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Is Suikoden 2 available on PSN? I thought it was rumored to be at some point but holy shit if its out now than I gotta get on that!

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This game does indeed look cool, it's like Mega Man, Metroid, Ghosts & Goblins and Duck Tails all mixed together. Can't wait for it.

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These threads are weird. Who are we to analyze the staff like this?

I also don't like how people simply state what goes on at Giantbomb as fact even though they have as much access to that info as any other user of this site (outside of the staff and possibly the mods). Drew may be the cornerstone of the site or just simply a piece, how the hell should I know and you guys don't know either so please stop stating that as fact. There is a lot of this in those complaining threads about the site also and it's always botherd me.

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Love Xenogears, favorite game so I won't say anything more, but Vagrent Story has a better combat system I think. So what is more important to you? A great story? Or a diverse combat system?

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@kishinfoulux: They said it was a "sequal" in spirit only and that the game shares themes with the previous games. This is just my speculation (and love for the series) but the X is present because the scene they showed us has a massive ship carrying humanity and crashing on a foreign planet. This is what happened in Xenogears. The way the X is stylized is in no way an accident.

I personally cannot be more exited for this game.

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@turtlebird95: I know, that would be incredible. Let's hope Nintendo thinks of that when they release this. It's not out until 2015 so they still have plenty of time.

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I'm watching the Nintendo Treehouse stream on this and I must say I am impressed. The levels they made in such a short amount of time looked like a ton of fun to play. Also, the tools given are streamlined and quick to pick up. This came out of left field for me and I must say I am stoked to get this game when its released.

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If your interested than go for it and with the upcoming expansion they will be upgrading character models for all the races so It will look better. There is a lot of great content in that game but you have to be really interested in MMO's to get the most out of it.

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Did you buy the 2 year plan with accidental coverage? They may be why, but it was probably a lucky mistake.