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@crusader8463 said:
" Reported for posting boobies! You should be ashamed. Kids come to this site you know! "

Is this better?
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Dear Internet, 
I am a Wizard, and you can has a Cheezeburger but only if you give me back my bucket. Because I only lol if there is lulz, and depending on whether something is Fail or Epic, I will let you know twice with a motivational poster. 
Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, most things are hard for me to understand. That’s why I’m like cool kid and telling you to “deal with it”(YEEEAAHHH) 
I know what you’re thinking. You’re all like “NO U!” while I’m all “O RLY?” on my invisible bicycle. Maybe I can bribe your love, but I can’t only give you currency in the form of Cat pictures and Pornography. (Let's face it, I'm never gonna give you up.) I worked really hard on my Furry costume by the way, I got the idea after I finished writing up that in-depth Wikipedia page on Knuckles the Echidna. (which you totally also Fap to btw.) 
Well Hitler, before I go, Not Even Doom Music can stop your Nazi Tirade over the lives of all these Children. Because even the simplest of Phrases will continue to be said by them, in chat rooms, over the phone and god forbid when you meet them on the street, as if you were catchphrases of the 90s and everyone is the cool guy at the party. 
PS, We're going to eat pizza. (PEET-ZUH)

NOW, What are we talking about?.. 

The Dragon Age II demo came and it saw. I played it, and while the new gameplay tweaks were odd at first, they made sense and have since gotten used to. I'd assume it's because I was playing the PS3 demo and not the 360 one. Sometimes something as simple as a controller change can really mess with your perception on a game. Well, I can at least say that I'm looking forward to DAII, yet I really ought to plough through the first game if that was going to be the case.

So here I am, pretty much doing it all over again, I can't remember why I stopped playing it in the first place, but I figured I should start from scratch. A Dalish Elf Rouge by the name of Lark (A change from the usual Facegurl iteration), who I'm apparently playing more polite and religious then I figured I was going to. It's funny how much my mood seems to be changing with this character because I'm pretty sure I started out playing her being a complete ass. Then I again, I guess she's a jerk to her own people.

I decided I was going to play through the game casually because I really just want to get through the story. To have a save for Dragon Age II to work off of.

That reminds me, I'm very pleased with how much 'better' character models look in this one. Ossi is to argue that they're still pretty ugly. (and let's face it, he's not wrong...) But in comparison between the two Dragon Ages and nothing else, These people are a lot more pleasing to the eye. A few cosmetic problems, like hair comes to mind. You know, that red headed lady with the Templar Husband. Such bad hair.

I mean, I don't understand why it has to be so bad, it just seems like Bioware has a history of making ugly ass human characters. Their Aliens in Mass Effect? The Demons in Dragon Age? Phenomenal. Fuckin' Tree Lady? Super HOT! Human characters are ugly as sin. I guess with the exception of Morrigan, a lot of time and money was probably spent on her. Though, I don't care if you've lived in the woods your whole life or not, don't dress like such a Harlot!

I'm also really pleased that the main character actually talks. I don't think a silent protagonist really works for that game, all that stiff animation, and the silent judging... Camera angles that make it look like they have something to say. Yeah I understand that it would have probably been too much work, but the first game really does take me out of it when your main character just stares at everything and never gives any actual input. So Hudson Hawke will be quite welcome! While judging by the dialogue trees I have a feeling I'll only want to give nothing but witty responses. I mean, at least this time around they don't seem, 'good, neutral, bad.' Which makes me happy, because I'm tired of shallow consequences.

Then again, this is only a demo.

Fun Facts:

  • I like making visual gags.

  • I think I've experienced enough internet drama in the past while to last me for a decade. It's ok though, everything's cool! God speed... Unless you're a cunt

  • One more week till I have myself a little Vacation. Huatulco here I come!

  • I hurt my hand playing MvC3. No surprise there, the floor is just too hard.


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this is a joke thread right? RITE? wait.. are you watching all the original episodes? or Kai?

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@Dragonps said:
" @BigLemon said:
" @beej said:
" I'm glad that the Giant Bomb community was well up to this task. "
did you expect any less? "
All I can say is the Giant Bomb community know their games, no other site I've been on could offer even one suggestion. "
or only offer ONE suggestion :P
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You've basically said it all in more words than I could ever put down. It's a shame that a game like this ended up getting a fake of being an unkown "masterpeice" to say the least. Specifically in the context of today's gamers being nit picky about the dumbest shit. 
If they did up the production value to FFXIII it probably would have warranted a sequel, but there's just so much about this game that felt like Square didn't even care.
what's also more of a shame is how much of a cop-out the DLC was.
But I digress. just what makes me happy is knowing other people are giving themselves the chance to play the game all the way through.
Thanks vid

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YUR DAAMN RIGHTS Nintendogs + Cats

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@gosukiller:  what? you never even???
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MvC3? OH! it's great, I'm playing a lot of it... and planning to. My appologies to my Xbox friends, but Sony's online is the only thing I can afford right now. Maybe in it's future I will double up. It's inevetable right?   


So what's so cool about this game? It's different, it's more of the same. Let's talk about it. I fit perfectly into the characters I know I wanted, Chris and Wesker basically. But Tron Bonne is a placeholder until Jill shows up. I like my RE characters a lot and I figure they should be my main. I'm slowly but surely learning how to use them and be less frantic about it. Of course the other two reserve slots are under debate. Captain America and She-Hulk are slowly becoming favorites... Arthur is also kind of neat to play too, if only for the novelty. I'm basically yet to scratch the surface on a lot of the characters.
It does come with it's problems based soley around my level of play. I know that there are some things I'm not very good at, pulling off combos, specificially air ones, and connecting the teammates into them. (which I have been practicing a lot lately, easier to pull off on the CPU) It gets frustrating with those that Spam supers, or are just plain faster than my 34 year old brain can handle. So before I collect my thoughts two of my characters are already down, and I just have to sit out before I throw the controller directly into the screen. I know, I'm a bad person for giving up with out a fight, but I've been known to break stuff in my hands (or, 'my hands') in times of rage.
So it's really weird to come out of the online experience and tell you straight up that I'm really enjoying this game. All and all I am competent and can win some, so it isn't exactly a loss. I wish I knew who I'd be up against before hand though, so there is some people I know I can avoid. You know, until I can get my skill up. Yeah, I get to be another one of those people that say Capcom can't match make for shit. :S

Now the TL;DL Portion of the show

 The 3rd Episode, means we've been doing this for a while.

So, Marvel vs Capcom 3 hey? That's quite the game. And that's pretty much all we talked about. YUP! Ossi, Sleepy_Insomniac and I talking about Marvel vs Capcom 3. Listen to us talk about JUST THAT. We talk what we like, what we dislike, the characters we use and OTHER things as well... if only briefly. Oh, and listen for the awesome music too. 
Because it's awesome! DOWNLOAD IT HERE!(Ok, so I apologize in advance. I really don't know where I should be uploading these / have been a bit lazy to look. Podcast hosting spaces, Do you know of any?)
Also, this is Marvel vs Capcom 3. I don't know if you know this, but it's pretty much a big deal. Are you enjoying it? Any cool get togethers out there?

Wow, it's a short one this week.

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basically, any game with Leon Kennedy.

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@Sleepy_Insomniac:  I suppose I could, but I'd rather be going through these quizzes dreading what they may be. (my least favorite one, is obviously the 'memorize 25 numbers and where they are' exercise') I also don't really like there's that much variety to warrant doing that.
@example1013:I agree. That's probably my biggest complaint. Especially when you look at BA2 coming from the first game, and how much of the exercises they took out. Which obviously, it would be beneficial if there was a lot more. There's nothing to this cart, THERE'S A LOT OF SPACE TO FILL. SO WHY NOT GO ALL OUT?