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@zelyre: Yeah King of Tokyo is great or Elder sign is also a good intro game that utilizes dice. Both are very fun.

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Descent 2nd edition always seemed like a good game that could fit right in with this feature. Each quest takes about an hour and it's a game that would look good filmed in my opinion

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Advent Children is not a movie you go into hoping it will expand on the story in meaningful ways. That movie is a CG anime that is pretty much a 90 minute summon animation. If you go into watching it for that reason alone than it's alright.

I've never played it but Crisis Core is supossed to be very good and that cut scene in VII is handled in a very cool way I've heard.

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Yes, very much so I like it quite a bit. I love games like WoW and Diablo though.

I love the way the game plays and it's very addicting much like the aforementioned games.

I do see why people would not like it though and that is perfectly ok. Bungie should have done a better job of explaining what this game was beforehand and not relied on the Halo success to get people pumped for it.

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I played and beat the DS remake. It's very good and very difficult. That is why I liked it so much I think. Most of the recent FF's have been easy. I would say play the DS version.

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Yes! I'm all about Magic. I only play with a few friends and we have started only playing EDH which I find to be pretty fun. Anyone here play that format?

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Wasn't there a Doom clone game called Strife ages ago? If I recall correctly it was vaguely RPG ish and you did quests and stuff. I think I played a demo.

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@stryker1121: when you pick your server initially you can filter out what type of servers you want. Also, on normal servers you can flag your self for PVP a la diablo 2 so you cannot be attacked when not flagged.

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@rorie: card game is great fun. It's like a striped down version of a pre made campaign that can be finished in a fraction of the time.

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@stryker1121: most servers are fine, I think the OP is overreacting a tad. Also when you PVP or do dungeons it's mostly all cross server anyway. So unless you have RL friends on a certain server than it does not matter. Just pick a server type that suits you (PvE, PVP, RP etc.)