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bump for a copy of bioshock

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Have at em, let people know if you redeemed them

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Found one at Urban 5, you have to grind the bus right at the end and keep going. Also found one at Port Pro 5, once again you have to grind the last little bit to keep going after the crowd.

Anyone else know where the rest are?

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It's unavoidable for you but your progression was hastened a little from the tips and tricks from viewers and friends. I learnt stuff watching those videos and Ive played at least a hundred hours of spelunky.

I realise you can't play games in a vacuum and I don't mean to piss in your cornflakes but I think other players with the same skill level would still be bashing their head against a wall.

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1. New job

2. Demand satisfaction

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It took me 5 hours to finish and max out everything. But I did it in one sitting. I'm only posting this as a PSA, because I noticed there was fuck all information on this game, and I had such a good time with it.

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Good on Klei.

It shows they are proud of their work if they are willing to revisit it at their own cost, two years after release because something didn't sit right with them.

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@fearbeard: how many cards did you sell to get 20 bucks?

I think I've sold about 15 cards from various games at the market rate for $2.70 in total

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Runner 2 for 7.5, sleepy dogs for 6.25 and the tomb raider before the one released this year for 80c

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Thanks Ryan