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I've noticed lately that when videos end, the audio loops back to the start and keeps playing (the video stays blank). It seems to happen on all videos.

I've only tested in Chrome 28 as it's the only browser on my machine right now.

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So over on reddit, there seems to be a rather large number of people pissed off at Microsoft reversing the online requirement. The removal of the DRM (which didn't bother them) now means some of the features people were buying it for have been canned, such as no physical disks and being able to play your games from any console (and library sharing in general).

People are posting things like "Thanks a lot you jerks, you just ruined the console I was looking forward to" and 'I'm not even mad at MS, I'm mad at the /r/gaming".

It seems to be having an odd effect - those who were angry at Microsoft are still firmly saying they are getting a PS4, but now all the people who WERE getting an Xbox One are now also pissed off at Microsoft. Could this move end up biting them in the ass?

Is there anyone around here who was planning on getting an Xbox One that is disappointed by the policy updates? Would you have preferred Microsoft to just stick to their guns rather than just creating a second PS4?

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@darkest4 said:

his 100 mph drag race to his epic struggle to not piss his pants

I was laughing so hard when he got back in the car and you just start hearing the engine revving louder..and louder..and louder and people in the chat are saying "Nos activated!" and "Jeff gets a speeding ticket in...3....2....1.." while he's screaming about 7/11. I honestly thought he was either going to crash or piss himself.

Anyone else hear the bit when he was trying to write a text message on his phone while driving and goes "Ok, let's see of this all goes horrible bad" and then the stream cut out?

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Do all the live streams go up on the site afterwards? I don't think I'll be able to catch them at those times.

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"The player has to use violence in order to bring the woman back to her senses. It conjures up situations where domestic violence is seen as being for their own good".

It almost makes me wonder if things like this slip in unconsciously from developers who actually think like this about women. Maybe we're just seeing a reflection of what some developers actually think like, as opposed to the more forgiving notion of "It's because of market research"

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The impressions I've gotten is that next gen consoles will be lower than what current gen launched at, Sony doesn't have to worry about in house development with components like with the Cell to drive up manufacturing costs so this would at least allow them to launch at a more competitive price.

That's a good point - Both consoles have the same x86 chips don't they? That's gotta cut down manufacturing costs a bit.

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So I've not seen much speculation on the price of the PS4 and Xbox One. With E3 coming up soon, I'm wondering if Sony or MS might use that event to drop a price on everyone while we're all hopped up on fancy trailers.

With the hardware that's in these things, I can't imagine they are going to be cheap. 8 gigs of DDR5 has to be expensive, the blue ray drive, 8 core processors...if this stuff is supposed to be giving high end PC's a run for their money, what sort of price point could we be talking here?

Myself, I'm thinking we could see both consoles launch at around the $600-$700 range. The 360 launched around $400-$500, and that was with a pretty conservative hardware.

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I usually start with the toms hardware quarterly guides (,3441.html) as a rough guide. I rarely find myself settling on the exact parts they recommend (either because of the comments underneath or the parts are not available), but it at least gives you a good starting point to find an alternative. I'm hoping to pick up some new parts myself at the end of the month, those being:

  1. Intel Core i5-3570K

  2. Corsair Vengeance Blue 16GB DDR3 1600MHz

  3. ASUS P8Z77-V LK

I have a GTX 570 in there right now, which was bought purely to offset my old as hell dual core 2 duo.