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great in multiplayer, lacking in content and story 0

            Ever since the original Half-life came out for the PC over a decade ago, Valve, the developer behind the masterpiece, has continued to put out truly imaginative and fantastical games with such detailed and creative plot lines that anyone has ever seen in any shooter.  With this zombie/first person shooter, Valve is taking a new direction with this franchise.  Instead of making it about a single main character that is backed up with an epic story, Valve has switched gears in that this...

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can be alot of fun, but doesnt offer much in terms of originality 0

When i first bought this game, i was soo excited to experience COD all over again with new weapons, level, and different characters. And, to a degree, COD 3 delievers. Lets start with the positives: the weapons in COD 3 all function excellently, aiming with them seems to be easier and more solid than in COD 3 and they all seem to have a bit more firepower behind them. The levels are pretty well designed, but at time they feel a bit linear, especially when you get into simulated melee fights. Whi...

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funny and innovative microgames make this game an instant hit 0

When i first got this game, I was a little skeptical if this game could hold its grounds. I mean, all it is is a bunch of miny games, that only take about on average 5 seconds to complete. However, once I finally began playing this game, i knew i would be hooked for a long time. The controls for this game are excellent, and each style in which you hold the controller is unique and makes the game that much more innovative. While does take a little getting used to, you'll eventually be able comple...

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every metal slug game on one disk. Awesome. 0

when you first put this game in, it becomes clear that metal slug is perfect fit for the PSP. Between the smooth controls and bright vibrant colors displayed on the wide screen, you would that it was a match made in heaven. Sadly, the game is conflicted with one major problem: Load times. While it doesn't take away from the overall action of the game; it still is frustrating especially when you traverse between levels. Even in gameplay, the screen will freeze up every now and again when the acti...

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Best 360 game of 2007. Period. 0

Ever since this game was announced back in 2005, i had no doubt in my mind that I had to get it. Between its stellar visauls and eerie storyline, I knew it would be a game like no other. From the moment you pick up the controller, to the final minuites of the last cutscene, it is simply an experience that you will never forget. The story starts off with you being some unknown character (for the time being) who is traveling by plane to go visit his family. Everything seems fine when all of the su...

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Guitar Hero 2 is a great rythem that offers hours of fun 0

Before buying the xbox360 version of this game, i had previously played the ps2 versions of this game and enjoyed both the first and second games. However, they failed to bring complete longevity game because of the limited number of songs you had to pick from. This is where te xbox360 exceeds with about 10 new songs that come with it, along with 9 other downloadable songs from the first guitar hero. While this may not seem like much right now, this opens the door to a realm of possibilities for...

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