TL;DL 23: These guys

How is everybody doing today? Are we all glued to our 3DS's, balls deep in Fire Emblem: Awakening? Has the launch of the new site thrown your meticulous system out of whack? Did we all listen to last weeks episode? Should I apologize for the lateness?

Well don't fret, because I'm going to anyway. In fact, I'm making it up to you by giving you a new one a little bit early. It was just that efficient of a day. That catch is, we are just two people this week. Bene joins me to discuss topics in an orderly fashion, while everyone else has lives to attend to.

Consider this episode a pretty ironic one.

Tune in and turn up your listenin' ears, partake in the discussion at hand in the comments. Just get yourself cozy and be surprised that two guys can have so much to say.

In this week's cast:

  • We get right into it with a conversation Bon has been waiting for WEEKS to have with Bene: MOON BASE ALPHA, and the secret enjoyment of sim games.
  • Bon breaks his legendary silence on what he's been working on since November: A panel show.
  • The YEAR of LUIGI
  • That PS4 controller, and console naming conventions.
  • Bon talks a little bit of Fire Emblem, including speculation of future DLC maps.
  • Then bene brings it to a close with a rousing game of Dragonbjorn DLC for that there Skyrim game.

An hour, an HOUR of toe-tapping talk. For the Podcast you can DOWNLOAD HERE, or check it out at the iTunes music store. But I implore you, while you're there feel free to rate the podcast and we'll improve and have fun with everything accordingly.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to tune in next week. I am once again spending a Sunday for make benefit of television, but those Chuckleheads can and have a pretty interesting podcast going without me.

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