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EA will buy them, slowly drive the entire thing into the ground.

I dont know, capcom was already doing that on their own...

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Hey all,

For some reason today I half remembered when Jeff was talking about the dream where he was killing a possom on his bed with a night stick and Ryan talked about sex dreams. What episode was it?

Also what was the name of the video on the site were Jeff shows off the bar touch game he won from ebay.

Thanks for your help!

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The Venture Bros: Escape to the House of Mummies (part 4)

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Remember, Microsoft published the first Mass Effect and that came to PlayStation after awhile. I think, if the Xbox One was doing better in the markets they would have came right out and said it was an Xbox only game but Im thinking the way this looks Square Enix might be trying to judge what would be the best for profits. I mean look at the loud back lash when the game was first announced. Right now Square Enix might be to scared to sign that "total system exclusive" contract.

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Seeing Patrick talk about the "press X for Jason" makes me want a video where someone adds yelling for Jason during this "pay respect" scene.

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Need them to release the whole series on PS4 as a HD update or something and i will buy that shit ASAP! Loved the first game, have the 2nd one on my vita... been looking at the fan translation of the 3rd on waiting for the patch to be released.

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Talk about a stupid fucking mistake! I mean yeah I get mad at my wife or my boss for things but I dont post some stupid ass death threat on twitter. I know if i was the other guys who worked on that game and saw that my chance to make some money went up in smoke because dip shit's twitter rant... I think a beat down in the parking lot is in that asshole's future!

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The sad thing is, both sides of this Gamergate crap probably had good, rational reasons and valid points to whatever they were for, but both sides got taken over by screaming assholes who wanted to use these events as a platform to scream about what ever and assholes who would rather expose peoples home addresses and issues death/rape threats than talk like humans.

And the even shittier part of all this is that those screaming jackasses are the ones who are getting all the attention by the non-gaming media.

There was a small part of me that was glad that the Giant Bomb Staff didnt really say anything or in a way take sides because the whole thing was stupid, but then again their silence just fueled the idiots screaming about "favoritism" and "being in [insert a targets name here] pocket"

This was a good write up, and thanks for saying something!

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I can't truly remember, it was either the video they did for the Giant Bomb app or some article on another website/forum that drew me here. Seeing how their quick looks worked and how they didnt sugar coat shit made me a member!

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Toight, bored at work a game trailer I remember seeing awhile back popped in my head. It was a short trailer for I believe a horror game. Here is all I remember of it...

1) There were two trailer's for this game.

2) The first trailer was of a man sitting on a seat on a train. The graphics were very sparse and had creepy music playing

3) The second trailer was of some ceiling fans, again sparse graphics, creepy music.

4) At the end of the trailers the title of the game would come on, looking like they were on gears or some kind of machine. It was a one word title.

EDIT: FOUND IT! It was Veil