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Speaking of elephants, one such noble creature did just about all the work for me liberating an outpost. I didn't even lead him in there!

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As an artist, All I'm interested in is the wonderful art book. Blizzard is second to none in terms of their art books. They're so wonderful.

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I think it has more to do with it being a Wii game at a time where just about everyone had written off the Wii. Skyward Sword came out at the same time as Skyrim, and was completely swallowed up by it. Everyone was looking forward to playing Skyrim and we had forgotten that a new mainline Zelda game was even coming out.

I recall seeing a demo of the game at a Best Buy and just looking at it, i thought it was quite pretty. Unfortunately it was a game that SCREAMED to be in HD. The chunky lines and low rez textures only hindered it. It should have been on the Wii U. The ancient hardware of the Wii was only holding it back.

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This just shows how amazing the All Digital Future is! Now the publisher can just take shit out at anytime! And there's nothing you can do about it!

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I wish developers would just give us a proper options menu for the console versions. I would GLADLY play a game at 720p if it means a higher framerate. Why is this STILL such a big sticking point for developers?

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QUESTION: I have KOTOR on Steam, but it wasn't natively compatible for Windows 7, which means I had to Jury Rig the game to work, and even then, there were graphical glitches and even worse; pre-rendered cutscenes DO NOT PLAY. Now seeing that the GOG version supports windows 7, will I not have to do any of that? Will I be able to view the cutscenes without any problem?

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I had prayed that an Ozymandias' type plan for bringing the gaming community together would happen, and lo how my prayers were answered.

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I would love to know if these campaigns are real or scams. I always hear about giveaways, I never hear about people actually winning. Good luck to you man!