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I'm in the group that say it's an RPG out of Japan specifically. We just call them JRPGs because we don't know how else to define it.

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@superkenon: It shouldn't be, you're right. I often wonder if it's because of the simplicity of the game that turns people away. But it's also an annual franchise at this point, so that's probably a factor as well.

maybe if it's few and far between for others it would be a little better received?

@hailinel: ISN'T IT THOUGH?! #jokejoke

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@mormonwarrior: I like to think of that game as a guilty pleasure at this point. You know it's not that good for you, but it's alright to indulge yourself every once in a while.

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@xeiphyer: Definately. at the end the EXPLOSION of everybody relieved that the fight was over. totally memorable experience!

Thanks for the comments guise!

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@gerrid: going stealth is such a good idea for those fates. It's cool moments of thinking outside the box that I get such a kick out of in this game. I've often joked to friends that I want to dungeon run as a botanist or carpenter to see how far I could get (knowing that I'll be practically useless).

@hollitz: At this point, we have everything down until the final phase. It took us a while, but now we have no problem getting to the last part, it's just that the relentless onslaught seems to get us every time.

@kagato: I'm actually happy to hear that Leviathan EX is hard, because I was actually disappointed by how easy hard mode was.

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@ryuku_ryosake: That sounds like a great idea. Not that I'm going to purposefully get hit by a landslide just to take that out now >.>

@shirogane: I imagine there's a lot of people out there that never want to fight him again after beating him.

@seikenfreak: that's something I totally understand. I have a tendency to want to play MMOs by myself so I seldom do the group things. I've never been a fan of raids as well. I think it's because of the responsibility involved.. which is why I also play monk, I don't think I'd ever be ready to tank or heal (that's too much responsibility as far as I'm concerned) . I think what pushed me to do a lot of that end game content the most is the amount of people I know that also play it. So if I screw up in anyway, at least that screw up was a group effort.

But I think I've gotten better at playing overall.

@karkarov: thank you, it was the most appropriate title for titan! haha

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@demoskinos: That's what it was starting to feel like last night. It was a good combination of being familiar with most of it, and a strong bunch of teammates. That last part though, Oi. ridiculous!

@alanm26v5: yay! I thank the resolution of the PS4 video capture for you to actually see that! XD

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@video_game_king: A) whelp... I'd say neither? there's very little of that kind of art in the game. so if you beat the game, I guess it'll be a pretty clear image in your head.

B) I appreciate that you saw it as a Goemon reference, but it's also not one :D

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@nethlem: A lot of what you're describing still doesn't feel very much of what Watch dogs could have been capable of. There is a disconnect in just pressing a button to hack something. I would have wanted to be part of the process of creating these counter systems getting into ctOS, than having all of it already done for me. While the hacker friends do all of the computer stuff, I just run over to the spot with my 1911.

Also, I only think it's flawed because Chicago is all on one singular system. I'm aware we already live in that state of reality. I just that ctOS feels too convenient to sit there and let people manipulate it.

@ulquiokani: I sat there and I was thinking if I could even call Aiden an anti-hero. Sure he's a vigilante, but he doesn't seem to care about anything. Also yeah, the shooting does have it's moments, and driving definitely could have been better.


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@halberdierv2: We all use Skype now and seem to always have friday night/weekend parties. XD (I don't know why, but it's a thing that has happened in the past month.)