, Bones, even a little bit of BronzDragon, ApathyLad, HALBERT and Dolphin BUTTer.  Let's just cut to the brass tax of this Mofo as we talk about Portals fighting each other for the glory of it all!



  • We talk PORTAL 2? MORTAL KOMBAT? Nothing else pretty much came out right?
  • PSN WAS DOWN? What do you think was the cause of it?
  • There was also that Might and Magic puzzle/strategy game that came out too. (speaking of which, anyone still play Heroes 3?)
  • So Ivy's boobs right? How the hell are we going to measure those? Bon has a solution (YES, BOOB TALK)
  • Dragon Age 2 Trophies are full of shit!
  • A Round Table Discussion of "Wii 2" Seriously, is this a good idea?
  • What will Nintendo achievements be like?
  • Uncharted 3 MP Beta...
  • PSP 2 Trophies?
  • Will iPad apps ever be considered for serious gaming?
  • FART MONSTERS (putting apps to use for serious gaming)
  • CHEX QUEST (There were 3 games of this?)
  • Bottled Water and MOUNT GAY RUM
  • We also answer our one user question! (KEEP EM COMING DOODS!!)