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As already hinted at, in any game with dice rolls (be it actual dice like Elder Sign or Summoner Wars, or implied rolls as in XCOM) the strategy is to mitigate the randomness of the dice. If I ever feel like I'm being overly screwed over by bad rolls, that always tells me I need to rethink my strategy:)

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Foo Fighters Wasting Light is easily my favorite album so far this year. So good.

Runner-ups would include:

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee part 2

Dropkick Murphy - Going out of Style

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears - Scandalous

Fucked up - David Comes to Life

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I've been struggling the past six hours to come up with an answer to this question. And I finally did.

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Out of all the games I've bought during a Steam sale, the $5 I spent on Torchlight was my favorite. Looking forward to the Steam sale on Torchlight 2:)

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Apple probably imposed a "limit" not so much by saying you can only put 46 songs on there, but by saying it will cost you X amount per song. If Harmonix had added any more, the licensing fee for the disc would be higher, and it's quite possible they would need to increase the price of the game to be more than $60 to cover that cost.
But more to the point, the entitlement of some gamers still astonishes me.

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I can't think of a console that had a better 2 year span than Dreamcast...  I know I've never since bought so many games in just a 2 year span.
Jet Grind Radio, Crazy Taxi, Q3A, UT, MDK2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, NFL2K, Toy Commander (a personal favorite), Alien Front Online, RE Code Veronica, Rush 2049, Ooga Booga (online battle action!), Powerstone, Soul Calibur, Outtrigger... and those are just those I can think of offhand. Well, I didn't mention PSO which I wasted way too much time on (in a good, positive way). And of course Chu Chu Rocket. Awesome game.
The only game I didn't like was Shenmue. Sorry, but I just didn't get it I guess.

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Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit

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Sold!!! I already have GH:WT for the Wii, but I was using my GH3 guitar to play it. Plus I always wanted the drums, but just couldn't justify the price. But for $90? Add in a second guitar (and a mic I guess), I couldn't pass it up. Then if I can sell this new copy of GH:WT for a few bucks even better. Though I'll be quite upset if these guitars/drums don't work with RB Beatles and GH5... (What can I say, I still love these games at least:)

@Crispy: I think the biggest plus of the Wii version is downloadable content. Both paid tracks and fan made MIDI tracks. The PS2 doesn't have that.