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Still shows up as $49 for me :(

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Its been too long since a good PC game has appears featuring everyones favourite pet, dinosaurs but fear not and wait no longer Origin: Dino Beatdown is on steam with a current promo offer. Maybe we will get a quicklook when the next slump in game releases occurs!

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Im pretty sure those who require brick and mortar game purchased now use their local supermarket be it tesco, sainsburys or asda (owned by wal-mart) the rest use online retailers such as and amazon. CeX seem to do pretty well in the preowned marked and have expanded greatly over the last few years including around Europe, america and india dealing only in pre-owned electronics and games.


Amazed that GAME are taking preorders for the star wars kinect/xbox bundle still, at £350 who is really planning to buy this? Im sure anyone wanting either the kinect or xbox owns one already and even star wars fans will thing, thats abit much!

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Im amazed the beloved Motion sports Adrenaline didn't make this list, ok its no rider meet horse horse meet rider but it still seemed pretty bad!

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Is it wrong I kind of want to play Blackwater now?