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That's an interesting question because I've gone over it multiple times in my head and I've played many different kinds. What makes MOBA's shitty is the communities you play with. It's great when you're on a team of people you know, but others can make it a pretty sad experience.

Essentially, I don't really like Dota 2 for that reason. It's also intimidating the Structure that Valve built to make sure that you're gonna spend money. LoL is Straight up Arena and easy to get into.

I also don't think there's enough people playing SMNC, that one is actually pretty great!

Eh.. Moba is a pretty niche thing, but there's a surprising number of ways that style is presented that might be cool to anybody.

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They said some podcasts ago that they'll do the content when they do it.

If any of you guys find yourself asking that question, you really have to learn to have patience.

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I liked that you coined some phrases.

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This is pretty much the most immature video response about Anita Sarkeesian that I've ever seen.

It's not a question of it she played it or not, she still did the fucking research she wanted to do. Why is the internet so bull headed in taking her down rather than participating in whatever discussion she wants to present?

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Sometimes things just open themselves up to discussion, wether Spill knew anything about him or not.
They're having a conversation about it, It doesn't sound like they're being assholes. They have their world, and it's seperate from giantbomb's you don't do anything a favour saying things like "Fuck those guys"

It's worse to react to it in a negative way, because they really don't mean any harm.

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It's amazing, that they come back from E3, get back to what ever work they have to do once they're back, or maybe they want to have a bit of a breather. or it's possible that it's their site and they're doing things the way they can, or want to.

While the site does like the idea of producing content for it's users, it's not going to bend over backwards and suck your dick.

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If the voice is more important to you than the character itself that there's a problem. Voice actors are always subject to change. Hayter was a good voice, but he didn't make Snake. The convoluted writing did.

I think Kiefer is a good fit, and has done enough voice acting in his time to know what he's doing.

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LoL is just more fun.

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I think it's a bold statement to say that he ruined it. I mean, you're along for the ride, and sure he did shit for the sake of getting the goat of the reader, but it got that much of a response out of you and the books aren't even finished yet.

So, I guess it's kind of entertaining to hear a story not go the way you want it to? I don't mean that rudely, but twisting your expectations for how the story should go is kind of cool.