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@Laketown: The Internet is also full with people so afraid they're being naive that they become cynical and mistrusting. Jakes advice for people who think they have aspergers was to go get it proffessionally diagnosed, not "self-diagnose"

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I don't understand the feelings of it being weird to switch characters for the last portion of the game. It was explained before, during and after those segments. At every turn Phelps was being shut down in his investigations and saddled with "busy-work" to keep him out of the way. His every move was being analysed and so he needed an outside source with the integrity and ability to see it through. To remain at Cole's perspective when he's doing brush fires on the hills while th real investigation continues would've been dull. The story, like Phelps, went where the investigation led.

I liked the ending, the fact that even when the dust is settled and the hero saved the damsel in distress we see that the corrupting forces of the LAPD are still free and powerful. The Assistant DA/probable future DA sits with Roy Earle/Chief of police as they, once again, neatly close the case blaming the deceased Dr. and the housing developer for everything. Leaves plenty of room for a sequel, but doesn't require one. Happy endings are over-rated.

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I'm an atheist who doesn't have an issue with religion per se. I am all for people being spiritual, I think it helps get people through rough times or to just find peace with themselves and the world around them. That's not me. I think about things too logically to believe. I despise people who belittle and demean others for their beliefs though while pushing their own agenda down peoples throats. This goes both ways, some of the more dickish arguments about religion come from atheists who come off sounding like a preacher for their smarter/right way to think about things. Condemn the religious nuts who use religion for immoral acts of violence and intolerance, but there is no reason at all to spout your own ignorance towards people because they want/need to believe that something/someone has control of their life. 
Don't get me started on the people who abuse the trust of their congregation/followers for whatever their needs are (be it money or something worse).

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 I am atrocious with money. This is one of the several downsides to being me. One of the others is how unemployed I am. I am incredibly unemployed right now. Because of my unemployment status it is not often I have money to handle atrociously, which you think would be a good thing, but no, it most certainly is not. I go months at a time building up a wish-list of things to buy so the second I have expendable cash, I blow my currency wad all at once. This convoluted tale is my way to introduce my rarely relevant blog feature: UNNAMED XBLA FEATURE!(I'm not nearly clever enough to come up with a creative title on short notice)

The basic premise of this feature is for when I get my paws on some cash and unload it on video-games. Now, I don't buy discs any more, as a poor man I have taken to using UK rental service LoveFilm which allows me to play all the physical games(Including DS which is neat) I want, without having to sell body parts to pay for it. So on the rare occasion that I do buy games it's normally through a downloadable games service*

*Why am I being vague? I own a Xbox 360 and a PC with a broken video card so, really, I mean XBLA

This time around I have three games to talk about, each with a varying degree of relevance. Even with my general “fuck it” attitude when it comes to spending money, I did try to keep my digital download budget to a maximum of 2000 MSP. Once I topped up my account I got to downloading several trial versions of Xbox Live Arcade games, the ones that didn't quite make the cut were: SCOTT PILGRIM: THE GAME, LIMBO, COMIC JUMPER and N+. All of the games seemed pretty cool but for a variety reasons didn't pique my interest as much as the games I decided on purchasing. What were those games? Read on to find out.

Super Meat Boy - 800 MSP
I hate this game. 

It is the video game equivalent of a dominatrix. Punishing to no end, yet for some people incredibly enticing. When you're not shouting at your tv screen about how close you were to beating the level, you'll realise just how well developed this platformer is. Within two levels, the player has learned how he/she will be playing the game as the titular main character. In that sense, it is very simple. You can walk, run and jump. By combining these three movement methods you can 100% this game. What makes this game so great is at no point do you feel like your losing control of the characters movement. Every button press has an effect instantly and because it's a old-school inspired 2D side-scroller you don't need to worry about camera angles or delayed movements due to animation. Everything about this game is fast. Even when you try a level literally hundreds of times, you're never frustrated at the game, because it instantly restarts the level allowing you to attempt it once again. The game is designed in such a way that, you will never feel like a level is 'cheap' or that a mistake made was the games and not yours. You are going to hate yourself when you play this game, because you are "so much of a fuck-up you keep getting killed on the first hurdle of the level!" And that's what separates Super Meat Boy from similar games, not once did I feel like the game was impossibly hard, I always knew I could do it if I juuuuust timed it perfectly.  I'm on what appears to be the final boss-fight(but who knows with this game) and am already looking forward to working my way through the Dark Worlds, warp zones and whatever else Team Meat has up their sleeves. 

 I love this game. 
 XBLA box art





 Shadow Complex -1200 MSP   

 I haven't progressed too far into Shadow Complex but what I have played has been a lot of fun. The story is your typical goofy government conspiracy tale uncovered accidentally by your snarky-yet-loveable protagonist. You run through this top-secret underground base dispensing of faceless goons and numerous mechanized weapons while upgrading your weapons and abilities in order to gain access to new levels on the map. So Metroidvania then. I don't really know what else to say about the game, it does what it does very well and even at 1200 MSP, is, so far, completely worth it.  

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
- 400 MSP
I mentioned how terrible I am with money right? Welllll, I saw on the Xbox that Scott Pilgrim was 400 MSP for this week only. "Neat!" I thought as I punched in my credit card details to add a further 500 points to my account. Silly John forgot that Deals of the Week were for Gold Members only, didn't he? It was this silly mistake that made buying Dead Rising 2: Case Zero a no-brainer(No pun intended, what-so-ever) I was never a huge fan of the original Dead Rising. It was fun for a while, but a terrible save system and the time management elements detracted from what could have and should have been a fun sandboxy zombie game. Dead Rising 2 seems to have seen the flaws of the predecessor and...kept them. I only bring this up because, while Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was so much fun and absolutely ridiculous, the full retail version(which is next on my rental list) is going to have a much larger setting with far more missions goign on and I can totally see myself losing interest in that game again if I have to travel so far between save points, work benches and missions. 
This prequel DLC is worth it, the content provided is more than enough to have you play through more than once and discover the different weapon combos or just rank up some more zombie kills and the progress made here will carry over to Dead Rising 2(Up to the max level of 5) While it did its job in reminding me how fun it is to plow through a hoard of zombies, it also reminds me of the flaws I thought the first game had and how prevalent they are in the sequel. For some people, this is most certainly enough to scratch their Dead Rising itch. 
That's all for now, I'm not sure when I'll be able to do another one of these, if I ever play enough XBLA games to feel like it warrants another post, I'll write one up but that could eb a while. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll see you all on the forums! - John AKA Boogey131
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How do I post on a forum thread?

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@ZeForgotten: You should still give it a shot. It's been around since January '09 and there's only been six episodes. He only puts out an episode when its something worth covering/that has a coherent theme so it wont clog up your podcast feed with a new episode per week and when you do get a new episode it's generally worth it.
On that front the Irrational Games podcasts are also very NPRish, in the most positive of ways. 'Irrational Behaviour' gives you a little insight into the people that work there while 'Irrational Interviews' is great to hear Ken Levine and co interview prolific people within the games industry(Cliffy B and Todd Howard) and outside of it(Brian Michael Bendis.) I love podcasts like the Bombcast where you get a weekly view on gaming from a unique perspective but, podcasts like Life Well Wasted and Irrationals stuff are good to get a better insight on the gaming culture and the creative process.
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I recently saw the Steven Spielberg's Project LMNO concept video and it seemed like it could have been something cool. I don't really recall anything that I had any interest in being cancelled though.

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The poll options don't seem to match the thread topic too much, I rent all of my games, but it has nothing to do with how often a game gets a sequel, just my current pitiful income. I think rentals allow me to look at a game and critique it more accurately because I'm not letting the value proposition enter into it. A bad game at 60 bucks is still a bad game at 10. And if a game is truly great, then the 60 bucks price-tag isn't an issue, REGARDLESS of how many/little hours of gameplay it offers. 
The biggest way rentals alter my thought process is in the games I choose to play. I play far more niche/average games because I don't need to worry about spending a months income on a game I only think is ok.

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Mystery solved, I forgot these deals of the week were for Gold members only, I've only got silver right now. Shame, was looking forward to playing the game.
I find it ridiculous though that we're still dealing with Microsoft's own brand of currency. If they offered to just sell games for valid currency, with no points system, then I wouldn't have just wasted the 4-5 bucks, I wouldn't mind if I could just add another 400 points and even it out to buy the game at full price, but even though it adds up to pennies, I don't want to have the 100 leftover points.  Bah, I understand it was MY mistake that led to all of this but it's a frustrating system that has no benefit to the user.

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So the games 400 MS points this week, I just added 500 points and clicked on the promo on Xbox(UK) Spotlight, then the download screen tells me it's 800 points still, am I doing it wrong? :-/

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