TL;DL Podcast Episode 8: The JUST-US League

If you thought the LAST EPISODE was short, well get a load of this. It's just an all Sleepy_Insomniac all Bonbolapti cast. WHY? well.. that's because we were the only ones awake to do it. (That's what happens when the host is a little late to the party.) So enjoy our Sleepy banter at 38:11 of FUN!


What you'll find in this Episode:

  • Talk talk talking about N64 if the last sunday social club has told you anything! The good, the bad, the just plain reminiscing.  Which is turn segues about blogging, how to make them tick properly.
  • Anyone up for a Drunk Podcast?
  • Oh, wait.. now we're talking about Drinking.
  • How Exactly can Portal be spoiled for someone?

  • We talk about the "Wii 2" What we've heard about it, what it means to us, and what we even want out of it. (controller? online? cupcakes?)
  • getting into the game, even if you know what it's all aboot.
  • CAPCOM STUFF Dragon's Dogma, SUPER DEAD RISING 2 TURBO, and Street Fighter X Tekken vs Tekken X Street Fighter!

  • NINTENDOGS + CATS TALK! Sleepy actually is having Trouble naming a cat, CAN YOU help him out? I only tried twice and they were fuckkking punny. 
  • We toy with the idea of answering listener questions. What do you think? want to ask us something? Go ahead and ask below and we'll save it for the podcast.
  • Sleepy is a _________ and a __________ .