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It was the entire Matrix collection. Since my first DVD was The Matrix, it seemed appropriate that the same would be for my Blu Ray collection.

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Other: Walking Dead Season Two. It was weaker than the first in literally every way.

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@haz: Well if ever there was a time to rebel against your government, now would be the time my fellow northern neighbors.

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@corevi: That's $20+ off, not $30. These prices sort of gel with Steam prices for the new titles anyway.

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Too bad the Playstation Store is down for who knows how long. It better not be another five week long crash.

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How Did This Get Made Podcast: A comedic podcast hosted by comedian Paul Sheer, every other episode they look at bad movies and talk about them, and its all hilarious. They frequently do live shows in front of audiences and it's great. Warning though, expect the podcast to be rather crude.

The Co-Optional Podcast: The official podcast of Totalbiscuit and friends. Tons of fun, and very casual experience.

Super Best Friendcast: The official podcast of Two(Super) Best Friends on Youtube. A very funny podcast among 4 friends as they talk about the latest gaming news from a young perspective. Warning, Fighting games and anime make up at least half of everything they talk about, so if you hate either of those, you may be turned off.

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Wait, Jessica Nigri is in this game?

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All this controversy surrounding Hatred is exactly what the developers wanted. All this does is generating more and more attention. I had completely forgotten that this game even existed and I'm sure most others did too. Now it's everywhere, the Streisand Effect is in full force right now. Silly people.

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GATTACA: This is VERY near future, the tech already exists in some form or another.

Children of Men: Something bad is going to happen and instead of working together, we're all gonna close up and wither away and die.

Elysium: Our population will run out of control until we have no food or resources and eventually die off from disease.

Metro 2033: The world is destroyed by our own hand as humanity dies cold and in the darkness.


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GTAV has a mission where you are forced to violently torture an innocent man who constantly screams for you to stop. You'd think that would raise more concerns than entirely optional endeavors...

The things we Humans like to focus on. >_>