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Torchlight is fantabulous!

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a misunderstanding by me, but my acheivement points listed for World of Warcraft on giantbomb differs from the amount of points listed in game and on the armory. On giantbomb I always have more points somehow...

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Operating System: Windows Vista SP1
Browser in Question: Internet Explorer 7
Exact Page: Not Specific, Happens on all pages that feature the functions outlined below.


I use both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox3 in Windows Vista and the behavior of certain functions on Giant Bomb are extremely different between browsers and some of the differences cause usability problems for IE users. I generally feel like Firefox is a superior browser, but when I need to use IE, viewing Giant Bomb becomes a bit of a chore.

Annoying Browser Feature Difference: One of the most annoying things that happens while viewing the site with IE is that the fact that the "post comment" text box at the bottom of any game detail, review, (etc) page is set as the cursor focus (perhaps from a javascript call of document.getElementById("name").focus(); or something similar). Once the page finishes loading completely, the content scrolls down to the bottom of the page forcing me to manually scroll back up to the top if I want to actually read the content on that page from the beginning. This happens every time I click any link from the front page... which isn't really a "bug" just a difference in behavior between the browsers on setting a form element as having the cursor focus. If nothing else, removing this line of Javascript if the detected browser is IE would hopefully stop this from happening. It's really really annoying to have to wait for a page to load completely before I can start reading since what I'm reading will just shoot off the screen after loading. (This problem doesn't manifest itself until you log in as the "post comment" box isn't present on the pages in question until you do)

Bug(???): Another  thing I noticed and have no explination for is that any embedded flash video on the site (like in a blog post... specifically the giant bomb videos, not things like youtube videos or other external emebedded content) don't load properly on IE. It just sits there with the flashing "loading..." screen indefinitely. The only exception is if I actually go to the videos feed and find the video I'm looking for there. The blog-embedded videos all load instantly and flawlessly when I view them on their respective blog pages or in the videos feed in Firefox.

Bug: Images and screen shots on game overview/review pages or in blog posts don't load in the dynamic pop-up frame on the page when viewing them in IE. Instead, clicking on the image half attempts to load it in the pop-up frame (I can see the loading indicator for half a second) before giving up and quitting that operation and waiting for you to actually click it again so it can load a plain jpg file. If you are unable to properly code it to work on multiple browsers it should at least load the plain old jpg on one click, not two with a javascript error in between. Interestingly, If I'm logged out of my user account, this error goes away and the jpg images load by themselves without javascript errors and multiple clicks. When I log back in, the problem returns. Personally, I'd rather you fix the code so it works on both browsers as the pop-up frame is very nice, fast, and doesn't pull you completely out of the site just to view a screen-shot...