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@CommodoreGroovy:  Then we're still pretty much in the same crowd as everyone else.  but you also gotta be up for this sort of thing. So I'm sorry if you're not feeling it. : /
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right? Keep it up, I say! I encourage writing.

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@PixelPrinny: sorrryyyyyyyyyyyy can't happen :(. Ossi doesn't learn, that's why he's going to school for game programming, everyone knows that's a dead end industry :P
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This Software is pretty old isn't it? Brain Age popped up years ago and became a neat little device for you to sink your brain in to. It helped with your mind's 'age', made it younger (as young as 20), and if you use it enough there's a certain air about it that makes you think that your mind is improving. I guess if you do the same exercises over and over again 15 minutes a day, then sure your memory is going to start looking pretty good in front of this game. Well there really isn't much to it is there? Why the hell am I bringing this up anyway? 2007 was years ago. Can't this shit be in 3D already? 
The story goes, I looked at the collection of DS games I still have on my shelf, and aside from still playing DQIX I really want to have something else on the side so I'm not completely burnt out with just playing DQ. I looked at my copy of Brain Age 2 knowing that I didn't give it much mileage. I had a first Generation DS for the longest time and I only bought it to get the DS lite that this was bundled with. But I played it here and there for shits and giggles, mostly playing through the Sudoku puzzles from time to time (I'm halfway through completing all of them). So I just looked at BA2 knowing that I should probably just use it for once.

This is actually my least favorite exercise. But who knows.. I may get better.

So the Challenge I gave myself was this, Play Brain Age 2 every day for the month of February, just to see what the outcome will be. It's funny because I know my heart really isn't into it, a lot of the exercises I'm reluctant to do. Thinking about them feels more exhausting than it is. But given time I do actually try them. I also did recently figure out how one of them worked, So there's that.
I remember when the Brain Age trend was creeping in, but I was never really sure about how much of it caught on. Did it ever catch your eye? Gave it a chance? Played it until your brain age was 20 and then you put it down? Let me know your Brain age experience or say something snarky, just as long as it has a fair amount of wit.
My lady is currently in another semester of School and has more math classes than she'd like. I'm enjoying it a lot more than she is, only for the fact that Math is pretty awesome. She's been doing a lot of her homework at my apartment once in a while, and I feel like it's a little beneficial to me, especially since I'm doing my Brain Age Challenge. It helps keep my brain moving and it's also nice to know that I still remember all the math I took in High School.


Taking light of my Brain being worked with Challenges, the natural thing to do is lighten the mood with PUNS. We're talking the worst things I could come up with. Having a tirade of #streetfighterpuns via twitter (if I think of any more, you know I'll be putting that hashtag to use) I've jut wanted to go all out, We're talking about Dad Rising 2 here. (which makes total sense, while being funny) If you were to claim the Uncharted games were terrible, you would call them UNSHARTED. Heavy Rain is a game about a woman on her Period. Wow, these are quickly turning vulgar. It's not Much of a PUN-ch out, as much as this is Sin and PUN-ishment. Dark Soles is about Demon's wearing Shoes! Lady Yuna-BROW! M I RITE? Snow Villiers got his name FROM ALL THE DANDRUFF ON HIS HEAD! MILES PROW... er.. wait.. that one isn't mine.
Ugh. Shoot me now.


  • BronzDragon wrote a pretty awesome story about my Inevitable death. Apparently Ossi101 put him up to it. Those Bastards want me dead it seems.
  • I'm going to Mexico in March, to get away from how shitty it is to be an actor in Vancouver, for like a week. Then I'll be back, and I'll be a Million Dollar Extreme.
  • Also, PS3 came back and now I can enjoy PS3 related video games again, Sorry Xbox
  • Brain Age isn't without it's faults by the way. The quiz can do serious damage to your brain age calculation, just because it can't understand what an Equal Sign looks like.

 Episode 1 and 2/3

TL;DL has a Second Episode. (IT'S SUPER SECRET RIGHT NOW) And this time it was small... With Just Me, Ossi and CommodoreGroovy. But it was still a good time, HILARIOUSLY ENOUGH THOUGH (by hilarious I mean, not really), Ossi was the fool and set his Vent up to not be recorded Thus ruing the entire hour Run time. So when you hear just me and Bene talking and a whole lot of quiet, You'll know that somebody made a mistake! WAY TO GO OSSI, FUCK! 
Luckily, For Prosperity sake, I believe that the SHOW MUST GO ON! So here it is with one half of a good discussion, complete with a treat at the end. I know I know, we'll record something far more serious later on, but for now enjoy this cast and the secret song at the end. (Exactly 2 minutes. IF ANYTHING DOWNLOAD IT FOR THAT! YES!?!?!?!?)

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Ignorance is bliss. I'm sure I'd be happier is I stay within my own little world.

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boring!   nuff said

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I hear game room is pretty cool!

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@Ossi:  I'll be your dick any day. 
Yeah, I think it's a good enough format to set us apart from anything else out there. So we gotta keep it, up. This week I'll definately encourage to do another one.
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@PixelPrinny:  Thanks, it's a fun little art project to do I think. Apparently I was corrected about little things on how it should look in the process but I guess it was for the better. 
But I'm King dick! But FINE, I didn't want to be a dick anyway! I'll.... I'll just be quiet.
@CommodoreGroovy: Dude seriously? Dude yes! Old Gameboy for the win, any time any place!
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Let's talk DS. More importantly, let's talk DS cover art. I have a DS game I will never use, see. It's called Monster Trucks DS (I couldn't find it in the database! Someone be top men!). I know what you're thinking, why the FUCK would I buy that game? You're not wrong, I wouldn't. In fact while buying a DS at Future shop [ Best Buy for the Canadian Impaired ] I was just given this game for free. The funny thing is, I was trying to not take it from them. BUT THEY WOULDN'T HAVE IT. They game it to me anyway whether I liked it or not. It's weird getting my arm twisted over free stuff.
Needless to say I never played it, but I also took it about of the case and I don't know where it is. So what is a girl to do? Well I have a DS card with no home that I always seem to be loosing, and an Empty DS case. Naturally I'm going to put the two together. But instead of using boring hum-drum Monster Trucks DS cover art, I'm opting to have fun with it and come up with something more special.
Years and years back, an art designer friend and I came up with a brilliant idea for a Flower Arranging game on the DS. Tending flowers in a Green room would have made for an interesting experience. But my favorite part was that we came up with ideas for two different versions, kind of like how there's two different versions of Pokemon (Diamond/Pearl, Black/White, Yellow/Double Yellow) It was a fun an interesting project, and we brainstormed the hell out of it.
Can you see where I'm going with this? I made a mock-up of a video game cover and I'm going to print it out and put it in it's case. Want to see it? I bet you do! People already have, but now's your chance! Right now! Right here! This exact moment! It's showtime!

Bigger Version Here 

Other Shit

It seems as though the theme of the past week has been 'hyper sensitivity' or feminism or sexism or maybe even attentionism. Whatever the case may be, I will happily segue from Feminism/sexism to talk about how big of a dick I am. Or, Giant Penis if you will. (Fact: Bon backwards is Nob) Xeiphyer has it right to assume that I probably look like this:
I always pictured Mara to be a really nice guy. He'll give you a ride on his Golden Chariot, tuck you into bed and read you a story. I guess the moral of this one is, that this whole being a dick thing over the internet is a really easy thing to fall into. Even if you're joking around, there's always going to be that one person who's going to rub you/be rubbed the wrong way. I blame myself for being sarcastic on a constant. 
But when that happens, you take it in stride. Because this is the internet. It's not a war zone, there's no factions. You're all just a bunch of people sitting in front of computers, and it's not an 'alternative to your life' either (Gee, I hope nope anyway). So at the end of the day when your feelings are hurt, you turn it off and go outside. Or I guess in this case, play a game! I suggest (I play it a lot! super fun!)
But I don't know too much about being a nice person, so don't take my advice.


There's a thing going around called a podcast and it's something a group of us have been meaning to do in a long time. TL;DL is such a podcast, and it's not exactly some kind of regularly scheduled podcast as of late. We're clearly not in it for the fame. Much more for the documented Evidence that we talk about stuff and things. We also clearly have the mind set, that when we want to do it, we'll just go and do it. And if there's anyone else around us that feels they need to join, they can go right ahead. So if you want to catch if for yourself here's the link Get it while it's hot! (Which was like.. two weeks ago) 
This episode's users are: Abce180, ApothecaryLad, SecondPersonScooter, YonderViddles, CommodoreGilgamesh, Sleepy_Zombiac, and I, Bondipidus J. Lapti. And the Topic is NGP, And Some Japanese Gaems. (It's a little dated, but our fault and still fun to listen to.) 
If we get the time we might do more of these and give them a proper acknowledgment.