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When one says the word classic what usually comes to mind is a film that not only exceeded all expectation a film was capable, but also in its own way revolutionized the way we watch movies in how they can portray everything from masterful cinematography to truly unforgettable characters that stick with you even after the movie is over.  Citizen Kane is film that captures almost every aspect of what a great film should be from the different camera angles and shots of each scene that magnificently convey the mood and emotion each character is feeling, to the spell-binding story that keeps you hooked from beginning to end with its unique plot that chronicles the life of a rich and ingenious newspaper Tycoon known as Citizen Kane(Sonny Bupp).  The story actually starts out after the immediate death of Kane, and basically follows several reporters as they try to decipher the last word Kane spoke before he succumbed to death; and that captivating, mysterious word is "Rosebud".  Now in the beginning this seems like it will be pretty major to the whole plot and will ultimately reveal an epic and suspenseful understanding of why Kane spoke the particular word.  However, this turns out not to be the case as the majority of the film seems to focus around the life Kane from his childhood to the present, as opposed to the actual word he speaks initially.  And really, this is what makes the film such a classic in the way it is able to tell this captivating story about a man born to run a large empire of companies, only to succumb to riches that once came so easily to him, but ultimately end up being is undoing in the final tragic moments of this film.
Of course, this would mean nothing without a solid cast to back it up and keep this story interesting throughout each new chapter of Kane's life, and this is where seems to exceed the most throughout all other aspects.  Between Sonny Bupp's perfectly portrayed leading role as the determined and unfaltering Kane to the depressive and alcoholic rants given by Kane's first wife Mary Kane who at one time was beautiful and everything a rich and proud tycoon could want in a trophy wife, is now turned into an empty shell of what she once was: a woman who got what she want when she wanted has now become a woman who doesn't care what happens and leads a truly secluded life.  Seeing this transition in not just Kane's wife but in everyone else that becomes part of life is truly remarkable and just truly shows how the human spirit can change in just few simple tragic events which eventually come full circle to confront Kane in the end when he realizes that he has become the thing that hated most.
Besides the stellar acting though, what really makes this film shine is its unprecedented cinematography which truly makes this film not only a revolutionary piece of work for its time but also an up to date role model that all film makers should look to create their movies after even to this day.  Between the extreme close ups of Kane in his most desperate moments of despair to the grainy shots taken to make it seem like an older camera was used to film certain time frames of the film truly make this film one of the most immersive and innovative portrayals on how every scene should be shot and how many things you can do with a video camera, especially one that by today's standards is considered extremely primitive, but even now is still able to capture the emotion and excitement of what is going in each scene seamlessly and effectively.
In the end, Citizen Kane is just one of those films that seems to do no wrong from beginning to end.  The only real fault I can have against it is the word Rosebud.  Sure its presence was nice to keep the viewer guessing of what its ultimate purpose was, but really it didn't seem to matter in the actual purpose and story this film was trying to convey.  Still you can't blame the directors from trying to put something else in there to keep you captivated to the film even if it wasn't necessary to keep this classic from being truly amazing.  Simply put, Citizen is a film which all aspiring film directors should look to for guidance.  From its masterful and innovative cinematography, to its epic tale of success and sorrow that truly make this film one of the greatest masterpieces ever created in the history of film.

one of the most innovative and well told stories ever conveyed in a film

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Now, I am aware that Keanu Reeves is definitely not what you would call acting material. I mean sure Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was great, but in the end it wasn't really a film that most people took to seriously and was ultimately a laid back comedy that only required Keanu to say "whoa dude" every 5 seconds.  However, The Matrix on the other hand requires something a bit more, something with a more desperate tone that is able to believably convey the feelings an confusion of a computer hacker known as Neo who is simply trying to get by with his dead end desk job.  And for the most part, Keanu is able to pull of this character with entertaining results that make for one hell of a film.  Now to be fair, this isn't too hard of role for the average actor to pull off, since in the beginning all you really see is Neo in front of his computer conversing with a person here or there, but really nothing that gives us a hint on who or what Neo really is and what Morpheus, the man who eventually "frees" Neo from the Matrix sees in him.  Really though, the mysterious attitude and calmness that Keanu brings to the character fit this movie almost perfectly because it simply is so different than from any other hero character that you see these days who is pumped full of testosterone and have to have an epic entrance whenever possible.  Neo on the other hand is a modest hero of sorts who is as much confused as he is potentially gifted which ends up making the sequences when Neo triumphs all that much more satisfying

The Story is extremely unique in that it postulates that there is more than what you can see in front of your eyes.  What this movies shows us is a world that doesn't exist, a place that is shown to us to hide us from the real truth: that we are all slaves to a race known as the machines who created this world for us in order to keep us under control so they could harvest our bodies for much needed energy.  Now this may seem a bit far fetched at first, but it ultimately makes for an engaging and interesting plot that at times almost convinces you that there is more to things than meets the eye.  From there things continue to get crazier and crazier as we are introduced to The Agents, dangerous programs that are stuck inside the matrix and must get the codes that will ultimately set them free into the cyber universe.  Neo's ultimate purpose as the prophesied "one", is to not only prevent this from happening, but to bring peace to the last human Civilization of Zion.  However, in the beginning of the film this seems almost like an impossible feat to achieve, as Neo seems like your average computer hacker who could probably do no more than simply embezzle a few thousand dollars from a bank.  Eventually though, Neo discovers his true potential is able to do some amazing things that will make you wonder "how is that even possible."
So, while the matrix is the definitely a film proposes a lot of "what if's" its the way in which it does it that truly makes this film worth getting sucked into. And hey, any film that makes Keanu Reeves into a likable badass, is a film that clearly has something going for it.

This will be a daily feature that will eventually lead to number 1.  While I did try to due five in one blog, I thought I would cover more detail and ultimately have better explanations on why enjoyed film if dedicated one blog to each.  Hope this feature interests you all enough to check the other 9 films on this growing list of masterpieces. the real World