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boring!   nuff said

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I hear game room is pretty cool!

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@Ossi:  I'll be your dick any day. 
Yeah, I think it's a good enough format to set us apart from anything else out there. So we gotta keep it, up. This week I'll definately encourage to do another one.
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@PixelPrinny:  Thanks, it's a fun little art project to do I think. Apparently I was corrected about little things on how it should look in the process but I guess it was for the better. 
But I'm King dick! But FINE, I didn't want to be a dick anyway! I'll.... I'll just be quiet.
@CommodoreGroovy: Dude seriously? Dude yes! Old Gameboy for the win, any time any place!
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Let's talk DS. More importantly, let's talk DS cover art. I have a DS game I will never use, see. It's called Monster Trucks DS (I couldn't find it in the database! Someone be top men!). I know what you're thinking, why the FUCK would I buy that game? You're not wrong, I wouldn't. In fact while buying a DS at Future shop [ Best Buy for the Canadian Impaired ] I was just given this game for free. The funny thing is, I was trying to not take it from them. BUT THEY WOULDN'T HAVE IT. They game it to me anyway whether I liked it or not. It's weird getting my arm twisted over free stuff.
Needless to say I never played it, but I also took it about of the case and I don't know where it is. So what is a girl to do? Well I have a DS card with no home that I always seem to be loosing, and an Empty DS case. Naturally I'm going to put the two together. But instead of using boring hum-drum Monster Trucks DS cover art, I'm opting to have fun with it and come up with something more special.
Years and years back, an art designer friend and I came up with a brilliant idea for a Flower Arranging game on the DS. Tending flowers in a Green room would have made for an interesting experience. But my favorite part was that we came up with ideas for two different versions, kind of like how there's two different versions of Pokemon (Diamond/Pearl, Black/White, Yellow/Double Yellow) It was a fun an interesting project, and we brainstormed the hell out of it.
Can you see where I'm going with this? I made a mock-up of a video game cover and I'm going to print it out and put it in it's case. Want to see it? I bet you do! People already have, but now's your chance! Right now! Right here! This exact moment! It's showtime!

Bigger Version Here 

Other Shit

It seems as though the theme of the past week has been 'hyper sensitivity' or feminism or sexism or maybe even attentionism. Whatever the case may be, I will happily segue from Feminism/sexism to talk about how big of a dick I am. Or, Giant Penis if you will. (Fact: Bon backwards is Nob) Xeiphyer has it right to assume that I probably look like this:
I always pictured Mara to be a really nice guy. He'll give you a ride on his Golden Chariot, tuck you into bed and read you a story. I guess the moral of this one is, that this whole being a dick thing over the internet is a really easy thing to fall into. Even if you're joking around, there's always going to be that one person who's going to rub you/be rubbed the wrong way. I blame myself for being sarcastic on a constant. 
But when that happens, you take it in stride. Because this is the internet. It's not a war zone, there's no factions. You're all just a bunch of people sitting in front of computers, and it's not an 'alternative to your life' either (Gee, I hope nope anyway). So at the end of the day when your feelings are hurt, you turn it off and go outside. Or I guess in this case, play a game! I suggest (I play it a lot! super fun!)
But I don't know too much about being a nice person, so don't take my advice.


There's a thing going around called a podcast and it's something a group of us have been meaning to do in a long time. TL;DL is such a podcast, and it's not exactly some kind of regularly scheduled podcast as of late. We're clearly not in it for the fame. Much more for the documented Evidence that we talk about stuff and things. We also clearly have the mind set, that when we want to do it, we'll just go and do it. And if there's anyone else around us that feels they need to join, they can go right ahead. So if you want to catch if for yourself here's the link Get it while it's hot! (Which was like.. two weeks ago) 
This episode's users are: Abce180, ApothecaryLad, SecondPersonScooter, YonderViddles, CommodoreGilgamesh, Sleepy_Zombiac, and I, Bondipidus J. Lapti. And the Topic is NGP, And Some Japanese Gaems. (It's a little dated, but our fault and still fun to listen to.) 
If we get the time we might do more of these and give them a proper acknowledgment.


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Pepsi, but only because me mum works for pepsi, and that's all I've ever got to drink 'pop wise' growing up.

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Much like in the vain of activism or protests, all it can do is escalate.
It's a shame yeah. : /

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 Sterling should have taken that picture as fan art.

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@Chaser324:  heck yeah, go with the fact that you have a fight stick. I only use controllers and I'm firmly convinced that 360 is has a shit controller for fighting games. Or I'm just so used to the PS controller because it's never changed.
@kishan6: Yeah you know me!
@ChristianCastillo: Depends on the game. :P
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@PixelPrinny:  Because I like the PS3 more. D: a bunch of other people are getting it for the PS3 so it's not like I'm really missing out on much D: