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Final Fantasy 13, only because I couldn't bear to try out any of the other '13' games.

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Beyond Two souls: Loved Heavy Rain and hoped Beyond would be the same. It was terrible, probably the worst narrative I've seen in a game.

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Most of the time it's Out and Over, but late at night when I'm tired I tend to go Down and Out. It's just faster that way.

Edit: Out of context I find my statement quite odd and funny.

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A lot of interesting points and discussions are being had here. I like it. Frankly I was quite blase when this announcement hit. I know nothing about these two men but I'm sure they are more than qualified for their positions. I've at least heard Dan Ryckert's name spoken once or twice. But I felt the choices were quite boring and safe, as others have pointed out.

But then, of course they were safe. Giantbomb isn't Gamespot or IGN, they don't have the luxury of hiring random people to fill minor rolls that get little to no credit on their front page. They only had two positions to fill within an eight man company. So you better damn well know to pick people who are safe. That's too much risk for such a small company.

Really I feel bad for the community members who had their hopes real high from Matt Rorie's thread. How is a community member supposed to compete with veterans in the journalist industry? I would have been really impressed had they hired a nobody from their own community. It would have been quite novel and progressive.

In terms of diversity, I would have appreciated a large shakeup with a woman member. But there just aren't many women journalists in gaming in general. I think out of ALL of the various gaming sites, I can name...maybe five? And I can't think of ANY African American journalists either, but who knows the race of any writer when they're reduced to just a name half hidden in an article.

This is a problem within the Games Journalist Industry in general really. Most of the gaming sites got their start and often reside solely within San Francisco, CA. So you tend to get White Liberals and not much else. The minorities reside in Oakland a whole bay and bridge away from the rich city.

This is something that'll change overtime and it's not really anyone's fault that white men dominate the journalism scene as they do. It's just a series of circumstances that we're just now acknowledging. I know personally a couple of women who would make for great journalists. But how are they supposed to break into the medium when the current scene is so insular? When everyone knows each other and works only with each other, it's no longer a professional scene, it's a Clique.

I don't blame Giantbomb at all. They can't afford to try someone new, they had to poll from the pool that's available to them and that pool is rather stagnant in its current state. There's a much BIGGER problem with cultural stagnation within the Video Game Industry itself as well as the Journalistic Medium. Women and other minorities are slowly being accepted into the fold and when this happens the entire industry will be healthier for it.

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Almost every time I go invisible on my Assassin he says "You've activated my Trap Card!"

So there's a t least one, that I can think off the top of my head. Got real tired of it, real quick.

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This thread got quite long so sorry if this has been brought up as to the growing segregation of Republican and Democratic politicians, even though this topic is about civilian life. I read about the growing dissent between our politicians sometime ago and the writer brought up how politicians behaved now versus back then.

Back in the early days before modern transportation such as buses and especially planes. Our Senaters and Cogressmen all had to live at Washington DC. Since that was where they worked, they brought over their families with them. And DC is quite a small city even today. So these politicians ran into each other all-the-time outside the capital building. Inside the capital building that North Carolina senator was a hard ass, but outside he was someone else completely, someone you can respect. They drank together, ate together, would party together. Their families and kids played and picnicked together as well.

So our politicians all knew each other and developed friendships with each other. But that all changed when transportation evolved into what we had today. Planes have made commutes so much easier. So now our politicians reside in their home state and commute to DC. And when they're not working in the capital building they travel back to their families. So now our politicians only interaction with each other is in the heated battleroom that is our congress/ senate where tensions are constantly high. Grudges form and now that senator from North Carolina is just some schmuck you have to deal with for a couple of hours a week. He might as well be a raid boss and not a human being.

So while we have taken advantage of modern comforts we had sacrificed the very concept of human interactions. We have devided ourselves up into our own communities and exiled all others as strangers. That I feel is a big reason why our politicians today are so much more at odds than ever before.

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@nictel: 'Armed' home invasions aren't all that common outside of low income neighborhoods. Even with a gun, it's beyond reckless to break into a home like that. A good thief would never attempt this.

You seem to know a lot about it, eh?

I actually used to watch a reality show called 'It takes a Thief' on Discovery. It was hosted by these two former thieves who would break into people's homes and ransack for the purposes of showing the homeowners how easy and vulnerable they are. It was very fascinating.

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@nictel: 'Armed' home invasions aren't all that common outside of low income neighborhoods. Even with a gun, it's beyond reckless to break into a home like that. A good thief would never attempt this.

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I highly recommend Halo: The Fall of Reach. It's a great introduction to the universe and characters and expands in all directions. It's basically Starship Troopers meets Ender's Game. In fact I recommend all three of the Eric Nylund Halo books: Fall of Reach, First Strike, and Ghosts of Onyx.

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Hmm, there's a Duder pretty damn close to me.

La Habra, CA USA