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I got one, I like it and use it for my PC as well. My friends say I sound muffled at times but can understand me well enough

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@fisk0: Half Life was not a mod of Quake, it used the same engine modified.

Counter-Strike and TF2 were mods created from their own games that they capitalized on. If you think about, it they have not had an original idea since Portal. Dota 2 is based off a mod from another company's game and their VR stuff is basically another Oculus.

If they don't want to make any more Half-Life games or any other original IP's again than fine. But it's a huge bummer that they keep talented designers and writers on staff for nothing instead of letting them work their creative muscles.

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I am beginning to really dislike Valve. It sucks that they won't continue their flagship series only because they see money signs in Steam and Dota 2.

They are very close to a monopoly in digital PC distribution, and only put effort into a game that started out a a mod for heavens sake. Like someone said earlier, let some of these talented writers they have on staff work on something that is worthwhile instead of making hats to line Newells fat pockets with gold.

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Like people have said earlier the translation is what really needs an update.

It's not just spelling and grammar mistakes, it hampers the plot as well. There are several areas of the game where important story information is difficult to understand because the translation is just terrible.

The rest of the game plays just fine if you like the JRPG genre.

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I'm sure most saw the "reveal" of FF7 on PS4 and how it's just a port of the PC version. Thats it, nothing more. This version will still have all the translation errors and nonsense the PC and PSX version had.

Why book time at an event to announce this? Do they honestly think this is big news or are they happy in watching their fans squirm?

When they announced that FF7 was coming to PSN years ago this never happened it was just released. It appears they just like to make people angry now. Quite sad.

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@jeust: What exactly is 'Moo'?

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Good luck to you, I lived in Buffalo for a number of years but moved away. The snow was always rough compared to other parts of the state but never as bad as it is now. I feel bad for everyone there having to deal with that.

As for games, like stated before any Elder Scrolls game is great as there is a ton of content, Fallout is a good choice as they fall in the same category.

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I'm glad that Rorie is reviewing it. Right now Rorie is the only staff member that seems to be interested in the games I'm interested in. I love RPG's in any form and it seems like the rest of the crew doesn't like them in any way.

I really miss Dave on the site and I've been loving the Icewind Dale playthrough he's doing with Ian.

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If it's on GOG I'm sure it's affordable. I wonder if they will change any controller options as I don't have a flight stick.