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That article thumbnail through me off. I thought it meant, "Starbreeze is making a Kill la Kill game.' Which I was thinking Awesome!

But to hear it's yet another VR Headset. This whole thing feels like the higher end Home Andorid Micro Console race all over again. These things are going to destroy these companies, Starbreeze in particular.

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Play Persona 3 first then Persona 4. P4 has many fixes from P3, so going backwards will be rough. Trust me, its what happened to me.

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Not at all. In a world littered with mediocre MMOs, Elder Scrolls is perhaps the most mediocre of them all.

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I thought Hollywood quit HIM!

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Yet another MOBA falls by the wayside. Maybe companies will learn that this genre has been mined and there's no room for more than two-maybe three MOBAs in the market. Worst market than MMOs it would seem. These games require too much devotion and time from players. They can't switch from one game to another.

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Awesome, hope it gets ported to consoles.

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My favorite part was when i was climbing the buildings around the Bloody Baron's estate, I got to a secret area with a chest. Then I climbed this railing wanting to make my way down. I jumped off the railing and Geralt glitched and jumped nearly 20 feet forward, landing me onto the roof below. Was quite funny.

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Call me when they make a new Burnout. >_<

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I can't imagine Square has much to show other than Deus Ex 4. Everything else is so far away it'll be hard to get too excited.