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I never got too far into Dark Souls, so I never did much of any parrying. So parrying enemies in Bloodborne is going real rough. It's not enough that they start their attack animation, it has to be just as the attack is about to hit me-having trouble with the timing in that. Also, I don't care for items not replenishing when I die. I don't like to farm after a long winded boss fight, it ruins the pacing of the game.

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I've heard that Dark Souls is much harder than Demon's Souls. Demon's Souls was perceived as the hardest because it was new and not as refined as Dark Souls. But if you were to go back after playing Dark Souls, you'll have an easier time. Least that's what I've been told.

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It's hard to get too upset over MKX's DLC when every year another publisher 'one-ups' the previous year in shady DLC practices.

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I had one a few years back, it was not actually that painful. Just uncomfortable when pressure was applied. It was removed and I had to nurse an open wound for several weeks. My poor mother had to pack the hole full of gauze and clean it out each and every day. Little by little the hole grew smaller. I didn't need any plastic surgery as one commentor said-christ that sucks.

PS: Immediately after my surgery I of course had some time off, so in my zombie-like state I made this comic. It's not very funny nor does it make a lot of since, but hey! Things are funny when you're recovering from surgery.

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Just watch a Let's Play. It's basically a movie, anyway.

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I know i'm supposed to be sad about this, but honestly, nothing about that game appealed to me.

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Can we go back to ordering a bunch of pizzas at the victim's expense now?

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Unless you want Jeff and Dan to violently make fun of it, then you do not want them to quick look the game. The only JRPG the staff of this site care about is Persona. Anything else, they don't know about or care about. Why do you want people that have zero interest in the game to quick look the game?

PS: It's creepy anime bullsh*t.

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Let me know when I can scan in my skateboard.