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@video_game_king: oh, I was talking about picross.

@quantris: I can honestly agree with you. When you start using it, it becomes a stupid crutch. There's only a handful of puzzles in the e series in which they take it out. If anything the should dedicate a whole mode to no hints.

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@video_game_king: My basic complaint about it is int there, It doesn't really play as well as it could. but also, it doesn't matter, because I like this one. Even though my reasons for disliking it doesn't explain why I suddenly do.

@dolphin_butter:Well if I had to choose, Picross e2. Becuase micross mode quickly became my favourite thing ever. So I'm more than excited to see it back in e4.

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FINALLY, A guilty pleasure and a beloved franchise are coming together for me, to be the BEST guilty pleasure.

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@milkman: well yeah. They're jokes. and comedy is subjective. but it's not grounds for being in utter distaste for the entire thing. I have reservations about the thing sometimes, but it doesn't hurt to just let it go.

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@hatking said:

I'm so fucking sick of the cynicism that plagues this industry. It was refreshing to see somebody trying to laugh for a change. The problem was that each time he tried to make fun, Geoff shot it down like the show would end if people enjoyed themselves. Hey, asshat, it's an "awards" show. It's not about your fucking scoop. Let these people enjoy themselves. All the whining on Twitter coming from industry people is driving me insane. Why do you people do this? You get no fucking enjoyment out of it.

Is it really "cynical" to try and treat the medium with a bit of respect? No one is saying the show can't be fun but when almost all of your jokes are "this whole thing and everything about it sucks", who are making this show for? McHale wasn't allowing anyone to "enjoy themselves." He was a condescending asshole who made everyone uncomfortable and was very rarely funny.

That reply is the reason why there will be no respect. The problem that a lot of people couldn't do during the VGX is get over their own bullshit and enjoy something for what it is.

If people let go of the idea that everything has to be nitpicked and complained about, you'd have seen people enjoying themselves for 3 hours.

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That is the dumbest box art.

'There's no ifs ands or butts about it, Your enjoyment is sure to go tits up.'

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If you like something enough to have it be your top game of the year, you tell people that. You tell them why, don't tell the website you go to speak for you.

This website is never going to express the same views as you 100% of the time, and it never will.

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If they want to move onward, the least you guys can do is the same.

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Metroidvania is a nice term explaining a type of game. it's exclusive to games in telling you what it is. You know what it means when someone says Metroidvania, I think it's a silly to be put off by that term. finding out a new way to say it just puts more work into something that feels so well established.

if it isn't that, you're just saying adventure game, and then how often would you feel the need to explain what type of game it is, further.

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it would have been better for him to challenge it with youtube directly than to make this video response expecting validation from everyone else.