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I'm going to buy this game. After I purchase it I will take it back to my place, rest it in the toilet bowl.  Then I will proceed to drop my trousers and take a huge steamy pile of shit on it. I will video tape this and post it online. 

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IW issa rearwee tawented.  The jus go we make game good. Dey bewded game engine dat make game good. Treyarch take IW work and just gawbbolded it all down. den day take a doo doo a few days later and out come game dat not so good.

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usually a bright light and a SOS sign made of sheets and a clear sky does the trick.

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@Von: Well, if that is indeed the truth then good for you. I told myself the same thing for awhile but it may be different for you. All I know is that once I really no longer enjoyed smoking and couldn't stop , I truly felt as if I had no control over myself. I have always felt that I had control of my life for the most part and the hardest thing to come to terms with was that I was struggling to control what I breathed in on a daily bases. 
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Rather than discuss games, I thought I'd talk about the worlds greatest killer, Tobacco. Well, its not really the worlds greatest killer. That trophy goes to Leon from The Professional. It does have a better K/D ratio than you could ever imagine having. The fascination of being cool in High School started with these little trouble makers. I can remember walking by the Starbucks every morning next to our school and seeing the groups of fellow students sipping on overpriced coffee and cancer sticks while discussing yesterdays news, who talked shit about who, who made out with who, who put toilet paper rolls in the science wings toilets just to get out of a test, thinking how awesome it would be to join them and actually be accepted. Everyone goes through these dark times of figuring out where exactly it is you fall in life and for me, a high school freshman, this happened to be difficult to do. Until I had a pretty decent conversation with a future smoking buddy in Algebra 2. After that I got someone to buy me a pack, walked to Starbucks and stopped to socialize rather than do what I did every other day, which was keep on walking past and head home. I can remember the enjoyment I found in those years of cigarettes and coffee before and after school.  
That was simply my exposure to these tasty yet dangerous "friends". After high school many of the people I socialized with went on with their lives. I see these people every once in awhile but most of them I haven't seen once in the four years since my graduation. The only friend I've stuck with since high school is the five dollar pack of American Spirits you can find in my glove compartment. Sad part about it is that I don't even like hanging out with them anymore, its an ugly relationship we share. I wake up and don't want anything to do with them. Thats what I tell myself at least but with in a few hours of breakfast and work I find myself wanting to hang out, see whats new, usually ends up being the same old. I go ahead and follow through with this sudden urge. I grab my bic, my friend, who I then light on fire, standing outside left to myself with no unique experience and the sound of burning tobacco and paper.. After a few moments catching up, I put him away along with my bic and go back to whatever it was I was doing. Often regretting ever catching up. This is what happens nearly six to seven times a day. It truly is a nasty habit. 
I've tried quitting cold turkey but often find myself picking up a pack after a few days to start catching up once again. I've gained nothing from our relationship other than bad breath, breathing problems and hands that smell of burnt tar. If anyone ever tells you they smoke because they want to and have been smoking for more than a few weeks, they are lying. They smoke because nicotine they have already put in their system as passed and their brain starts to crave more, so they themselves start to crave another encounter  with this deceitful buddy. I just purchased a pack of nicorette gum and  are about to start a journey. Because thats what quitting cigarettes becomes, its not as simple as ignoring calls or emails from someone you no longer want to talk to. Because this friend will always find a way to suck you in. Only thing you can do once you get addicted to their company is look it in the face and kick it in the nuts.

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Found this game recently and started playing it again. Have to say, what a fucking awesome game. I really took it for granted the first time I played it.

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@zudthespud: I completely understand what you mean by fixing what isn't broken. Although Gears 1 was very laggy most of what it had was great, when working well in a match with a good connection. It seems they touched base on a lot of stuff people liked, changing it for the worse, in my opinion.  I also find what they added to be annoying. The fact that you have to wait about a second to take any course of action other than sliding into cover probably the most retarded shit ever. Although you can go into a roll and by pass that just adds to the ridiculous side of it. Again I'm still enjoy Gears2 because of the its emphasis on teamwork and a somewhat tactical gameplay, just a lot of little things annoy me. 
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@nethanel: from what I understand alot of the matchmaking issues have been fixed in patches because as of now I have come across maybe 3 games that were unplayable. As for people quitting have to agree with you on that one. I find it funny at the amount of quitters in this game. Just like to let you guys know that the blog was asking about the differences in the shotgun as well so if you could talk about that a little I'd appreciate it. Just want to make sure I'm not crazy cause the shotgun in gears 2 does seem a bit underpowered. Find it funny when I sneak up on a guy and lay two shots into him point blank and he turns around and two piece me.
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Can you go into detail as to why that is? Not here to disprove your comment just curious as to what you didn't like and what you did/

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So just posting a quick question really. I played a lot of Gears of War online. Enough to get the Serious Achievement. That game was rather broken in more then one way but still enjoyable for the most part. I recently bought Gears of War 2, which I missed out on due to a COD4 addiction/itch/face-melting experience. Well, there is a pretty big difference between the two games. I didn't really expect much but after playing a bit online have to say that they really amped up the whole team aspect of the game. Really forcing you to either move in packs or set up ambushes of sorts. Enjoyable over all and something I plan on playing a lot of in the future. My only complaint, what would a blog be if I took things just as they were and didn't complain about something. The shotgun, I loved Gears of Wars shotgun. I have to say that it was probably the most enjoyable way to get a kill next to popping someones head with either a pistol or sniper rifle. Immediate differences I've noticed between the two games is that the shotgun in Gears 2 shoots slower and does a significantly less amount of damage. It also seems to lag more in Gears 2 than it did in Gears1, not all the time though; I guess who's hosting the game plays into how well the shotgun is.  
Question for fans: If you played Gears1 and Gears2 what are your thoughts on this? Also state whether you prefer the Gears 1 or Gears 2 shotgun and state why if you can.