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Halo Franchise (with exception of Halo Wars, but I don't really consider that a part of the true franchise)

Mass Effect Franchise

Portal Franchise (Does only two games count as a franchise?)

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Ghost in the Shell by Platinum (if it's an action game) or by Square Enix Montreal (if it's an RPG).

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I don't think it's terrible, maybe awkward in that it doesn't really seem to fit with the tone and style of Destiny. My only experience with Paul McCartney's solo career is Live and Let Die - a classic song. So I don't know how this compares to his previous work. It seems okay, but not a song I feel like listening to over and over again on my ipod.

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This is indeed an interesting avenue for them to take the series, or at least with Revelations 2. I doubt they'll do the same with Resident Evil 7. Since it doesn't make a lot of sense to have your huge tent pole game split into parts. Maybe Revelations will be their Episodic series, while the mainline games will remain the same. If they're going to be making sequels to their spinoff-side story, then it makes sense to differentiate it from the mainline series.

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I think the existence of Apple's watch shows that the company doesn't know what to do now that Steve Jobs is gone. The iPhone already killed the market for a watch. Kids and teens don't carry watches anymore, because their phones supplanted that need. Those demographics look at the watch as archaic technology, because it only 'does one thing.'

What is the purpose of this watch? They are entering into the market of which they killed? That'd be like movie studios bringing back the VHS format.

Also if this watch turns out to be $300, I'm going to tear my hair out.

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@andheez said:

How bad is the new commercial? You think Bungie is regretting this Sony partnership?

Why would they dislike Sony for the commercial, isn't this Activision's marketing team? And as far as the actual commercial (thanks for NOT posting the damn video in your post) it's fine. Cheesy, but it's fine. There have been so many WORSE commercials made for other games. This one hardly seems worthy of making a whole thread over.

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@bartok: Oh man, how could I have forgotten Dark Tower? I'm loving that series so damn much. I would still pick Fallout though. From what I've read from the first three books-unless you're Roland you've done lost your mind.

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@gunstarred: So Scotland really IS like the movie Doomsday? Which was just a Mad Max ripoff.

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None, it's been kind of a shit year thus far.

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@juno500 said:

Sidenote: I find it hilariously ironic that there are some people (to be clear: not everybody) criticizing the lack of journalistic integrity in the mainstream industry, while also suggesting people go to independent sources like Total Biscuit on youtube instead.... where no such standards exist, and where critics are no less immune to influence from publishers.

While I agree that your average youtuber probably shouldn't be trusted as having proper integrity. TotalBiscuit is perhaps the worst example you could have picked. I would trust TB over ANY other 'proper games journalist' around. He's the one that's actually calling out publisher bullshit and creating proper critical videos than anyone I can recall.

But I do agree, do we want people to put their trust in PewDiePie?