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@video_game_king: PSO is all about the macros. Typing of the dead was the only thing really worth keyboarding.

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Typing of the Dead is an amazing exercise in the ability to type latched on to a cult favorite arcade shooter. It's remarkably bad in a good way (originally), and the one thing it has going for it is the shiny coat of dumb that makes it stand out from the regular typing exercises. ( Though some Minigames of the Mavis Beacon series try pretty well.)

It was the perfect excuse to buy a keyboard for the Dreamcast (because it certainly wasn't the web browsing.)

Though, English of the Dead on the DS takes typing of the dead and makes it a lot more interesting... given that you'd have to write the words on the touch screen.

Bah. That game is such a good time.

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You guys really bum your expectations for the website when you keep reading into stuff like this.

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@lastsonbackup: the thing that's backwards about that statement is that the majority of LPs out there, If they all play the same game, they don't actually offer anything new. You can press a different button at a different time or react to something differently than anyone else. the problem is that people can't watch the LPs for the game, the youtubers have to rely on people enjoying their personality to have any relevance.

They don't offer commentary, when I watch these LPs, they don't offer any insight on the level they're on or the game they're playing.

Honestly, you can do the Let's plays all you want, but if you expect to make a career out of it by not actually offering anything other than a play-though, then don't expect it to be a living.

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@apathylad: you kidding me? you're a natural kid, IMMA MAKE YOU INTERNET FAMOUS.

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@hailinel: It's funny how it's one of those things that feels like a gamble to buy a Wii U game for it's Online, don't you think? haha. I see where you're coming from, and I don't doubt you're right. I always get that feeling that if I buy the Wii U version of something, I know I'm not getting the version that everyone else has. Is there anything about it that's interesting that the other versions don't do?

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@video_game_king: That's what bothers me, XIII was actually pretty good for what they wanted to convey, but I feel like they really dropped the Ball on everything in the sequel. It became something that was too much up it's own ass and shallow.

If Noel was by himself, it would have been one step to a way better game, me thinks.

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the majority of let's plays are garbage, and people shouldn't be making money off of just playing the game. They could argue commentary, but a lot of them don't add any commentary what-so-ever. It's just "listen to me play this game, love my personality."

Nintendo doesn't need to do a press conference because those things just turn into "this is how much we sell, isn't that great" anyway. What they do with the Direct videos is pretty awesome. and honestly all they need. any surprises they have should happen on the show floor to rejuvinate the mystery of going to E3 past the keynotes anyway.

and Injustice dlc for the Wii U? nobody supported the game on that console, why should they waste their time? especially since it's backwards that Wii U owners will only buy if the DLC is included. that's bullshit, you buy it because you want it. if the numbers are there, netherRealm may have considered it earlier.

In terms of the Wii U people should just give it time, but it's always weird that people have to wait for Nintendo to show everyone how to use the system instead of taking awesome chances. oh well.

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There's nothing redeeming or great or even mentionable about FFXIII-2, I'm sorry but the playing of that game shouldn't even be encouraged. It's for the greater good of people, and even that company.